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Sep 18 2004

FedEx Sucks!

Over the years at work, I've sent packages FedEx overnight on average every other month. Almost all the time it's just for the purpose of getting the package to its destination quicker than regular mail and, in doing so, the package always arrives the next day. Every couple of years though, the item absolutely positively has to be there overnight. Each time it has had to be there overnight or else the world would come to end, FedEx has failed me and I was left trying to find a way to bring the world back from the brink.

The last time this happened was in May of this year when, on a Thursday, I had to get a package from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Pensacola, Florida, overnight so that the recipient would have it on Friday and be able to work on it over the weekend so as to meet a Monday deadline. So important was the project that I sent it, not just FedEx overnight but, rather, FedEx First Overnight so that it would be delivered earlier in the day than regular FedEx overnight. Little, did I know that "First" is apparently an acronym for "F*** It Re-Send Tomorrow. Below is the online tracking for my package which is handy if you want to be able track your package as it fails to be delivered to the destination.


The next day, Friday, when the recipient had not received the package and the online information was less than informative, I called FedEx to inquire as to the status of the package. The very pleasant FedEx representative apologized for the inconvenience and said that every effort would be made to deliver my package the next day, Saturday. I asked if she could guarantee it would be delivered the next day, as if a FedEx guarantee still meant something to me. She was at least honest enough to admit she couldn't guarantee it would be delivered the next day.

I then spent the afternoon duplicating the package I previously sent via FedEx and sent it late Friday using UPS overnight for Saturday delivery. Come Saturday, UPS delivered the package to Pensacola as promised. FedEx, on the other hand, as can bee seen by the tracking information, still hadn't updated the status of my package in their system since it had left Tulsa. Eventually, when Monday rolled around FedEx finally delivered my package nice and early...four days after it was shipped. Federal Express sucks or, in more hip terms, FedEx sux.

Posted by Don |


  1. I know, I know. And it hurts, considering all the years members of my family have put in at FedEx. But sometimes they just can't seem to get it right.

    Oh well- I've had similar problems with UPS, Airborn Express- we won't even talk about the post office.

    BTW- got my comments a little 'prettier', but still working on it.

  2. #2
    Dell said on October 14, 2004 | Reply

    I actually have more of a problem with DHL... HATE them!

  3. #3
    John said on October 29, 2004 | Reply

    Fedex just left a package under a rock in the parking lot, on a mountaintop, private road, hillside home 100ft (10 flights) up the hill, at 5pm, while I called at noon, 2 pm, and at 5:30 when I asked to have the driver call me so we would not miss each other, did not call me or the sender, and did not have it logged as delivered, while at 5:55 they call to say it was under a rock, as my credit union closed at 6pm, of course tis was a 2-day delivery and they sent it from L.A. to Memphis and back to L.A. suburb of Mt Baldy.

  4. #4
    fedex employee said on April 22, 2005 | Reply

    im currently an auditor for fedex ground. ive read some of the stories here, and i agree, fedex sucks! i check what comes back on each van at the end of the day and guess what? these guys cant get fired! they contract! no hireing required. they're caught in a loop. as long as they make all there pick ups for the day, they dont need to deliver a single package. can you belive this? if you have any questions on how to fight the system, please feel free to e-mail me, specter_14@yahoo.com

  5. #5
    RR said on July 2, 2005 | Reply

    omfg you guys will not believe this.

    Im really into computers and everything so i decieded to build my own computer, anyway i ordered all the parts from newegg.com, and they use fedex. (3 day delievery) well one the 3rd day (friday) the case comes but nothing else... so i check on it and find out that newegg put the case in other parts in 2 different cases. You would think that they would put them on the same truck at least but they didnt of course. So all darn day today i waited at home for it cause last time they left a package out in the rain and totally ruined it. and it didnt come. Since tomorrow is sunday and monday is the 4th of july i have to wait two more days!!!! This is bull***t lol. so now the rest of my stuff, about 850 bucks worth of crap is sitting in a truck somewhere... when it should be at my house.

  6. #6
    Jenny said on July 13, 2005 | Reply

    I must agree. I had a broken laptop, which I sent to my computer company to fix (warranty). This took a good 2 weeks. I didn't have any problems, just the long delivery time. So the time comes when the package needs to be sent back to me. There was no one home that day, as I had not received a tracking number to know when it would get back. So Fedex sends the package BACK TO THE SHIPPER!!! AND THEN THEY LOSE IT! A THOUSAND DOLLAR LAPTOP!! the nice people at my computer company filed the claim for me, and as of now I am waiting for a new laptop to get here. The people at the pc company shipped it standard overnight for me. Guess what? This is the fifth day. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but there was a "delivery exception". I am about to storm off cursing.

  7. #7
    michael c. said on July 16, 2005 | Reply

    I took a saterday off work,A package was supposed to be delivered, It never showed, When I called the toll free Number, they told me someone had been by At 8:50 a.m. (false) There just like the rest of corp., america. DIRTY CROOKED LIEING BAS****S that don't care about there customers. GREED is a terrible thing, they will eventuallydestroy themselves! And on that note GOO DHL!

  8. #8
    Don said on July 16, 2005 | Reply

    Criticizing all of corporate American makes you look foolish. Greed is a wonderful thing, as it provides the incentive for everyone to work to their maximum capacity. There is no better system to get people out of poverty than democratic capitalism.

    As to your cheering on DHL, I would rather cheer on UPS or even the US postal system. DHL is subsidized by the German government giving it an unfair competitive advantage. It does not compete on the same level as UPS or even the USPS.

  9. #9
    Vicky said on July 25, 2005 | Reply

    Hear hear!
    My first experience with Fed-Ex was pretty bad. An elderly friend had been out of town and needed someone to check on his house, so he fed-exed me the keys, and directions, since i had never been out there. They delivered it one block south of me on a state highway to an abandoned building....left the keys, with directions to the residence they could be used to break into, hanging in a bag from a doorknob. Luckily, i realized after calling the shipping center, where they must have left it and was able to retrieve it.
    The second time the driver pulled into my driveway and stopped right in the middle of the gate, i dunno why she thought that was a good idea, makes it kinda hard to maneuver that 60 lb package between the truck and the gate posts, plus ya gotta carry it about a hundred yards from there.
    But i think this time has convinced me. My package was loaded for delivery last Friday....they tried to deliver it to the abandoned building again, then listed it as "customer not available". This morning it showed to again be loaded onto the truck for delivery, but when it didn't show, i called again. This time the person i spoke with said the reasonlisted by the driver was "Did Not Attempt" When i asked what possible reason there could be for that one, he said, i swear he really did, " Ma'am our drivers are lazy." in a tone that implied he couldn't believe i didn't already know that.
    Sigh....maybe i will get my monitor tomorrow.

  10. #10
    Mike Ish. said on August 2, 2005 | Reply

    Dan, shut up. You're a yankee fool. You say that the man who wrote this entry is greedy and then you praise the capitalist government and put down competitor companies because they're based in another country? That makes no sense, if the other company has an unfair advantage because it's located in Germany, then our government should fix. Yeah, our government isn't perfect, in fact, it's no where near perfect. Just the fact that DHL can have an "unfair" advantage because it's based in Germany shows that Germany is obviously doing something right that we aren't doing. And when the man who wrote this entry pays extra for fast shipping, he deserves what he paid for. Especially since the estimated delivery date was so far away, they should've seen that and refunded his money. You redneck fool, learn how the world works. Don't always stick up for your country's companies, then they'll just keep taking advantage of YOU. Force a change.

  11. #11
    Don said on August 2, 2005 | Reply

    Mike Ish, I assume the "Dan" you're talking about is me. I'm guessing there must be some sort of language barrier here because you don't seem to understand the posts.

    First, I didn't, “say that the man who wrote this entry is greedy.” The only thing I said about greed was: "Greed is a wonderful thing, as it provides the incentive for everyone to work to their maximum capacity." I stand by this comment.

    Second, I didn't put down DHL, "because they're based in another country." I put down DHL because, "DHL is subsidized by the German government giving it an unfair competitive advantage." It has nothing to do with where it is located and everything to do with it being subsidized in a manner in which DHL's competitors are not. I totally disagree with the notion that, "Germany is obviously doing something right that we aren't doing." Pick any American international company...just give it a bunch of taxpayer dollars...ooooh, look how well it can now undercut its rivals in the international marketplace. That's clearly not a superior economic model.

    Third, with regard to your admonition, "Don't always stick up for your country's companies," this is a silly statement in light of the fact that I'm the one who originally posted this entry entitled, "FedEx Sucks!"

    Instead of resorting to ad hominem attacks like "yankee fool" and "redneck fool," you might want to spend more time carefully reading the posts and thinking about your comments.

    Finally, just to show how fair I am, here is a link to a position paper by DHL arguing that it does not compete unfairly in the U.S. parcel and express delivery market.

  12. #12
    D said on August 11, 2005 | Reply

    FedEx Uncovered: Three incidences

    1) Shopping at FedEx: I purchased a special motorcycle rack that fits into the trailer hitch of my SUV to carry my wife's scooter on vacation. I ordered it with 3 weeks prior to leaving on vacation since it was critical to get for vacation. "FedEx" Ground tries to deliver it to my office AFTER 6pm, then conveniently "loses" the 75lb huge box? The CS Rep was trying to be helpful but said she could not get a hold of the driver since he wouldn't answer his cell phone and he has a tendency to be that way. I then find out from the CS Rep that FedEx Ground drivers are not really FedEx employees at all. Rather, they are private contractors that wear FedEx uniforms and drive FedEx painted trucks to LOOK like FedEx so they can compete with UPS who has been kicking their rears. Therefore, these "FedEx Ground" people are only liable for $100 for "lost" packages. Therefore, they are free to "SHOP AT FEDEX" for any item they want for $100 liability that is not insured. The result after weeks of "searching" by FedEx, it became too late to get another one and I had to buy a $2,500 trailer to haul the scooter!

    2) FedEx Not My Problem: My company purchased a 10 ft x 5ft granite conference Table and shipped it FedEx Freight. They quoted $600 and when they showed up, they tried to present an invoice for over $800. Fortunately, I was there and caught the convenient "oversight". When the truck pulled up to the loading dock, the driver had put a 4x4inch post under the middle of the custom-made pallet because he only had a hand truck. The granite table rode in their truck such that the middle had a 1inch x 1inch point that was 4 inches high holding up the entire 6ft x 6ft, 800lb table during the bouncy truck ride in the back of a commercial truck (higher payload capacity equals harsher ride) with only 2 items in it. The crate was opened a couple days later to find the table had been broken into dozens of pieces spreading out from that exact spot where the 4x4 post was under it. I had an engineering analysis completed showing a 3,000lb psi penetrating force due to FedEx's negligent handling and submitted it to FedEx -- "we didn't cause the damage". I contacted CS - "What 4x4? The driver claims there was no such thing in his report" -- how convenient. I contacted the Board of Directors -- they looked into it and responded they show no reason they are at fault, should refund the shipping cost nor cover the cost of the table.

    3) FedEx Can Screw Up Anything: My company has been importing valuable medical equipment from Europe for over 20 years. We have never had problems that would cause more than 1-2 days delay. FedEx has again acheived new heights in how they can screw things up. FedEx Freight Forwarding Division is now causing costly delays due to FedEx' Modus Operendi. Our supplier company booked a container shipment from Europe to the US. The supplier was specifically told, "DO NOT USE FEDEX! DO NOT USE FEDEX! DO NOT USE FEDEX!". They didn't, but their freight forwading company did! We had been waiting for the container so we could expedite it to our client who's grand opening of a medical facility was to be July 18. At the beginning of August, we were notifed by FedEx Freight Forwarding that our $250K container had been in port for almost 30 days and would be siezed as non-claimed merchandise by Customs the next day! When we asked FedEx why we hadn't been notified it was in, and why they hadn't started the paperwork to clear customs, they stated it was an oversight. It is now almost 30 days past the client's opening and FedEx is still trying to get their act straight.

    I have contacted PayBacks Inc at PayBackInc@aol.com about the granite conference table and they have contacted FedEx's Board with the alternative that if they don't settle fairly on the granite table, they would help me cause mutiple times the cost of the original damage through revealing the scam FedEx runs and encouraging others not to use FedEx. PayBacksInc is a consumer advocate service that does not take on malicious or illegal activity. They merely provide key information and options that are public information or personal opinions.

    DO NOT USE FEDEX! DO NOT USE FEDEX!! DO NOT USE FEDEX!!! for anything. You've been warned. You are free to, and encouraged to copy and distribute this text to all your friends, associates, those who may use shippers, anyone you know at UPS, DSL, etc., news agencies, etc.

  13. #13
    Dale B said on August 25, 2005 | Reply

    Fedex does suck..I worked for the express side for 8 yrs...its management trust me. We were forced to take stuff out that was damaged, and they knew it...instead of contacting the shipper and customer. The frieght is handled very rough...I have pictures. They will count how many packages you handle a minute and give you a letter if you cant meet THEIR expectations; moreover, firing you if you get 3 letters. That is unless your partying with them in their little clicks. I spent 10 years in the US MARINE CORPS and I have never in my life worked for such a poorly run organization. And I can back what I say ...the station is TOLA in Northwood, Ohio....Managers falsify deliveries and check rides on a consistent basis.

  14. #14
    Proud Driver said on August 30, 2005 | Reply

    Ive been with FedEx for 13 yrs and we are the Best. 100% American. No other company can even come close to our service! My customers tell me this every day! I suggest you find a copy of the FedEx Freight Dispatch magazine and learn the truth! Our numbers tell the whole story! Those of you who try to put us down are either jealous or working for the so called competition! Oh ya, check out all the awards we have won world wide also! Give it up! You will not win! I know the truth, as does most of the rest of the world! Keep spreading your lies, no one will listen anyway!

  15. #15
    Don said on August 31, 2005 | Reply

    I don't think I or the posters are trying to "win" anything or that we are spreading "lies." People are just upset that the service doesn't always live up to the marketing. Deliver a million packages on time and no one cares. Get one screwed up and that person gets mad and hates FedEx. It may be unfair but it doesn't amount to lying.

  16. #16
    jeff said on September 9, 2005 | Reply

    hey [edit-no name calling] that wrote here supporting fedex,

    nobody here "works for the competition". they are just people that have had bad experiences with fexex telling the truth. really, i am a busy person and the last thing i have time to do is make up crap about fedex.

    i order online a lot, and have personally had bad experiences most of the time i've received from fedex. no, i am not exaggerating. that means items stolen out of the box, damaged boxes, missed deliveries ...

    on and on. on top that, your customer service is terrible. it's not enough that one is upset because you paid for something and the company (fedex) did not deliver, but then you have to deal with some nobody that takes no responsibility for their company and their company's failure.

  17. #17
    dan said on September 22, 2005 | Reply

    I HATE HATE HATE!!! FedEx, everytime I order expect something from them next day or two day mail, it comes next week. I have to remember to ask the people who ship stuff to me to NOT fedex because I would like to get it. They are the worst company ever!!!

  18. #18
    Cleo said on October 4, 2005 | Reply

    FedEx Freight is a wonderful company. I have always had my deliveries on time and INTACT! Their drivers are always helpful and polite and go the extra mile to help their customers. I would recommed them to EVERYONE!!!

  19. #19
    Ed said on October 4, 2005 | Reply

    I have worked for FedEx Freight for 16 years and they are the GREATEST! They take care of their people and the PUBLIC. They are dedicated to customer satisfaction and will go the extra mile to satisfy them. I also make sure that the customers I deliver to get 110% from me.

  20. #20
    Fedexscrewedme said on October 10, 2005 | Reply

    I recently sent out 13 packages in a state to state move. I'm still missing 1 package, lost since it went out, 1 was recently recovered minus 10lbs of it's contents, another was damaged and repacked, from an 18x18x16" box into a 12x12x12" box. The other packages all looked like they were used in a kick ball match. Most looked like someone reached in and rummaged through them. I packed all these boxes with storage tape, strong stuff, so there's no way the tape just came loose. Now a month later fedex denies my claims, and give's me the run around. I'm going to be filing with the better business bureau and call my local tv station. If I can I'd like to get a class action lawsuit against this hack of a company. I'm sorry but 13 package's sent 12 delivered, 1 a month after shipment...ridiculous. I'll ship UPS if I ever ship anything again, and I'm video documenting everything packed. Fedex is a horrible company to deal with.

  21. #21
    Dean said on October 14, 2005 | Reply

    Here goes...

    Package was ordered on 10/07. By 10/10 the package was allegedly on a truck out for delivery. It's now 10/14 and they have failed to deliver the package on 5 separate occaisions. Thats right 5 delivery exceptions which must be FEDEXese for we F'd up! Once they had the wrong address, sent out on the wrong route/truck, truck broke down, etc, etc. Now they're telling me that I won't have it until Monday 10/17!. Exactly one week late.

    About a year ago I had another package (an order of replacement checks) delivered to the wrong address. Somewone signed for it whose signature was not recognizable. That caused me to be forced to close down my checking account. Again that was FedEx Ground.

    The philadelphia hub of FedEx Ground are incompetent fools. I would never permit them to deliver another package. It's like the 3 stooges trying to deliver a horse using a stamp and envelope.

    I have never experienced this level of incompetence with FedEx who I have used for years. However FedEx Ground is a completely different company and are horrible. The innocent public is duped into using FedEx Ground thinking they are dealing with their big brother the real FedEx. I believe that eventually FedEx Ground will tarnish the reputation of FedEx.

  22. #22
    tim said on November 4, 2005 | Reply

    I am waiting on a coat that is held up in tenn because fed ex wants me to give them my importers id number.I told fedex that it was just being sent to my job to make it easy for me to get,my fedex guy where I live won't ring the bell he just leaves the package outside.They said no problem,next day I have to call them because it is still in tenn.Now I need to fill out a form because its now for personal use.The form is 2 pages long!If not for me calling to check up on it fedex has not made contact with me after the 1st day.This will be the last time I use or buy anything that ships fedex.

  23. #23
    Ground 1 said on November 11, 2005 | Reply

    Every delivery company has problems. I've had packages delivered by UPS and DHL that have been screwed up. I work for FedEx Ground and I know that we're not perfect but guess what... neither is the competition. Keep in mind that just because you order something on Monday that doesn't mean that it gets shipped out on Monday. FedEx is the leader in ontime service and we consistently beat our competitors on transit times. So accept the fact that we don't "suck" because if we did then we wouldn't be taking business from UPS left and right.

  24. #24
    Carl said on November 11, 2005 | Reply

    I ship packages occasionally at fedex.com. Recently they charged me two different amounts for the same package. They keep rejecting my dispute for the extra charge through their online dispute process. They don't give a reason for the extra charge, they just say pay it. They are a bunch of crooks! I'll have to dispute it with my CC company in order to get them moving. Today I noticed a $32 charge for an ovenite letter that I did not send. The sender's name/address is someone else. I don't see how they could make this kind of mistake. With my fedex experiences and the delivery problems everyone else is having I have come to the conclusion that yes, fedex sucks!

  25. #25
    Andrey said on November 17, 2005 | Reply

    ordered something online on 11-3. shipped via fedex ground on 11-4.
    estimated deliver was 11-11, then changed to 11-14. waited all day on monay [14th] and the package never came

    i check my tracking info online and it says delivered at 10:46am...signed for by C. Hatt. NOT ME!

    where the hell is my package? called CS about 5 times now, and they give me the runaround telling me in 24-48 hours i should get a call from the hub that loaded my package...

    **** FEDEX!

  26. #26
    Dave said on November 17, 2005 | Reply

    I drive for Fedex Freight and after undergoing a mandatory random (???) drug screening, My urine sample was damaged in transit to the lab by Fedex express and I had to submit to another screening. Now they're sent by DHL.

  27. #27
    Don said on November 17, 2005 | Reply

    LOL...that's pretty funny. I wonder though, if it doesn't have more to do with security, sending it through another carrier maybe reduces the risk of tampering by a friend or something. Good story nonetheless.

    And while I'm posting here, I meant to mention earlier that "Cleo" and "Ed" who posted 5 minutes apart on October 4, 2005, according to my logs both had the same IP number. So they must have been sharing a computer as they were singing the praises of FedEx.

  28. #28
    Dan said on November 19, 2005 | Reply

    Its been almost 2 months. I've made more than a dozen phone calls and spoken with more reps.
    I won a mint condition Les Paul Studio model guitar in an ebay auction. The seller promptly sent the guitar after receiving my payment for the guitar, shipping, handling and insurance. The seller took the guitar to his local FedEx/ Kinko's store where it was boxed and shipped. It arrived in damaged condition. Attempts were made to repair damages to the box with packaging tape. Initials were made with a grease pencil/ marker near the repair site. I called the FedEx customer support number. After giving the tracking number, the rep told me the box had been "damaged in a machine." The rep said FedEx would need to witness the damage to the guitar at the local terminal. That seemd odd. The rep told me how the package had been damaged. Initials had been made by someone. FedEx knew of the damage to this item. I was reluctant to give the guitar back to them. After assurances from 2 reps that the guitar would be returned to me, I relinquished possession of the guitar. That was on October 5, 2005. That was the last I saw of the guitar. Tracking the package and talking to FedEx customer support reps has placed the guitar back in California where it is "lost" or "stolen." I filed a claim for the loss. FedEx said they did not know the shippers name only the location where the package had been shipped. However, they could not discuss the matter further because I was the 'receiver' not the 'shipper.' Too bad for me it seems. That's all FedEx has offered. In the spirit of let me help you give support to me, I provided the name of the seller/ shipper, address, phone number, ebay transaction number, etc. Today, one month after the guitar had been "lost" or "stolen" I received a letter from FedEx denying my claim. FedEx has lied. They don't deliver. I can not recommend FedEx to anyone. A guy in a ski mask with a gun is more credible than the liars at FedEx. Mr. Magoo will find my guitar before those frauds and bufoons will. Now, I want to get the word out about the deceit and obfuscation. FedEx; Fed Up!

  29. We are Jho Dome Skin Care Products from the Philippines, we regularly shipped Amira Products to USA. We were advised by FEDEX that all of our 11 held/detained shipment be shipped back. The fee for shipping back the products is thrice (3X) the amount when we send the products to them. As of now, they have returned four boxes, without our RTS (Return to SHipper) request in our company's letterhead. What we are asking FEDEX is where is the Letter of Refusal coming from US FDA with detailed explanation for refusal so that we would abide whatever the decision is. They are saying that they will never disclose information, so how would we know if there is really a REFUSAL LETTER. As of now, since Oct. 24, we have submitted all the forms necessary to register our products (Amira Magic Line of Products) to US FDA. We have appointed a US Agent - Mr. Wilson as our representative in dealings with US FDA. Our papers are now in process and for review. We've asked them to hold the shipment because it would be very costly on our part to return the products, we even requested storage and we'll pay whatever the amount for the storage of the said 11 shipments but to no avail.

    What made us the decision to think of filing damages against FEDEX is that they have issued a memo Nov. 10 regarding the refusal of all Amira Line of Products in the whole USA-pending registration of Amira Products, hence another shipper of Amira products just send the products and still they have them delivered without passing thru US FDA. They have admitted that there is a human error. How could that be? all shipments pass thru US Customs Clearance.

    What hurt us most is that they are hurrying us to shipped back the products here in the Philippines and collect payments for returning the shipment thrice the amount and yet they still accept the products but stated in the memo (Nov. 10) they would refuse such products pending registration.

    FEDEX really SUCKS

    [Edited to remove link and personal/shipping details.]

  30. #30
    FedEx bites said on November 21, 2005 | Reply

    FedEx Ground is awful. I won't even get into all of the details of what I've been going through, but I will say that regardless of what their tracking system says, they are full of crap. 7 out of 7 shipments report multiple "customer not available or business closed" multiple times, yet I work HERE and even have a note "Package delivery/pickup please call xxx-xxx-xxxx". They never call. They never leave notes. They never even COME HERE.

    I called the main 1-800-GO-F***YOU number and the person I spoke to on the phone couldn't even reach the local office. Then they finally got though an hour later. He said the driver wasn't answering his phone (after telling me they don't all carry phones which is BS because the LAST time I was there they told me they did).... anyways, he said he'd check and call me back. Still hasn't. I tried again, was told he'd call back in a minute. Still hasn't.

    Such a shame because FedEx used to be the best. Then they started up this ground service and it's gone downhill ever since.

  31. #31
    FedEx Emloyee said on November 23, 2005 | Reply

    Youd be surprised at the things us lowly people who work at the hubs have to deal with. Ill admit that most people that load the trucks are complete idiots, which causes a lot of damage to packages. But the biggest problem is that people do not properly package things! Atleast everday i pick up a box to have its contents fall out of the bottom. Its amazing how people jam things intot hese boxes and expect one piece of crooked tape to hold it together. Another point is that the operation is set up to handle VOLUME. meaning 500 packages might get ripped and torn to pieces or lost (on loading docks, under conveyor belts, in the machines)...but if you compare that to the 500,000 packages that go through there everyday, then its a small number. And then you have the drivers...they could careless...most people at the hubs are hard working, but when it comes to the local drivers its hit or miss. My recommendation is not to send anything with FEDEX that can be broken or damaged by water on a rainy day. Im seen boxes of computers soaked through by rain.....[stuff] happens.

  32. #32
    Hakki said on November 24, 2005 | Reply

    I saw your complain about Fedex with the document but you are missing something. None of the postal services delivers packages on the weekends so you sent it on Thursday and If it ships by friday and take out the weekend.. then receiver will get the Package on Monday which is 17 th. It is not because of fedex.. it would happen with any postal service

  33. #33
    snuffy said on November 25, 2005 | Reply

    totally fedup with fedX-and now after two full days of online research(see, I'm disabled and have nothing better to do) I see many instances where fedx employee clowns are being paid to refute the stories of their incompetence. Pathetic liars every single one of you!
    My story: after winning a ebay auction the seller in CA ships it fedex-according to the joke of a tracking system it only takes two days to travel from Bloomington CA to Ellenwood GA. Then strangely, it takes FOUR WHOLE DAYS to travel from Ellenwood Ga. to Macon GA-which is less than 70 miles. My package arrives in Macon(15 miles from me) and within the time span of less than 2 hours it is shipped out to ? Nobody knows or can tell me there at fedex. I have contacted them 7 times by phone and keep getting the same"somebody must have made a mistake". Yes, the seller at ebay made a HUGE mistake by using Fedex. And for you clowns that will now make excuses for the most inept bunch of idiots to ever "work" anywhere could you please answer me this-why did my package make it to within 15 miles of me IF the sender did something wrong? Why have I been told multiple times that I'll be called back, and it has YET to happen? Why was my package shipped OUT of the local terminal when the address was clearly stated and only 15 miles away?
    And today I learn that the "esteemed" USPS(probably the only bunch more incompetent the fedex) has now contracted with fedex to the tune of over 6 million dollars to help screw up the USPS even more.
    Great-more of the blind leading the blind...

  34. #34
    rodg said on November 29, 2005 | Reply

    let me say im 15, i do not work for fedex in anyway. i have yet to have any problems with them at all, the only thing i hate is that my house is always receiving deliveries at like 11 am when im in school. i ordered two razr phones from wirefly and they came today at 11am, wow how smart is that... why would they send something that has to be signed in front of the guys for me to get it at 11am?? well that makes no sense but other then that... fedex is decent, ups is better..

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    Jay said on December 14, 2005 | Reply

    Add me to the FedEx sucks list!

    Like other's have mentioned above, their phone customer service reps are great, but because the FedEx Ground drivers are independents, it's a hit-or-miss depending on the driver.

  36. #36
    Robert Todd said on December 17, 2005 | Reply

    December 7, 2005 - ordered leather jackets
    December 17, 2005 - still no leather jackets
    said they could not locate recipeant but the stuff is to go to my PMB people that have been there for years. The drivers of FedEX can read an address.
    I called last night and the woman said I would get it Monday but I track it and they plan to get it here on Wednesday. It is in some FedEX center only a half hour drive from here. I would get it myself from the center but there is no address. They hide. I am totally ticked. Sux you FedEX

  37. #37
    L.E. said on December 17, 2005 | Reply

    so ordered a phone off of ebay, and was hassleing the poor seller wondering about a tracking number etc.. so i finally got it and saw when it was due.. yesterday. So i'm home all day, nothing.. i leave at around 7 to go to the movies *aftyer all its still friday night* and i get home and check and no fedex notice or anything on my door or outside on the floor lol. So i check online and it saids that the business was closed or person not available at 8:15 at night.. bull s*** at least 2 people were home.. even if it wasnt me. Now again today just stuck waiting all day cause adult signature is required.. and still nothing and its almost 8 pm their "time" so i guess i'll see.

  38. #38
    Fred Smith said on December 21, 2005 | Reply

    I'm an Fed Ex employee and although i've been with the company for more than 18 years, I do hate it, but I'm stuck working for this p*** a** company untill I retire. That doesn't mean I get a kick out of what you dumb a***** write and all your worthless complaints. Go read the UPS sucks forums and you will see the same complaints with different names. People make mistakes, we're human. Just like you dumb a**** who ship with Fed Ex, you all make mistakes too. Just a few examples...

    1. Don't try and rip the company off by using your automated system and put 1 lb for your package that actually weighs 75 lbs. We catch this and when you do, we actually make that 75 lb box a 150 lb box, so when you thought you were trying to get by on us, we actually screwed you in the in.

    2. Don't try to stuff more than 8 oz's in an overnight letter. First of all, it doesn't fit and when we lose all the contents in that package, don't blame us, blame the a** whole who tried to fit more than the 8 oz's. It says right on the letter, up to 8 ounces. Also, when you do this, we usually mark it up to a 10 lb pack to once again, try to f*** the dumb a** customer...it's all a game to us, don't u see.

    3. For all you schmucks that use airbills, a little advice. The airbill comes in 3 parts. A Customer copy, a Fed Ex copy and a Recipient copy. Don't take the Fed ex copy, thats how we bill your silly a****. Once again, when you take this, this leaves us no option than to take revenge on you again and make that package a 150 lb package, so when you get your bill and see that you shipped a 150 lb package it's becuase you took our copy like a complete moron because you can't read correctly or are trying to get over on us once again.

    4. Even if the pacage has the correct address BUT has a incorrect zip code, it's still considered a bad address. So when you say, it's the correct address, actually, no it's not. We sort by zipcodes idiots and if you don't have the correct zip code it goes possibly to another station that doesn't service your area, or ends up in the missort pile. This also lets us charge you an extra 10 dollars for not havnig the correct zip code. Oh yeah, for all you dumba**** that forget to even put a zip code on the airbill....once again.....it shows us that you customers are as stupid as you think we employees are. It all goes hand and hand.

    5. When we hand you a delivery manefest to sign. It is numbered 1 through 36....1 being the first line you sine and so on until we fill up the page going sequencial to 36. Why would some dumb a** sign on line 18 if there as been no other signatures. I'll tell you why, you all are f****** idiots. When that does happen, it lets us know who is a f****** moron and we make fun of during the sort the next day.

    6. For the dumb a** who said he had a 10 am delivery he was waiting on. Ok dumba**, but we don't have a 10 am service. Nor does UPS, or DHL...it's 10:30.

    I could go on and on, I just figured I would write a little bit how much you customers suck as much as us fed ex employees do.

    Thanks for the kind words, it does make me laugh to read about all your misfortunes. Yes, I'm sure some of the problmes were ours, but I'm willing to bet 90 % were your f*** ups.....

    A disgrunted fedex exployee.....:)

    [Edited because someone has a potty mouth. What part of DanzFAMILY.com don't you understand?]

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    Cathleen S. said on December 22, 2005 | Reply

    My fedex tracking says its been on the delivery truck for 6 days now. Everyday they update it to say no delivery attemptted. It was put in their hands Dec. 12th it's now Dec. 22nd and no package.
    Had I of known the supplier was using fedex I would not have ordered it.

  40. #40
    Chris said on December 24, 2005 | Reply

    I had FedEx make one lousy attempt to deliver my package. Then they logged bogus entries on the tracking status to add up to 4 attempts. My doorbell is linked up to my cell phone and the entryway # never rang once the whole time. Now they tell me it will be sent back. I'll have to pay for shipping again if I want it sent back. I got nowhere with customer service. Disorganized greedy s*** company. I've never had a problem with USPS or UPS. NEVER USE FEDEX!!!

  41. #41
    Jim M. said on December 26, 2005 | Reply

    Ordered a video card for a Christmas present, and it was shipped on the 19th, It was suppose to only taken 3 days to get here. Now it's after Christmas, it's the 26th, and still no package. I called Fedex 3 times and all I get is, it's on the truck. I think it's lost or stolen. They tried to call the terminal and nobody answers the phone. What a bussiness. I will NEVER us Fedex again, and sorry to say, I will never do business with anyone that doesn't use UPS. GO UPS.
    Also in the past I have had to go and pick up my pacakages from Fedex because they said they came out and missed me! But I was home all day. Hmmm! How can you trust a business that the drivers are liars?

  42. #42
    Ron Curran said on December 26, 2005 | Reply

    I must agree with the rest FedEx is the worst company out there. I had a package sent from Ohio to me on 12/16/05 and was delivered on 12/22/05. Not bad huh, oh yeah the package ended up in a town twenty miles North of me! AND was signed for. And it was signed for by someone using my name (one letter different in the spelling)!!These FedEx people must not be able to read!! After seeing on line that the package was in another town I called the FedEx customer service, that alone is a joke, and was told that they would get the package back and get it in my hands the next day. That was two days ago and I still have not seen the package. I will never use the people again and I will do everything in my power to get the word out, because they lied to me. I work in radio and have a morning show on the local FM station, I WILL COVER THIS ON THE SHOW. I think some of the information from the FedEx employees that is on this site will also be brought to the front as well. Yes FedEx sucks big time!!

  43. #43
    Sandi said on December 29, 2005 | Reply

    I ordered a christmas present online for my daughter on Dec 14th. It was sent 3 day Fedex Home Delivery shipping and the package was picked up by Fedex on Dec 16th. Here I am the 29th with still no package and no answers from FedEx. Every day from the 22nd on the tracking said on truck for delivery. Every time I call I get another idiot in CS telling me a different story. On the 22nd they told meit will be there by 5 today. On the 23 they said it will be there by 10 tonight. On the 24th I was told I could drive 75 miles and pick it up at the facility, however they couldnt guarantee it would be there since they were not 100% sure what station it was it. Then I was told it would be delivered Tues as they were closed Mon. On tues no package. On Wed I was told they were closed Mon and Tues so it would be delivered and could come as late as 1:30 am. (because there guys work all night to deliver if they have too). Today Thursday I finally talked to a Supervisor at Fedex she says basically that everything I have been told so far is a lie and that the online tracking is a lie. That my package has never been on the truck for delivery because the station it is at is way behind on deliverys and it is sitting on a trailer and she doesnt know how long it will take to be put out for delivery. I am soooo FEDUP WITH FEDEX. I am never ever using them or buying from anyone who does. I just want my little girl to get her christmas gift ...

  44. #44
    jacob said on December 30, 2005 | Reply

    yes i have to agree fedEX sucks a big one, on the 27th i bought a cell phone on a website the website offered two shipping buissnes's u.p.s 3 day ground an fed ex over night shipping, well the 3 day ups was free and the over night fed ex was not well i really wanted that cell phone so i paid the fed ex over night. the package should have should up the next day around 3:00 in the after noon on wendsday the 28th well i got no package that day or the next so on the 29th i called fed ex and they said it should have came by now and if not it should be at my house tomarrow (today) so i waited its now dec 30th and i called them again because still no package, well now they say it wont come until tuesday or wendsday , jan 3rd or 4th of 2006 im am so mad at fed ex my dad always uses u.p.s for his buisness and gets the stuff right on time and the guy who come is cool no matter what weather, he comes right to the door and knocks on it and always is happy and stuff and oh yeah this one time fed ex came to my house on a rainy day i was siting down chillen in my house when i hear a beep beep...., i look and its a fed ex truck in my drivway so i got on my jacket ,shoes i had sweats on so i changed into some jeans and went out side and singed for the items and carried them up my driveway into my house, what a lazy fed ex guy they are some of the laziest people on the earth! i do not recomend using fed ex

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    ObviouslyAnEmployee said on January 1, 2006 | Reply

    OK, OK, OK. Let's get some things straight. I am the Office Admin for FedEx Home Delivery in a certain state....Am I going to praise FedEx? Hell No!! we are the biggest mis managed company around. You know what we did during peak(the 2 weeks leading up to Christmas) while customer service calls were relentlessy ringing my phone? I didn't answer!!! Wanna know why I didn't wanna talk to you guys? Because I knew as much as you did. Here is the scoop on hubs and terminals. When a box comes into our hub it gets a "inbound scan" Let's us know we have it and it is here in our incompetent hands. Everytime that box gets touch or moved it gets a scan or suppose to. Now, John Doe loads Sallys box on the truck for delivery... BUT JUST DOESN'T FEEL LIKE GOING UP HER ICY Driveway, He scans the box with the code "UTL (unable to locate recipient) or Not Home...whatever, Now remember, He did NOT attempt her package, but you wanna know why he scans it he did??? CAUSE HE GETS PAID FOR THE BOXES HE DOES ATTEMPT....Yup they are ALL liars!! If you guys only knew the inside workings of this hell hole, You actually have to EARN hours to pay your employees, (not contractors- their different, own their own trucks yada yada) Yes, we have to have so much volume in order to have employees...Stupid Stupid Stupid~~ Oh and near Christmas time for Dec 1st on--- We hire temporary drivers, so that is why your packages are late or lost. They simply have no clue how to be efficient! While they do attend a 3 day training course it is no where near as informative as it should be and they (FEDEX) needs to screen the temps a little better, some of them look like murderers! Trust me I interviewed a few losers! Customers want to see a pleasant looking face and a great personality. Not a man from deliverance!! We suck! and We know it at FedEx, they are GREEDY! STINGY! LIARS! They will never ever pay overtime, don't even let you get close to it! Your expected to work longer than you are paid for, FOR FREE! or your looked down upon, Trust me they notice! We skimp on EVERYTHING POSSIBLE! Not allowed to purchase anything without it going through 15 friggin higher ups, The budget sucks a** and is ridiculous, Example! Our Christmas Party which we were told NOT to have SUCKED in truest FedEx fashion starting with the budget, Now my husband works for a VERY WELL KNOWN homebuilder, Their parties are Out of this world!! They spare no expense!!! While going over the budget for our Party, I noticed we had a actual budget for "Awards and Recognitions" Great I thought all of the drivers will recieve some gifts....WRONG!!! Our budget was a pathetic 200 bucks... Just wrong! They want us to bust our a** so the Fat Lazy ones at the top can kick back and relax while all the little people make THEM money. It really is a terrible company to work for. Honestly, I thought I was going to love it and be proud but once I started there and witnessed how thing were done I was hating it by the end of the 2nd week. If you want great service and happy employees, then TREAT THEM WELL and recognize them, Otherwise you'll still have the outrageously high turn-over rate you do, FedEx doesn't wanna pay out a single damn dollar for anything! The cheapiest company I have ever witnessed. It is pretty bad when a self employed Doctor pays you more than a Multi Billion dollar business does and also gives you $1000 per year for every year your there at Christmas. Really burns me up. Oh the drivers, yes it is true. They DO NOT CARE!!! They set their own schedules, times, everything!!! They ARE self-employed. FedEx can not make them do anything at all and can only fire them after building quite a lengthy file of wrong-doings. Back to Peak...Our sh***y a** Customer Service which is FedEx One Call was screwing our customers! For one DON'T EVER CALL THEM, they are in another state and have NO CLUE about your package. always call your terminal DIRECTLY!!! Anyways, Customer Service was telling you the customer to "go to the terminal to get your package if you want it before Christmas" FOR 1, Most likely you ain't gonna get it if you come to the terminal without setting up a pick-up time. We had over 800,000 boxes on our floors, Do you think I and maybe 1 other person are even gonna attempt to look through every box to find only 1, NO! You have to schedule a pick up so we can put a researcher on it and when they locate your package and send it to the window to be picked-up you are called to come a retrieve it.
    Secondly, We don't even know if your package is here, it could be on a truck out for delivery, During Peak not every driver scans his boxes hence scans "Still on the Truck" since Yesterday" or it looks as if it "as on a truck for 3 days" It hasn't been, it just means no scans have been put on it. Or the label could have been ripped off on the conveyors, This happens to over 1000 boxes a day in the big hubs!!! It has to be re-labled, swak'd, and sent back up to be put into the computer...And during shitty weather we put codes in for Icy driveways, THEY WILL NOT ATTEMPT IT! So keep your driveway clear. Muddy ass driveways, NOPE won't do them either. Best advice is to MAKE SURE YOUR DRIVEWAY IS CLEARLY MARKED AND VISABLE WITH YOUR HOUSE NUMBER ON THE MAILBOX, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY WHEN EVER YOU ORDER SOMETHING! ANYTHING, ALWAYS GIVE THE SHIPPER YOUR HOME TELEPHONE NUMBER TO BE PUT ON THE LABEL, that way if there is a problem with your box you will be notified Immediatly, Without the phone number how are we suppose to call you to say, The driver can't find your house, The address is wrong, Signature is req'd, Just a helpful hint.

    Although I hope FedEx seriously considers knocking off the micro managed s***, and gets someone in there with some people skills and a team of people together to figure out a way to keep employees happy, I doubt it will happen. They will continue to sit on their thrones as we the little people bad mouth them and watch them slowly decline.

    FedEx Future Motto
    "When it absolutely has to be late or lost, Ship FedEx"

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    jo ong said on January 6, 2006 | Reply


  47. #47
    German Danz said on January 9, 2006 | Reply


    I am a Danz from Switzerland, exactly said from Baden. I just wanted to wish my far far away related foreigner Danz-brethren good wishes from their beautiful homeland Switzerland.

    With friendly greets,

    Radegast Danz

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    phil said on January 13, 2006 | Reply

    well, well...i just happen to work at fedex myself...and if you only knew the morons that come into fedex all the time that dont have any idea what they want, no addr on the airbill, no zip, no city just a state..and even those who come in and say " i'm not sure where they live, but they have a car ,they can just come and pick it up at the other end"..ha..really....we arent perfect people..get a freakin life!

  49. #49
    Ron Curran said on January 14, 2006 | Reply

    You will notice the comment from Phil? There is the typical FedEx employee. Attitude. Ship UPS.

  50. #50
    shirley said on January 16, 2006 | Reply

    I can't relly fault Phil. You see, I used to work at UPS...and I actually liked my job, but our customer service to be quite frank, isnt as good as theirs. Most UPS employess have the attitude that we are just bigger and will always be so who gives a rats a##. This is quite true. So before you condemn Fedex for all the problems you have in the world, just remember, peopple like you and him and me, are everywhere

  51. #51
    Christian Vinaa said on January 17, 2006 | Reply

    I received a parcel in March 2004 a package from Florida, shipped by the seller by FedEx to me in Denmark. The goods were damaged during the transport, so I emailed FedEx in Denmark and filed a claim.

    They acknowledged the claim and we had several emails about what exactly was wrong and the value. Then after 2 months suddenly FedEx stopped answering my emails.

    I emailed them again and again during summer, fall 2004, all of 2005, tried to phone them ( yeah right ! ), and then in December 2005 sent a registred letter.

    Then I got a reply where FedEx stated that since the seller and not I, hadn't filed a complaint within a 45 day time limit they would not compensate me for the damaged goods.

    How about that for service ?

    Well unfortunately for FedEx during the initial emails they were in contact with the seller, and that I have emails that prove.

    But how very sad that FedEx try to treat customers this way.

    Christian Vinaa, Copenhagen, Denmark.

  52. #52
    Larry Walden said on January 19, 2006 | Reply

    Package takes 4 days to come from California to Georgia. Then takes 3 days to deliver 6 miles from terminal. Priority Mail Rules. 3 days max.

  53. #53
    Gary Connor said on January 24, 2006 | Reply

    I have spent over 20 day trying to get Fedex(including emailing Owner Fred) to pick up over a million dollars worth of paintings,in one box, that their driver left at the wrong address(construction site)instead of at the person who was buying them, without a signature. Because there wasn't a signature my insurance company says it is gross negligence of fedex and is not going to pay. They said I need to go after Fedex and Fedex is as much as telling me to piss off because their disclaimer says $100 is the limit to recoup. But I have been told that their gross negligence in this matter and will pretty much make that disclaimer of theirs worth less than toilet paper. I certainly hope so and I am so wishing that I could do a UPS or DHL commercial right about now...

  54. #54
    John said on February 1, 2006 | Reply

    Package was delivered and left at my apartment door(so the driver says) and I come home and guess what? No package. I filed a claim today but after reading all of these posts, i think I am Fu***.
    It was insured but does that matter? I am so pissed right now. I am never using fedex again.

  55. #55
    Home Delivery Driver said on February 3, 2006 | Reply

    The person who claimed to be a fedex employee is not correct in one part of the story. A contracted delivery driver, like myself, only gets paid when we DELIVER your package. If we attempt delivery but cannot deliver your package for whatever reason, we get paid NOTHING.

  56. The problem I have is that I'm waiting for the delivery of a custom built machine - if FedEx have lost it, which looks to be the case, then I'll have to wait for a new one to be built and the company building it won't make a start until 1) FedEx claims responsibility and 2) FedEx pays for the lost item. As I can't wait that long I'll probably try to cancel the order and get it elsewhere.

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    Fedex Managers Suck said on February 7, 2006 | Reply

    I am a 6yr employee of fedex and they really screw you over. Dont get hurt on the job because if you do, your no good for them anymore. They are a male ran company and thats what they like MALES WHITE MALES. If your a women dont get pregnant or they will really a make your life hell.I hate my job because of the way they run you into the ground and then throw you away for someone younger.Your hardwork only means something when your at your peak and then its time to retire.

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    an Anonymous "FedUp" Driver said on February 9, 2006 | Reply

    This is interesting! Plenty of comments detailing the quite understandable frustration from people who have had problems with various FedEx entities.

    While I am an employee of "FedUp", I am not going to rush to the defense of the company and try to correct any erroneous or misinformed posts to this site.

    Truth is, based on my personal experiences from within the company, and seeing first hand how "FedUp's"... so-called, "People first philosophy" really works....

    Yup... They suck!!! (mostly anyways) (A few of the drivers?... I'm sure. A lot of the management?... In my experience, ABSOLUTELY!! Customer service?.. I have no doubt!)

    From a drivers perspective, I do,.. regularly see incredibly STUPID, (& occasionally dishonest) stuff from customers. So it rolls both ways.

    What was of special interest to me were the many, many, recommendations from folks to "Ship with someone else".

    I've used all express services except DHL in the past for personal shippments, (not business) including the USPS. I can't honestly say that using a different service is going to make much of a difference in your ability to avoid problems.

    Not being a business shipper (meaning I ship infrequently) one would think that I would have experienced realitively few problems, but each service has often let me down and, been quite difficult to deal with when trying to resolve the problem.

    I would recommend this little informal & unscientific test or experiment if u like... I "googled" each and every "Express service Sucks!" and these are the results I got.....

    FedEx Sucks; 218,000 results returned "WOW!!

    DHL Sucks; 51,700 results returned "Hmmnn!"

    USPS Sucks; 113,000 results returned Yeah,.. Sorta Figures"!

    Airbourne Express 71,800 OK!.. sure.

    UPS Sucks; 1,880,000 results... HOLY S#%*!!!!.. more than 7 Times the next highest results.

    Don't know about the rest of you, but I find that impressive!!!! (and I really do hate FedEX) Looks like we're not the worst outfit out there. (Just,... well... second worst I guess) Even so... Nowhere near the number of sites complaining about our nearest competition.

    Well I have to get ready for another day of living Hell at work so I'll leave U all to ponder & test my results. Can't wait to see what the response is!!

  59. #59
    George B. said on February 21, 2006 | Reply

    FedEx truly sucks. My company dropped FedEx in November for DHL because...#1 the freight, when delivered on time, was damaged...and #2 they are entirely too expensive for the pathetic service they offer...#3 their customer service rivals that on any states DMV.

    We now save roughly $600k annually by shipping DHL and we are treated like a customer should betreated. So I don't care if they are subsized by the KKK or the Russian mafia so long as we save money and our freight gets delivered on time.

  60. #60
    deftones said on March 17, 2006 | Reply

    fedex blows,

    had a package ordered for next day deleivery, the guy came yesturday and left a door tag in the front of the building. i live in a 13 story apt. my apt is listed in the front so he could have intercommed me. but no.... this [edit] just see a closed door and puts a tag on it.

    so i had to call and leave instructions on how to operate a simple intecom.

    step 1. push button to my apartment.

    the end

    hopefully these dinguses dont leave it in the hallway.

  61. #61
    jack brandt said on March 22, 2006 | Reply

    This is amazing how much the competition will go out of it's way to make up and post these kind of messages. So easy to be annonymous and make wild claims. Deny it all you want boys, we know who you are. Amazing how corporate leaders around the country just named FedEx the #2 most admired company in America. Now how could that happen if FedEx was as bad as you boys are trying to make it out to be? Go back to work and live with the fact that you will never be as good as FedEx. This is just too funny!

  62. #62
    Skip said on April 4, 2006 | Reply

    "Criticizing all of corporate American makes you look foolish. Greed is a wonderful thing, as it provides the incentive for everyone to work to their maximum capacity. There is no better system to get people out of poverty than democratic capitalism."

    Don shutup. Your a yankee fool. Greed is what gives companies the incentive to make slaves out of their workers causing the need for unions in this country. If companies would be more fair with their workers, people wouldn't resent corporate America right now as badly as they do. Maybe you need to take a good hard look at the Enron trial going on. I especially like the posting on a message board that the stock is a still a good buy while the poster was sell upwards of 24 milliion worth of stock if I'm not mistaken.

  63. #63
    Don said on April 6, 2006 | Reply

    Skip, I could easily censor your personal attacks towards me but won't because any intelligent person realizes such ad hominem attacks are meaningless and only weaken your own arguments.

    It's a modern world out there, if one is being treated like a "slave" in America get another job or start your own company. Don't resort to mass extortion to get more from your employer than you're worth. Don't get me wrong, unions had their place in history and accomplished great and necessary changes in the workplace. But, today in America, with only very limited exceptions, they are no longer necessary and do more harm than good.

    I still maintain that greed is good. It gives people the incentive to achieve their fullest potential. Take away greed and society fails or at least falls back to a third-world equivalent. Communist/socialist utopias are proven failures and don't exist in the real world.

    As to companies being greedy, to the extent there is truth to such criticism, that is how they stay competitive. Companies are not charities and neither is the marketplace in which they compete. Paying your worker too much causes your product to be higher priced. The consumer buys less of higher priced products which results in having to fire the high priced worker. If a company is paying workers too little (in your opinion) and raking in the dough because the consumer is willing to pay a high price, then there is an opportunity for you to start a competing company and sell the same or similar product and split the money the owners/shareholder of the other company was raking in between higher wages for your employees and lower prices. You'll drive the original company out of business.

    People who uniformly resent all of corporate America are ignorant. It's like resenting all plumbers or all drivers on the road or all of anything. It's just based out of ignorance and the result of buying into the old class envy shtick and the myth that people only get ahead by lying, cheating and stealing instead of years of hard work and self-sacrifice. Big companies have larger resources which they use to accomplish great things. Not many mom & pop companies can build a skyscraper, discover new vaccines or are able to drill miles into the earth in the middle of the ocean in order to produce oil.

    As to Enron, if you can't see that as the exception to how corporations in America are governed, then you really don't have much experience with the corporate world. Enron was run by crooks who are deservedly going to jail for a very very long time if not the rest of their lives.

  64. #64
    rich hallas said on April 6, 2006 | Reply

    well i am a driver for fedex express freight. i think we do a good job for the customer. if you think we stink . use dhl and good luck. dhl and ups destroy the freight.

  65. #65
    karin said on April 10, 2006 | Reply

    FedEx is the most awful delivery service ever. I won't even go into the 20+ inane phone conversations i've had with them in the last month. I have been sent 6 packages this month. Both UPS arrived quickly, with no issues, the USPS arrived quickly, with no issues and it took me upwards of 2 weeks to find out what fedex had done with 2 of my packages and one is still not here and I have wasted yet another day sitting here on the phone with these morons. Last time they said they were going to deliver i sat OUTSIDE MY HOUSE on the front step waiting, and they said I WASNT HOME?????? completely ridiculous. the last letter i sent FedEx got the response "thank you for chosing FedEx, sorry for the inconvinence". Are you kidding??!!?

    Here's what the letter that elicited such a response said:

    "On monday the 20th of march I received a voicemail at 8am stating that the address on the package i was expecting was invalid and that i should call fed-ex and correct the error. I immediately called back around 8:15am and a very unhelpful man told me there was no record of an invalid address and the package would be delivered on Tuesday the 24th of march. I asked him to verify my address and he said he could not tell me what the address on the package was, but he could tell me it was not the address that i was stating to him, which was my correct address. I then asked him if the address he had was close to the address i live at, so i could verify if it was a one character mistake, or a completely erroneous address. He stated it was a completely erroneous address, but he could not change it to my correct address, only the sender could do that. I hung up with this man and called the sender, to have her attempt to correct the address mistake.

    When i could not get in contact with her i called back to fed-ex and a much more helpful lady said it was no problem to correct the mistake. She also stated the address mistake WAS a slight spelling mistake, contrary to what the man had told me half and hour before hand. SHe informed me the address mistake had been corrected, and i verified the correct address with her TWICE to be sure. I then waited all day for fed-ex to arrive.

    The online tracking said the package was on the truck for delivery and then by 2 o'clock the online tracking stated that they had come but i was not home. I then went outside of my building to find the fed-ex door tag so i could pick up the package. Fed-ex had not left any door tag. I called fed-ex back and they said they had attempted delivery but no one answered.

    There is NO WAY that if they came that i missed them, i waited patiently all day and didn't go anywhere. IF fed-ex came and i wasn't home, why was there no door tag left? I called the help line again where I AGAIN verified the correct address, and asked the package to be re-sent out on the afternoon truck. I was told the package would be sent out again on the afternoon truck, and then if not delivered, held at the station for pick up between 4:30 and 8:15pm. the package did not arrive in the afternoon, despite my being assured that it would arrive that afternoon.

    I again called fed-ex to confirm it would be sent out the next day for a reattempt and not held at the station and the lady i spoke to informed me they "did not know where my house was, and needed me to give them directions". That is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. If they don't know where my apartment building is, how did they attempt to deliver it earlier that day and find me not home? She also told me she could not reissue the package for delivery and i had to call back at 8am when the station was open to make sure the package would be reattempted. I gave her as much direction as i could to the building where i live, including cross streets and informed her that i live in a place with both apartments and offices and fed-ex visits our building almost every day, they should know how to get here.

    The next morning at 8am i called back to make sure the package was no longer being held and i was informed there was no guarantee that they could un-hold my package AND that my address was invalid. THE ADDRESS I HAD RECONFIRMED WITH THEM OVER 5 DIFFERENT TIMES. This time just my apartment number was missing. I corrected the mistake, Had her confirm with me twice that correct address and then call the station to make sure they had the correct address. She informed me this package was too late to go out on the morning truck but would arrive this afternoon. The package is still not here.

    This is literally unbelievable. Not one of your representatives told me the same thing and i talked with quite a few of them. Is your service not meant to be convenient and easy? I have now missed 2 days of work waiting for this package and not even one real attempt has been made to deliver it. If it doesn't come by the end of this working day and I am expected to pay for a taxi to take me to and from the station to fetch the package that you can't deliver, then this is truly the worst service i have ever received from any company ever, point blank. I will never, EVER use fed-ex again, and will advise my company not to continue their corporate account with you and inform all my friends and coworkers of the trouble i have had over the last 2 days getting a straight answer and some helpful service. "

  66. #66
    Mark said on April 22, 2006 | Reply

    FedEx is no longer the great company they once were many years ago but still enjoy awards and a decent reputation.

    Management abuses the employees and contractors on a regular basis so I not surprised by the experiences here.

    If you want to know more about "INSIDE THE FEDEX OPERATION" visit the FedExaminer website http://fedexaminer.com/FedEx/

    I work at FedEx and don't even like to use them. I go to the UPS pickup counter on a regular basis wearing my FedEx uniform, the UPS employees and customers still get a kick out of it.

  67. #67
    T said on May 24, 2006 | Reply

    yup, noe newegg uses UPS although to be honest I 've had teh best luck with DHL and the USPS...seriously the post office seems to have figured out....but anyway FedeX has got to be the most inconsistent ever...24 late/lost packages 12 were critical..ugh!~

  68. #68
    John Smith said on May 26, 2006 | Reply

    I had a package that got shipped for 2 day delivery. Cheap [edit] fed ex took it off the truck because THey would have delivered it early and the shipper did not payu for that. So I get screwed. I will never use fedex ever. If I find a seller that uses fedex I will buy from someone else. FEDEX YOU ABSOLUTLY SUCK!

  69. #69
    Tom said on May 27, 2006 | Reply

    I personally have never had a bad exprience with either fedex or ups to be honest, but i work for UPS. I have read a lot of posts from fedex employees defending their company (understandable) but making faulse accusations and remarks about UPS. No, UPS isn't perfect (show me a company that is) BUT, UPS ships 7 times more pkg's then fedex does and STILL has the lowest % of late packages (only 0.04% of UPS pkg's are late, not perfect but we're working on it lol). UPS is by far the largest shipping company in the world. Speaking of all those great fedex awards... why didnt anyone mention that UPS...

    For the 21st consecutive year, UPS has been rated “America's Most Admired” company in its industry in a survey published in FORTUNE magazine's March 8th issue. UPS was ranked No. 1 among all companies on the attributes of quality of management, financial soundness, use of corporate assets and social responsibility. UPS was also ranked in the top 5 for quality of products and services, long-term investment, innovation and employee talent. UPS was the only company in the survey to score above a 9 on FORTUNE's 10-point scale, and was ranked No. 1 in the country on four of the eight attributes or criteria used to rank companies.

    Like i said, anytime i've ever had something shipped to me i've never had a problem with either company but some people have had bad expriences with one or both of them. If you want to ship something and really find out who's the best... do a little research and find the company that you think will best suit your needs.

  70. #70
    Luke said on May 31, 2006 | Reply

    I shipped two packages to myself from NY to the DC area this Sunday. I've had a string of either mistaken statements or blatant lies from FedEx/Kinkos employees in the process of trying to track down my packages which were supposed to arrive Tuesday (according to the FedEx/Kinkos employee behind the counter).

    Yesterday when i called the 800 number to track I was told that the CS woman really couldn't do anything for me, but she would be happy to send me over to Kinkos's customer service. I told her to make some sort of note on my shipment so the next time I talked to FedEx CS I wouldn't have to re-explain my situation (of course I knew I'd be talking to them again). After a couple hours of phone tag (and getting dropped from the line once), having to re-explain my situation to three or four different FedEX CS people, three or four different Kinkos people, I had received conflicting reports about whether my packages had even been picked up from that store in NY.

    Who knows where my packages are now? One was last sighted in Brooklyn (I sent the package from Manhattan) and the other seems to have evaporated the moment I turned away from the counter.

    I too have uncovered this strange dual nature of FedEx ground employees - these ogre-like villians that dress like FedEx people, have the FedEx logo plastered all over their stuff, and whose service is listed right next to "express" on the menus. If what D said August 11, 2005 (above) is true, I'm never trusting FedEx ground for anything again. I mean, that's ridiculous! The driver is only liable for $100 of whatever gets "lost"?? My iBook is in a box that looks like a pretty standard size for shipping laptops, probably recognizable by one of these goons who sees a trillion packages a day, and I'm depending on some f*cking independent contractor to decide whether or not to take my computer for $100???

    I put down $1,500 as the value of the computer; I'm just now starting to think I should have put more - all my work for the past few months, plus all of my software, is on that computer. Crikey.

  71. #71
    Joe Blow said on June 1, 2006 | Reply

    These fill-in-a-company-name Sucks! sites suck. [Golly], every company in the world sucks because one selfish child didn't get what they wanted and learned how to post to a blog. The world sucks. You suck. I suck. We all suck. Get a life. FEDEX workers who posted here: you guys are the best! I've never had a problem with Fedex. I hope you don't let this childish moron get you upset.

  72. #72
    Don said on June 2, 2006 | Reply


    This is not a "fill-in-a-company-name Sucks! site." This is merely a single blog entry describing factual events to which I have allowed people to freely post their related comments.

    I don't see how describing one's poor luck with a company makes that person "selfish." And, while I wish I could be a child again...at 40 years of age, I'm far from it.

    You state I should "get a life." Have you looked around this blog at all? I think it shows that I clearly have a life.

    As to calling me a "childish moron," which is more childish and moronic, my 1 out of 323 entries that is a company-sucks entry, especially when I have many more positive things to say about various companies and products than negative, or your name calling 7 "suck" variations in just 74 words comment?

  73. #73
    Calidago said on June 3, 2006 | Reply

    I know exactly how you feel....notice how my package ended up at"local fedex facility" then it took a whole day to get to "local fedex facility"....ugh....they just friggin drove my crap in a huge circle!!!!!!!!


  74. #74
    FXG said on June 6, 2006 | Reply

    Im a Fedex Dock Manager.

    Sorry to just let u guys know that FedEx, in fact, does not suck. If we have sucked, then why are we kicking our competitors's [butts] left and right? And YES, we DO in fact, fire drivers. We terminate contracts based on their poor services (like, hiding packages, not delivering, etc).

    I personally, hate drivers. I find myself everyday making sure drivers TAKE packages and PUTS them into the trucks so they dont LEAVE them behind. If they succeed in leaving something behind because they do not feel like delivering it, I report them to my terminal. I'm 100% all for customer service. It's the managers of FedEx that makes this place work. The drivers are pieces of [doo-doo]. I have to stand outside their truck to make sure they do not attempt to leave anything behind. It's childsplay and it's like watching lil kids (aka grownassed men) and showing them how to do things the right way.

    And on top of that, for the customers complaining about damaged packages, it's not our fault. We meet all requirements of loading/handling and I personally make sure that my package handlers do not manhandle packages. I've recently terminated one guy that has a continous habit of throwing packages. If you customers would please package your packages a lil better, make it more sturdy, and use solid boxes, it would really help us out. Not use cheap tape, reuse an old box, etc. my personal favorite are boxes of clothes. They get crushed easily because the contents are not solid and arent reinforced properly.

    And guys, shut up. [jeepers]. effin crybabies. If you are not satisfied with our services, please use UPS. As if we dont steal customers from UPS and DHL ourselves. We're better than both those companies and our numbers show it. U guys are the 1% of the dissastified customers we have daily (we deliver millions daily). Sorry that the other of our 99% are happy with what we provide. U guys should play the lottery.

  75. #75
    David said on June 8, 2006 | Reply

    What's a so-called "security delay" mean after the Fedex truck has been rolling around with the package all day? Click my name to see the delivery "progress"...

  76. #76
    Jack said on June 12, 2006 | Reply

    I order a lot of things online and have had deliveries from USPS, UPS, and Fedex. I have had two MINOR problems with UPS and one USPS mishap (box left at my gate in the rain, resulting in a ruined book) which was resolved quickly by the local postmaster. Out of 6 deliveries from Fedex, i have had 6 problems.
    1) Driver's log stated "nobody at home" two days in a row and package was due to be returned to sender - I was at home ALL DAY on vacation both days. After calling Fedex's so-called customer serice and spending over an hour on the phone, they sent the driver back out the next day - she called me and said she couldn't find my house. I had to meet her in town to pick up my package.

    2, 3, and 4) Fedex delivered packages to three different houses, each one 5 miles or farther from my house.

    5 and 6) I have been waiting since 5/31 for two packages. Both were scheduled for delivery June 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Every time, there is a "delivery exception - no attempt made, delivery scheduled for next business day".

    I have spent the better part of 4 hours on the phone with their shoddy excuse for customer service, trying to find out why this driver (or drivers - I think they have each package on a different truck) can't seem to make it to my home; furthermore, I want to know why they think it is acceptable to set my expectation and miss it 5 consecutive days. I realize their customer service is distanced from their operations side of the house, but there is no excuse for them to not communicate internally and provide some feedback why they can't get their act straight.
    I wouldn't be so upset over this situation if they wouldn't have told me "the package will be delivered tomorrow". If they had told me that their ground shipping takes a lower priority and may get bumped a number of times, I would understand and expect some delays. What I find unacceptable is their lack of ownership for issues and the you-have-to-take-whatever-we decide-to-give-to-you attitude. I am your customer [DARNIT]! Show some accountability and a desire to provide quality service.
    These packages are parts for my motorcyle that I have to use every day to get back and forth to work, so I really need them.

    Taking into account I have yet to have a smooth transaction with this carrier. They have outright lied to me; they have delivered packages to other addresses (thank God for the honest people who in all three cases called me); and this latest issue where they have absolutely no desire to serve me - I can honestly say that Fedex needs some lessons in customer service. Yes, Fedex SUCKS!

  77. #77
    FXG said on June 19, 2006 | Reply

    btw. goto UPS Sucks forum and you guys will notice everything that has relevance to what was posted here, except 2x the amount to read. :)

    and for the morons who complained abt bad addresses, zips, and did not attempts, maybe they weren't delivered because u effups did NOT put the right addresses, zips, or even the correct names in the airbills. maybe u guys were billed extra $$$ for shipping b/c there is a $10 fee for placing incorrect addresses? *shrugs*

    u guys are too biased. goto UPS SUCKS forums and read their crap too. it took me 5 mins to read this site and like an hour to read a "ups sucks" forum.

  78. #78
    Jill said on June 22, 2006 | Reply

    Took my broken HD TIVO to Kinkos/Fedex to send back to DirecTV...Prepaid by DTV...Never arrived, I have been charged $600 by DTV for missing receiver. Should have kept receipt, but after 3 months I threw it away. Tracking # wasn't one prepaid by DTV, don't know why, so no record of being sent back. I will head to Kinkos tomorrow. I know date, approx time, and location sent to...shouldn't they have a record? This sucks. It also took them 5 attempts and 3 phone calls to get my last deliver here, UPS & USPS have no problem. Driver said that he just drove around each day seeing if he could "magically" find my street. Oh my.

  79. #79
    Mike said on June 26, 2006 | Reply

    This is to the "FEDEX DOCK MANAGER"

    Fedex drivers are not "doo doo". We on the express side make the bulk of the rev for the company because we are good at what we do. As for you to moniter what the drivers take by standing in the truck is just stupid. If you need to do that you have a problem with your loop drivers not conforming to "best practices" it works if you let it.

    As for damages most damages are out of the container from the Memphis Sort. Once we note the discrepancy we as drivers have no worrys. The origin staion will get dinged for the loss.

    The Fedex Companys is firing on all cylinders, competitors look in your rear view mirror, get out of the way or get trampled..

  80. #80
    Danny said on June 26, 2006 | Reply

    So I ordered a $200 statue online on Sunday. It's been exactly one week so I decided to check the tracking for the package. To my suprise it was delivered yesterday at 10:39am. Nobody was home at this time so the comments box says that the package was left at my back door. That would be somewhat acceptable...IF I HAD A BACKDOOR! I live in a condo. There is an alley behind me. No door. No gate. NOTHING. So I called the customer service line which by the way has no direct menu listing to speak to a rep or any sort of option that would apply to my situation. I just happen to think to press 0 to get to someone. They said they'll contact the driver and find out what happened and someone should call me on Tuesday. I'll never use Fedex to ship something but I hate that I can't control what others use to ship to me.

  81. #81
    Nan said on June 27, 2006 | Reply

    I am fed up with Fedex this is the second time that I have had them tell me that they delieved a package to my home and they never did. What can we do. I put a claim in and they tell us the driver said that he had left the package in our breezeway. NEVER HAPPENED.

    I wonder how many times does this happen and Fedex doesn't care at all. They tell you to cantact the company that you order from.

    Danny I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!!!!!

  82. #82
    CK said on June 29, 2006 | Reply

    Fedex Ground is a Joke!!! Dont use it! The Post office is faster and cheaper!! I have last 2 packages in transit for 11 and 8 days!!! We sent one Via Priority Mail and one Fedex ground Just to see. And the mail came 5 days before the 8 day one. And was $3.80 cheaper! Its not bad enough they had problems with express. But Ground is worse then Postal Snail mail!

  83. #83
    FedEx Manager said on June 29, 2006 | Reply

    Good day all:
    I have worked for FedEx for 16 years. Currently I am a manager. I have been a transport driver, a courier, have worked in the hub in Memphis, and have worked in management in the US and overseas. I AM WRITING THIS ON MY OWN. MY VIEWS ARE MY OWN AND I AM NOT WRITING AS AN OFFICIAL FEDEX REPRESENTATIVE. Believe me any company this large will have it's mistakes, and even it's share of bad employees, regretfully. I just want to make some comments from an experienced FedEx employee. In my job as a manager I have to look up every failure for my location. EVERY ONE, regardless of whether my location caused it, or it was late through the hub, or the origin caused it, or weather delayed the flight, or maintenance... I have to research it. AND it's part of my review. Yes, I am held accountable for service on my review, INCLUDING lates that aren't even caused by my location. And then I have to follow up with the areas causing the failure to ensure they correct the situation. I have a service assurance person whose sole job is to research any failure whether it be a failure to deliver on time, or even a failure to make a callback when a customer requests one. That information is given to me daily, and every week TWICE a week I have a conference call where I address with other locations any service issues. I have to answer for any locally caused failures and provide explanation and corrective action. EVERY late package at my location (and it's not very many I might add) gets a follow-up. Why am I held accountable for service failures that aren't even caused by my location? Because FedEx expects us to follow up regardless of what caused the failure, and to ensure that whatever problem happened is addressed and that we work as a team to ensure service. Believe me FedEx cares about it's service. You will note that FedEx has won numerous awards, and ranked very high in numerous well-respected corporate publications. Just recently I had a situation where I was having packages every week held in customs. NOTE: This was customs which is not FedEx employees, but they were holding up my packages arriving on time. I flew to Memphis to meet with customs. I established a contact network to follow up on failures, and we were able to help customs speed up their process and get my packages here on time. FedEx does not give a money-back guarantee for failures caused by customs delays. That's because we cannot control if customs asks to hold a package. However, I still spent time and money to fly to Memphis to meet with customs because regardless of whether it was a "money back" situation, I still wanted my customers to have their packages on time.

    I can assure you the stories here are not indicative of FedEx's typical service. I AM NOT GETTING PAID TO WRITE THIS. I'm doing this on my own... a human being just like you. A person. Yes, I am a manager at FedEx, but I am acting on my own. I actually started here in college as a "handler" which is a general labor position. I did numerous jobs including being a courier in three different cities before becoming a manager. I just wanted to comment because I know how much FedEx values service. I am sorry to see some of the failures to provide a service here, but I assure you they are not FedEx's normal service. I know because I work there and every day see people amazed at how we get packages there on time. And we do. And yes, there are times we don't, but it is a small percent. Now here I have read some things that did disturb me... where customer service failed them. I can say as a FedEx employee that I don't agree with some of the statements customer service gave the customer, and some of the actions by other employees. Quite frankly I don't blame the customer for being mad, and I'm not defending the wrong actions of some employees in these situations. Unfortunately, however, with a company this large there will always be employees that don't do as they should, and FedEx has expectations set forth to ensure those employees either meet those expectations or move on elsewhere. I read a good number of the complaints posted here and saw complaints about not leaving a package. Actually FedEx has responded to the customer demands with new options for signature required or signature not required. BELIEVE ME, as someone who was a courier for years it's the last thing we (couriers) want to do to not deliver a package. It's just more work when you get back to the station, and the next day you have to go back out with the package again.

    Also I saw a lot of complaints that the driver put they attempted but nobody was home. Well I guess it could be done- like to scan it "nobody home" and not actually try to deliver it, but believe me I can assure you this is NOT acceptable, and would be grounds for immediate termination of that employee. If an employee did that they were risking their job. In fact, as a manager I've terminated an employee for putting they made an attempt to deliver but didn't deliver. It is absolutely not acceptable, and FedEx has even got reports we can run to show in order the deliveries an employee makes, the time they make it, and wheter it was coded as nobody home. There are reports that are run to show how many "not in/business closed" or "bad address" scans are put in any given location or by an individual route, and that report raises a "red flag" so to speak if a courier tries to falsify deliveries and shows an unusual number of undelivered packages. Does it happen? It's very possible that a "bad apple" could do it. Is it acceptable? NO. Does FedEx take action to keep that from happening? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. It's grounds for immediate termination, and there are procedures in place to prevent it from happening.

    As for the guy who claims to be a "FedEx Dock Manager" in one post, I don't think that guy really is a FedEx employee. First of all, "Dock Manager" is not a title at FedEx. We don't use that term, hinting maybe he isn't really an employee. We would use the term "Station Manager" or "Ramp Manager." Similar, but the difference lets me know he's probably a fake. When he says "It's not our fault," I don't really know what he means because if a package is damaged in the hub, or at the delivery point, it really doesn't matter whose fault internally, it's still FedEx's fault, excepting poor packaging, and even then if it was noticably poor packaging the accepting employee should let the customer know it needs repackaging. And this guy called his employees "doo doo" which tells me he's no manager because a FedEx manager takes pride in his employees. That's why we're always in the top of the list of best companies to work for. I am going to apologize for that guy's comments. I guess if he does work for FedEx he won't for long with that attitude. Remember what I said- I'm sure like any large company we have our share of bad apples and it's regrettable, but we have expectations and procedures that eventually "weed out" those bad apples. I can assure you that people like that are very rare at FedEx.

    Thanks for allowing me to post my view from "inside" FedEx, and please remember I'm just a human, working for a living like anyone else. I'm not getting paid to post this, or a pat on the back. In fact I'm not posting my email address or name because I really would rather FedEx doesn't know who I am. I'm just a very happy and proud FedEx employee who takes enough pride in our service to let you folks know that the failures here (and some are truly failures to provide the service we should have provided) are NOT AT ALL the norm at FedEx.


    FedEx Guy

  84. #84
    FXG said on July 5, 2006 | Reply

    to the "Mr. FedEx Express Driver"

    yes, i do stand outside of trucks just to make sure drivers take their crap. y? because it works!! so i dont get to eat DNAs! my job depends on theirs so im gonna make sure that they dont put mine on the line. plus, customers will get their packages!!!


  85. #85
    B@dEx said on July 6, 2006 | Reply

    FedEx... My fav of the [mesed] up services.

    I like when you send a package and it shows the delivery date as the 5th then you check it on the 5th and its changed to the 6th then you check it on the 6th and its changed to the 7th... Its like they designed their website to work with their [messups]. Pretty smooth. DHL owns all.

    DHL is cheaper, and they have their [stuff] together.
    Burn in [heck] and die fedex, but wait until my package gets here.

  86. #86
    Radi Awartani said on July 21, 2006 | Reply

    Fed Ex is unreilable service. They demand a premium rate for shipping dangerous goods and often they misplace packges and when pressed about tracking, they often offer answers that have no regulatory or secientific basis. It is kind of scary to trust them shipping hazardous materials at this time and age. We shipped a product to Germany and it took fed ex over 3 weeks to find it. Simply FEDEX is UNREILABLE AT ANY PRICE

  87. #87
    steve said on July 26, 2006 | Reply

    I read a post from "TOM" that stated many actual FACTS about UPS's service about how UPS ships SEVEN TIMES MORE packages then fedex and has the lowest % of packages that are late, he said less then 1%. Also the middle paraghraph indicated a couple of awards UPS's service has recieved. I have done a little searching and have found what "Tom" posted is completely accurate. I have had many problems with FEDEX and none with UPS so to all the "fedex employees and managers" posting claims they are "stealing UPS and dhl customers" and are "kicking the competition's butts"... what stats and proof do you have to back up your claims?

  88. #88
    contractor said on July 26, 2006 | Reply

    Let me say Fed-Ex Ground in a big city in Florida is the most unprofessional poorly managed company that I have ever dealt with. We purchased a route and were told that it was a solid investment that they tried in every way to help their contractors. Well quite the opposite. From day one there is never anyone available to help and they are constantly threatening your contract. The belt supervisor curses at your drivers. It is the best way for you to lose your money. Don't ever invest in Fed-Ex Ground. I can see why there are so many lawsuits filed against them. Thinking about filing one myself.

  89. #89
    chris said on July 27, 2006 | Reply

    its nice to hear all about the [complaining] customers do but at the same time they dont realize it is the way the shipper sent the package and not fedex fault. i also dont know why but i noticed a lot of the people that [complain] on your site cant even spell or have correct grammar......hmmmmm .....odd

  90. #90
    W.K. said on July 29, 2006 | Reply

    whatever fedex,
    i moved here to eastern pa. in nov. 05 in that time i have had approx. 100 pakages delivered ups 100% on time usps only a couple of times late, and as for worthless fedex 100% late (very late) (weeks!!!) when we first moved in to our house we thought we would order custom blinds online to make life quick and easy well guess again, our four seperate orders were shipped promply from texas to pa. then sat on the truck out for delivery for 13 buisiness days as per tracking info. know one could give me a straight answer and they were rude on the phone. #2 my sons 1st birthday present gone forever and since we did not insure it sh@t on us right fedex? #3 special order oil filter i purchased from ebay gone m.i.a. no insurance offered sh@t on us again. #4 what will it be this time, placed an order for a high ticket item from canada insured it and it has been in limbo within a 50 mile radius of my home for three buisiness days. oh and chris if you would pay more attention to your job and not other people's grammar maybe we wouldn't have this problem.(previous post) ps. if you don't wan't us to know the truth then don't give us tracking numbers...........................j.a.
    [Edit - all caps removed.]

  91. #91
    Austin said on July 29, 2006 | Reply

    Fedex are a bunch of jerks,
    my uncle John has a brain tumor and cant work his route and is now being treated at stanford. he told me that he owns his route and so if he doesn't deliver (hey, i made a pun) they are going to sell his route. so now his brother is taking his vacation and mental breaks from his job beacause fedex wont give him more than a week to be able to work again.

  92. #92
    Resentfull, L.V., NV said on July 31, 2006 | Reply

    I just want to say that I was married to a man at Fed X for over 10 years and I HATE FED EX.... They OWN you. They always tell you that you have to work late on the sort, or on Saturdays or they punish you by giving you bad reviews and terrible raises..They always expect their employess to put the company before their own family's, Even if they are sick. I divorced my husband because he always put his job first and I also just found out today from my Ex that when our child is sick, Fed Ex will not allow him to take a sick day to take care of his own daughter, because sick days are only for the employee, how messed up is that!!!! No wonder the whole country is going to pot, we have big corporations out there willing to give a paycheck only and I mean only if they put their familys behind their jobs.. I HATE FED EX and I have no problems telling people what a terrible company they are.... And I have a very big mouth when it comes to my daughter being put last.

  93. #93
    The G-man said on August 5, 2006 | Reply

    I found this site, here's my FedEx sucks story. The air conditioning compressor conked out in my car. It's an old car, still in decent shape for a running around town car though, and I don't want to spring for a new one right now (car or A/C). I found a used A/C compressor with a one-year guarantee from a parts place in Massachusetts. Guy asked me how I wanted it sent, FedEx or USPS. My head screamed "USPS," because I've NEVER had any problems with the post office, but for some insane reason I asked, "What would be quicker," and he said FedEx. So I said FedEx. He sent me the tracking number, I tracked the package, said it would be delivered Friday 8/4. That's the time frame on the map at FedEx's site as well, three days from Massachusetts to Alabama. We basically stay at home all day Friday. No package. I get up Saturday a.m. and track the thing again and see that it's now down for delivery on Wednesday 8/9. And for some weird reason, it got sent from the facility near Atlanta, which is two hours from me and 90 miles from the place where FedEx shipments for my area come out of for final delivery, all the way across the country to Fort Worth, Texas, stayed there for three hours and then headed back east. The problem is, if this goes to the middle or the end of next week, it's going to be problematic for someone to be at home during the time frame a package is likely to come. I don't know if the thing requires a signature or not, I'm as much concerned about the package walking off my porch as I am of being there to sign for it. I called FedEx customer service, got a smarmy, unhelpful woman who informed me that I basically have no options, since this is Ground, of having the thing left somewhere that I can pick it up at my convenience. She kept saying "that's not the way Ground works," that the warehouses where the packages come out of are usually not open to the public, that basically it's home delivery or nothing. I managed to bite my tongue, but I'm sorry, Ground stinks if that's the level of customer service FedEx provides. I don't know what's going to happen, maybe the thing will get here, maybe it won't, maybe it'll get sent back to the seller and I know I'm going to keep being hot in my unairconditioned car for another week or so because I'm going to have to cancel the appointment I made with my mechanic to have this installed, operating on the assumption that it would be here Friday. I do know that I will never, ever, not in this or any known solar system, use FedEx for anything ever again. I told them as such in an email to them. I didn't fly off the handle and cuss or anything because that's not my style, and I know bottom line they probably don't care about the complaints, but whoever reads this is going to get the message because as a professional writer, I know all the tricks and ways of letting people know that in my eyes they're about equal to the scum on the bottom of my cat's litter box without resorting to cussing. :)

  94. #94
    Marcus said on August 9, 2006 | Reply

    I am about to go back to the USPS after my most recent experience with FED EX. I was to recieve a check for a loan next day delivery so I could go purchase a car. Well overnight came and went and no one could tell me where the package was. When I checked online it said someone had come by but i was watching the door during that time. UPS did the same thing. DHL just loses anything I try to ship through them..... is there any decent shipping company? FedEx stuff when it does show up is in ok condition still UPS just makes me go pick it up between 4pm-7pm M-F and DHL wont give me anything but a sob story about how they take the insurance out of their check. Im so disgusted with these guys. IS there anyone out there worth a dang? Thanks

  95. #95
    jimsmith said on August 16, 2006 | Reply

    Just ordered a laptop backpack from Compusa using Fedex ground (only cheap option available). The ***hole delivered it to the wrong address. I called fedex and they made some bull**** claim that the numbers restart on my road. Problem is, UPS and USPS have never made any errors for this address. The best part, the tracking info says "left at front door, no signature service requested". The address is a business which is open all day, so no one in their right mind would leave a package at the front door of a business. Compusa is issuing a refund but they are also giving me a bit of a runaround. If I don't get my money back in the next few days, I'll be doing a chargeback and showing them whose boss.

  96. #96
    J.cory said on August 18, 2006 | Reply

    I just ordered all the bits for my new computer, everything except the motherboard was shipped by Newegg, via UPS. It arrived on time, on the day that UPS said it would be delivered. The mother board was shipped from Newark, CA to Sacramento, CA (a 3 hour drive, with traffic) and was due to arrive on the same day, according to Fedex. 8pm rolls by, 8:30, 9, 10, 10:30 with the Fedex site still caliming it was out for delivery. 11pm: Delivery exception/ Delivery delayed, scheduled for next business day. Bastards!!!. Why even state delivery dates, when they can't meet them. The same thing happened when the 5th Harry Potter book was released, Amazon gaurunteed delivery on the day the book came out in the stores...Fedex had to make a special delivery on Saturday, because it didn't arrive on Friday, and Amazon had to refund us the cost of the book.

  97. #97
    Robert said on August 19, 2006 | Reply

    I totally agree with what Michael said about corporate greed ruining this country. I work for a company who sells extended warranties (actually Circuit City sells them for us) that cost an arm and a leg and cover almost nothing. Our techs just refuse service and punt people left and right because they don't want their call times to look bad, our service providers who do the warranty repairs are at best incompetent and at worst downright crooked, we send mostly via Fedex which sucks, the Circuit City people lied through their teeth when they sold the warranty, and our customers are ignorant fools to have bought the warranty on trust to begin with.

    There is nothing wrong with capitalism ideally. The difference between the capitalism of yesteryear and that of today is that one, you never get to see the person who is personally responsible (the CEO in this case), and two, honor and quality and pride of workmanship is completely and totally down the poop chutes. Once, if a man sold you a bicycle and it fell apart the next day, you could go chew him out and maybe even punch his sorry [butt] out if he didn't make good. Today, nobody is responsible for anything.

    As I sit here fuming, I am waiting for the morning so that I can try to find somewhere in my bushes the place where the Fedex man threw my boxes, since according to Fedex, they delivered them. I surely haven't received them though.

  98. #98
    Don said on August 21, 2006 | Reply

    "I totally agree with what Michael said about corporate greed ruining this country. I work for a company..."

    Another person who doesn't understand capitalism. Corporate greed made this country and continues to keep it the most productive and competitive nation in the world. Corporate greed has provided Americans with the highest standard of living, the greatest socio-economic mobility, the widest range of opportunity and the most enviable nation in the world.

    Your complaints have less to do with capitalism and more to do with alleged fraud and the morality of individuals such as yourself who work for such a company. Do a little studying about socialism and communism when actually put into practice and you will see that they are no panacea for the elimination of fraud, waste, and corruption. Such alternative economic systems simply do not have the inherent motivations to eliminate such undesirable traits.

    If you really can deliver a better product at a competitive price, start a competing business and, after the word gets out about your superior service for the same or lower price, you should blow your competition away. Do some research, develop a business plan, sell it to investors...become a millionaire! Actually, CircuitCity's extended warranties are the most costly in the business. I remember reading somewhere that they accounted for roughly all of CircuitCity's profits. This is why there is already a great deal of competition recently in the consumer electronics warranty business. So, perhaps somebody else will beat you to those millions.

    Either way, the capitalist system is far more effective system at providing a good or service such as extended warranties than any mixed or planned economy.

    "There is nothing wrong with capitalism ideally."

    No, there is nothing wrong with capitalism actually.

  99. #99
    Iknowbetterthanany1 said on August 22, 2006 | Reply

    As far as UPS and Fed Ex? I know better than anyone... I worked for both comapnies for a total of 13 years in the capacity of driver and then management for both companies. All of the postings I have read are indicative to what I know, saw, heard, observed, and practiced.

    Let's all come to some understandings that normally, "we" don't want to hear when our package has been lost or damaged. 1st) If you don't have insurance on your priceless pkg, know you will get only $100.00 max., period. No lawsuit is going to change that. No one ships to a PO Box (though UPS says they do - they put it on a shelf in there warehouse and send you a post card that's it there). 2nd, out of approx. 15,000 pkgs handled a day for delivery in your city in America, someone is going to screw up at least 1. You only pray that its not yours. 3rd, the name of the game is profitability. That means, if you have a problem, they care of 1 thing...where's liability? If it still falls on the carrier company, you will get more policy and procedures thrown at you quicker than you can take your next breath. 4th, plz come to the reality we have some shi**y people out here who rob,steal, lie, and are lazy, that are not only delivering your packages, but are the upper tier of management that are running the company.

    I have worked for each company to simply have a check. When I work, I work with pride and do my job the best I know how to. I even lost my job at 1 of them for DOING THE RIGHT THING. What 1 person won't do, another one will is what I learned. Accept the fact that when you call these monster companies to reclaim what is rightfully yours or compensation, you will be treated "like cattle". Bottom line. They will do what they want in the ladder of the complaint department and move on to the next complaint.

    Also realize of the 2 companies, UPS gives quantity of pkg delivery and p/u, Fed Ex gives you a better quality. If you all remember, Fed Ex bought out RPS, which is now Fed Ex Ground. There is a law-suit against Fed Ex in CA for their internal business practices pertaining to how they run the company under "contract" status (they are expected to loose and they have already lost the same laws-suit in another state). Both companies are just as bad or good as another, from an employee or customer point of view.

    My suggestion? And the point of my posting this? If you want to hurt these companies, start buying the extra insurance, READ what they will and won't insure and for max. limits, and finally, when your items start to get lost, damaged, etc, cash in on your claim. 2nd, if your pkg is late being delivered (that is, the 10:30 committs), CALL THEM!! Get your refund!! You know how many people DO NOT CALL??? I also urge everyone that BEFORE you send a package and you choose the most inexpensive or the most expensive service, READ what you are paying for and call when your guarantee is not honored. In the end, you will at least get your money back - the same thing that drives this viscious circle in the 1st place.

    I'm on your side. I'm not defending any carrier service. I have years worth of examples of who did what to who. This is THE best advise I can give to everyone. Getting mad isn't half the battle, its figuring out what you "signed up for" once you gave your pkg up and the rules surrounding it. Don't get mad, get EVEN!!!

    Good luck to you.

  100. FedEx routinely leaves packages on the front porch where I live if no signature is required. I've called and complained about this several times and have been told that is their policy. I wouldn't mind so much if they left my packages at my doorstep, but I live in an apartment complex, and when I say the front porch, I mean the front porch/entrance to the apartment complex. I've been lucky so far, because I've been home and expecting my package, but I'm sure I'll be missing something someday as a result of the negligence of FedEx. Where ever possible I use anybody but FedEx.

  101. #101
    steve said on September 22, 2006 | Reply

    I was home all day waiting for the package n when I look on the online tracking it said it was attemped delivery BULLCRAP. Those [lazybutt] driver just wanna leave work. I HATE FeDEX . MY UPS Driver is Great , on time everytime .

  102. #102
    david said on September 28, 2006 | Reply

    I thought it was just my bad luck, but FedEx sure does suck from my experiences with them.
    **UPS is the best.**
    I'll spare you all my details but FedEx is oriented to the shippers and getting accounts and is weak on the delivery customer service side.
    Their customer service process sure does suck for the package receiving end. FedEx has gone down over the years and the post office has gotten better. UPS has been 100% perfect is all my experiences.

  103. #103
    J said on October 3, 2006 | Reply

    oh, im having this problem right now...i hate fedex too

  104. #104
    Rick said on October 4, 2006 | Reply

    The shipper sends my package to my house and not my work address as requested. So I call Fedex and ask them to ship it to my work address. They can't do that . .. UPS does! Anyway, they tell me that the shipper has to tell them that and there will be an extra cost involved, which has to be paid by me. UPS does not charge extra for this service. So to avoid the extra charge, I have to drive crosstown to the airport to the FEDEX to get my pacakge! Thanks a lot boys!

  105. #105
    Dave said on October 5, 2006 | Reply

    Fedex not only is unrealiable but also a liar, I live in a on campus apartment dormatorty, where all my mail including packages go to a commons area where two people sit around from 8 in the morning until 1 at night just waiting for packages and calling for assistance for students. Well fedex decided to say that there was an attempt the delievery when they came by and delievered a lot of other packages and didn't deliever mine. I was also in my apartment so if they really needed me to sign for it there was a call box to my room.

    After talking to the person on the phone, which is bullshiznit (they answer the phone and try to get off as fast as possible without fixing anything), I sit here today and no updates have been posted on my tracking order 3 hours before all the drivers are back at the factory. UPS and DHL are so much more reliable than these retarted drivers and package trackers are any day of the week.

  106. #106
    Eric Menesses said on October 9, 2006 | Reply

    At lease the package got there. I bought a $300 item one month ago and they totally lost it.

  107. #107
    crazyman said on October 30, 2006 | Reply

    fedex is a globally dominant organization folks, just look at the numbers, and not to mention the stock. everyone has a problem from time to time with a company. an example--everyone has a bad episode in a hospital from time to time, there is no-one that can say that they have always had a positive experience everytime. so, quit yer [complaining]. i really enjoy how someone always has something to [complain] about if things don't go as planned--you know their way. sometimes, it might take an extra day for delivery, send it earlier, not at the last minute. i know you can't be that dam* busy if you are on your computer complaining this much. if its that much of a headache, deliver the [stuff] yourself lazy[butt]. get a life people, and i can tell you probably have no life by all of the whining, and complaining you're doing.

  108. #108
    Chris said on October 31, 2006 | Reply

    I gotta jump on the FedEx sucks side. I order plenty off of eBay and other places like Mato. Of all of these, the worst problems I've had from anyone but FedEx has been a late package by a day or two.
    My latest package, unfortunately shipped by FedEx after I begged the seller to use someone else, is sitting on a truck again for two days, was lost between Chicago and Toledo for two days, and will not be delivered to me until Nov. 2nd instead of the original date of Oct. 28th.
    Why? their rep tells me it's because it doesn't have a full address because I'm having it delivered to work. So rather than leave it at the address, they took it back because the name of the company isn't on the box.
    A purchase a few weeks back came by FedEx along with some heavy duty equipment for work. My box, a plastic R/C Tank was crushed under a 200lb stainless steel table. WTH?
    I mean, I'm sure others have their problems, but I have more with FedEx. All I want is my box, and I can't get it because the store name wasn't on the address, just my name.

    To those chanting "Go to UPSsucks", so, why are there so few complaints here compared to there? Maybe because this is a fairly unknown blog compared to a highly known forum. I'm sure if there's a FedExsucks forum somewhere, it has just as many. Though considering the amount of packages UPS sends compared to FedEx, if the FedEx supporters are right saying they ship more than UPS, I don't understand why that 1% from FedEx means less than 1% from UPS.
    1% of FedEx's 1,000,000 is 10,000
    1% of UPS' 500,000 is 5,000
    seems FedEx is indeed screwing more people over.

  109. #109
    Pnerissa said on November 9, 2006 | Reply

    I just stumbled on this site after having a heated discussion with Fedex customer service. The incompetence of this company boggles my mind. Today is Nov 9th and I have been waiting since Nov 3rd for them to deliver an item to me. Today's excuse is "incorrect address", which I confirmed when I called to chew them out. They've got the correct address, they're just too incompetent to find it. It's one very short street in a fairly small town than any 3 yr old with google maps or mapquest can locate in seconds. I give them the address again AND the directions and now they want me to call again in the morning to re-confirm the address and directions... like I'm going to move in the night! How frickin stupid are these people?!?! I guess I'll have to stand out in the street with a spike strip to get my package. ARGH!!! Look up Fedex in the dictionary, I bet the definition reads "Incompetence at it's prime." I WILL NEVER USE FEDEX AGAIN!!!

  110. #110
    Mike said on November 16, 2006 | Reply

    Oh, let me count the ways. FedEx is near the top of my list for corporate incompetence. They used to be a truly great company - but no longer.

    Their biggest problem is their customer "service" which seems to be trained to be rude, arrogant and of no help at all. The FedEx runaround is truly a sight to behold. Multiple calls, (all saying something different), and the indifference just drips from their lips. I would consider it all isolated cases if it didn't happen so frequently. They are just awful. A said fall for a once great company.

    We usually ship one of three ways: FedEx (if a customer requests them), DHL and USPS. FedEx is clearly at the bottom. We tried UPS at one time and had many delivery problems. With DHL you pay a premium but get excellent service. The USPS is an easy choice for everyday deliveries - they're Priority and Express service is outstanding. This is a business where experience and the address database makes a huge difference.

  111. #111
    Eric said on November 17, 2006 | Reply

    They don't guarantee anything. It's pure BS. They don't even try to deliver things. I work in a a 15 story government building that has the mayor's office, the county commission, etc... apparently they "couldn't find" the second floor. Or the 200 square foot information desk on the ground floor. A week later I've had 6 contacts with FedEx and still no package. FedEx sucks. I don't care what your excuse is. You pay for a service, you should get it. Not delivering a package is fraud. I feel like $1100 was stolen from my bank account and I have nothing to show for it.

  112. #112
    tim said on November 18, 2006 | Reply

    I have to weigh in on the Fedex issue, sure there are issues with some deliveries. The clown that says he audits the vans at night is a moron. We do have to deliver the packages on our vans or we do not get paid.

    Pickups are a small part of our business.

    We do not get paid when we drive 30 miles down a dirt road to deliver a package to someone that requires a signature, and get attacked by a stupid dog. We do not get paid when someone orders a package COD and the don't leave a check or someones to pay for the item.

    We go out and deliver to people who haven't a clue what being helpful is. Asking for directions ususally means getting a earful of how UPS knows where we are, I haven't had time to put up a number or waht to live in some remote forest and cant build a road.

    When damaged packages are loaded on our truck they have to be left so we are not held liable for the damage.

    Ground Drivers are contractors, if they don't deliver your package they do not get paid, gas, insurance taxes, wages are all expenses they incur, so get a clue and when you have problems I would suggest possibly contacting the Driver and try to work out your problems, because an unhappy customer means less money in his businesses pocket.

  113. #113
    Rick said on November 22, 2006 | Reply

    As I write this I am waiting on a overnight that I paid $$$ extra for to arrive. Well guess what....to no ones suprise FexEx tracking just shows it as departed LA at 5:56 am today when it was picked up at 3:36 pm yesterday.

    When you need it overnight....DON'T FexEx!

  114. #114
    Josh said on December 1, 2006 | Reply

    I am currently waiting on a $140 baseball bat that I picked up on ebay for $25. Lets take a look at what the tracking says....

    Dec 1, 2006 11:55 AM
    Delivered Crown Point, IN
    Left at front door. Signature Service not requested.

    Well I have been home all day, no one has rang the doorbell or knocked... EVEN BIGGER SUPRISE, is there is no baseball bat in my hand. WHERE IS IT FEDEX!!!! DONT SHIP FEDEX!

  115. #115
    Elijah said on December 8, 2006 | Reply

    Ahg. Fedex sucks. Music to my ears. I recently had to send a defective hard drive back to mwave.com to get a replacement. After I sent them my defective drive, they e-mailed me back saying that everything is cool, they're sending a new one to me. They told me their using Fedex ground. I let loose a minute long string of cuss words. I have used all kinds of Fedex shipment methods, and every one has always been:
    A: Damaged on arrival
    B: Late
    C: Never comes
    D: Some failure on the delivery man/woman's part.

    In this case, it was D. So my package made the journey from walnut, CA to austin, TX.... in 2, yes. TWO weeks. THEN, I come home to see a note- "We missed you!" on the mailbox. So Fedex didn't leave me the package... The reason? It said "Dogs out." This happened on a friday. I call Fedex and ask if I can pick my package up. They say the package is still in the delivery van, so I can't pick it up until monday unless the delivery man makes another round to my house to drop it off. F***. So they call the delivery man and tell him to drop by my house to give me my package. He never came. So now I have to wait 2 more days for a package I have already been waiting for for 2 weeks because the F***ing delivery man is afraid of the one neighborhood dog that roams around (Not much longer, I'm finally going to call animal services on that little jerk like I said I would for weeks. it's personal now >=D) and apparently HE is too immensely traumatized by the quiet little dog to return to my dwelling and correct the mistake HE made. Oh, and according to my tracking info, He "Delivered" it to Austin, TX at 1:06 PM today. I would have been happy if he had just stuffed my hard drive in the mailbox. God forbid he walk 15 feet and brave the DREADED little dog to place my package on the stoop.

  116. #116
    copyjoki said on December 11, 2006 | Reply

    I work for FedEx Kinkos. I agree with a lot of you all. Fed Ex is a terrible company to work for, or generally do any thing with. I have had several issues as a customer, while working there. I am to the point of refusing to order anything that will ship Fed Ex. On the flip side: I also agree with some of the employee posts. Get the adress correct. Do you expect to be able to drive yourself somewhere you don't know the adress to? I sure can't. Weak packaging equates to damaged contents. Using sub-par shipping materials is just asking for trouble. Oh, FedEx Kinko's employees are generally not going to be the people you should talk to about your shipment. Sure, we may be able to track your package, but from my experience, it only tells me exactly what the website package tracker shows the customer. Same packagese that only the inventers can interpret. So, yeah, let the CSRs with 1-800-GOFEDEX do their job, and let me do mine.

  117. #117
    Bill Tang said on December 11, 2006 | Reply

    I work in this restaurant that has a lot of delieveries daily. Strangely, paychecks that are handled by FedEx never had any problem... But packages will never arrive ontime.
    A coworker ordered a boxes of flowers from 1800flowers... to be delievered before /on Valentines's Day. Instead, after 6 phone calls, he picked it up 30 miles away 4 days later. While the girl of his dream got another bunch of flower from someone else on that date. Oh, he was so [upset]!!
    Now I have 5 computers that should have been here 2 weeks ago, but instead got a card saying they need additional delivery info : suite#... which is clearly written on the postcard which Fedex send me through USPS. This happened three times with Fedex... postcard got here, but package not delivered because 'missing address info'. If there's enough info for USPS to deliever the card, why isn't it enough for FedEx to send me the package?? Somebody there must be brain dead!

    I have already made 7 calls to the 800 number on the card, the customer rep kep saying they'll send it soon. The computer record said the 1st delievery was made on 11/29 with missing address info, the driver couldn't find it.... then after I called to confirm address and name, another 'attempt' was made at 2:30 12/4 and 'found nobody at the location', which is during our business hour where 25 people works there. I pulled the map to our location from Google and Yahoo with no problem and yet each time, FedEx gets lost with the exact same address. What's problem here??

  118. #118
    S.Meade said on December 16, 2006 | Reply



  119. #119
    D- Fed Ex hater said on December 16, 2006 | Reply

    So hate Fed Ex. I stayed home the entire day awaiting my package due to seeing it on a vehicle and out for delivery. I finally see a Fed Ex vehicle out my window that proceeds to make a u turn and leave. I had provided them the benefit of the doubt believing my package may be on another vehicle. getting close to 5PM I called them asking if it doesnt show where can I pick it up, Im told I cant and that the next delviery dte, IF they miss this one would be the next business day in my case Monday. Looking at the site now it shows that there was no attempt made to deliver. I just dont get it... Ive had UPS ring my bell at 8PM and apologize just to get it there when it should be

  120. #120
    JC said on December 24, 2006 | Reply



  121. #121
    UPS Sucks said on December 29, 2006 | Reply

    FedEx vs UPS... Ordered merchandise via 2 day UPS Air ($28 extra) on Wed AM, tracking number said on time, called hub at 5pm, and told that my package is in a "sealed truck that arrived earlier today" and would sort the truck next TUESDAY. On other hand, spoke to driver with FedEx (live in small town) and was told that they are 100% caught-up with customer packages, had worked 7 days straight/12 hr days (UPS doesn't deliver on weekends) and explained that if I had same problem with FedEx, they would have unlocked the truck and found the package allowed me to pick up, esp being it was a 2day AIR package - different companies, different standards. I would never use UPS again and only FedEx.

  122. #122
    David P said on December 31, 2006 | Reply

    One blog post - leads to this... WOW. I must agree Fed Ex tracking, delivery and package management is well below what I've come to expect from the rest of the industry.
    Clearly you have touched a nerve here - there is enough here to make an entire site.
    As of Tuesday morning, my office will no longer be using Fed Ex. And I will follow the advice of others and let on-line retalers know, that I will not order from them when forced to use Fed Ex.

  123. #123
    Lia said on January 4, 2007 | Reply

    We use Fed ex -UPS and USPS(post office) for work deliveries. I never thought I would say that USPS (postal) has become better than Fed ex or UPS .

    Just get tracking , etc for postal and in my experience less of a headache than Fed ex and faster . Sometimes its cheaper sometimes it isnt but again more reliable less of a headache .

    Fed ex-UPS used to be better but in last 5 yrs I have seen them both go downhill while postal has truly improved to the point we prefer them only .


  124. #124
    Kelsey said on January 8, 2007 | Reply

    I moved recently across states and had to ship several boxes with my stuff. The last shipment included 5 boxes which I paid extra insurance to cover all their contents, coming to $600. Lo and behold, there's a box missing when the rest of them show up. They are saying that it was delivered, even though the one package's status is different from the other 4 boxes. They are refusing my claim and said I can't do anything about it because they SAY they delivered it. I lived in a gated neighborhood and people don't just come by and steal giant boxes. The customer service has been completely useless, spinning me in circles. I connect to claims, but apparently it's not really the claims department and someone from claims will have to call me back another time. This is ridiculous and I once used solely FedEx, but the reliablity and insurance of even the USPS has far surpassed FedEx.

  125. #125
    Doug said on January 8, 2007 | Reply

    My local Fed Ex delivery man calls the house every time a package is sent to us. He wants directions to our rural location, even though we have given them a million times. He states that he cannot get down our road, regardless of the weather. He asks us to please meet him somewhere. And he habitually lies, e.g. "I can't read the address", or "the address must be wrong". We live on a very well-maintained gravel road, 1/4 mile from pavement. I am ready to join the revolt.

  126. #126
    brent said on January 18, 2007 | Reply

    YOu people are idiots, ship with fedex all the time, never have had a problem. Have had issues with ups, dhl.

  127. #127
    FedEx MEM said on January 19, 2007 | Reply

    YOU DUMB *** all the packages come to memphis first if it says FO or first overnight it gets special care. if u send it standard OVNGT it could go out say on saturday. Leave my company alone we work our ***** off for you ppl. you have to read the fine print on those airway bills we are more accurate than UPS and DHL. so **** YOU

  128. #128
    FEDEX HUB said on January 19, 2007 | Reply

    Read the fine print on the airway bills standard overnight is not garuanteed overnight so ***** you. we work our ***** off everynight for you

  129. #129
    Buster said on January 25, 2007 | Reply

    Fed Ex is *****ing me on the delivery of my new computer today.

    I checked the online tracking earlier and it said a delivery attempt had been made 15 minutes before and the recipient (me) was not at home. Which, or course, was nonsense since I was sitting in the exact same spot I had been 15 minutes earlier, at home and 4 feet from the door bell, which never went rang.

    I called them, explained the situation and was nice, yet firm, that driver return ASAP since he was mistaken or lying (or stupid, which I didn't throw in). I was told that was impossible since there was no way to contact the driver while he was on the road. I pointed out that this too was a lie since I had been a Fed Ex driver in another lifetime and that was the S.O.P. line that was always given out. I knew differently since I was contacted ALL the time by dispatch with customers requests for reattempted delivery back in the day.

    I got a stony silence after I mention this. I said "well?" And I got the same line repeated about how it was impossible to contact a driver while he was on the road. Then I said "So if a driver’s wife and children were killed in a fiery car crash, you people would wait until he finished his shift to inform him?"

    Another stony silence... and then "Would you like to speak to a supervisor, sir?"

    Me- "That would be lovely, thanks"

    But alas, no satisfaction there either. I was told the same thing, that the driver couldn't contacted while on the road (I was about to ask her what level of management did I have to go to before the bull**** ceased but decided it wasn't worth it). She did say my complaint would be noted and passed on to the driver and his manager and the package would go out for delivery again tomorrow. "Great", I said. "But what do I do about the lost day of work waiting for this delivery".

    "All we can say is that we are sorry, sir", she replied.

    ******* ***holes.

  130. #130
    Lenny said on January 30, 2007 | Reply

    I ship multple packages a week due to my eBay business and between FedEx losing stuff, or UPS destroying it I just always go for the cheapest price. I found www.shippingsidekick.com to help compare prices. It makes it a lot easier to save money on shipping. The other day I got a complaint that the package arrived broken and the reciever wanted a new one. Luckily I used the cheapest shipping possible so it wasn't too big of a deal.

  131. #131
    Jonathan Jagid said on February 1, 2007 | Reply

    Fedex is a piece of **** service. They routinely screw up the only thing they do which is delivery of packages in a timely fashion. The interesting thing is it is never there fault. Usually, beyond my ability to understand, it is my fault. Even if I am the receiver of the item. They routinely tell you they can not contact there drivers while they are out delivering items. What ****ing world are they living in. It is 2007. Everybody on the ****ing planet has a cell phone. I am sure if the truck breaks down the ****ing driver is able to contact someone at fedex. In summary, I would have a better chance of receiving a package in a timely fashion if I purposely labelled it with my next door neighbors address.

  132. #132
    Jacob M said on February 3, 2007 | Reply

    I bought a Wii on Ebay that was scheduled for delivery on Thursday, Feb 1. Feb 1 comes and no package. I check online tracking at FedEx.com, and it says "delivery exception", meaning no one was home to sign for the package. Being that I was home all day, I knew that couldn't be right. On my way out to the mailbox, I noticed a FedEx door tag on my neighbors door. After collecting my door tag from my neighbors house, I call FedEx to clear up the situation. They assure me that it will be delivered to the correct address the next day. Well Thursday rolls around, and of course no package. I walk over to my neighbors house and again find another door tag indicating a missed delivery. I call FedEx again and demand they either redeliver the pacakge that day to the correct address, or allow me to pick it up at the service center. They tell me that 3 delivery attempts must be made before a package can be picked up, but they woud make an exception and allow me to pick it up the next morning at the delivery center. The next day I call FedEx 10 min. before I leave to verify that the package is awaiting pickup, and am told that my package is ready for pick up. I drive 15 minutes to the FedEx facility, only to find out that my package is not awaiting pick up, but rather is back on the truck for delivery. However, I am assured that it will be delviered to the correct address this time. Pardon me if I don't hold my breath. I'm never gonna get my f****** package.

  133. #133
    dzman said on February 4, 2007 | Reply

    I cant sya much about fedex as i hardly ever get anything delivered by them. From experience UPS is the best in my experience. In 5 years only one screwup (wrote on slip will deliver next day and never came...forgot the reason] with UPS. I love the way they come 3 times to make the delivery so I never ever miss the package as I can eithewr take off from work, ask my wife to stay home etc. The worst mailing service: easily USPS [I just dont get it how they are still in business]. they are horrible and are all confused. Last week I had to go to 4 USPS post offices to send a registered letter to europe and had arguments with them as usual as they love to make unecessary problems for you just to irritate you. One wanted the letter taped all around the corners with brown tape. In one postoffice one said you must buy our envelope and then I will send it, the other one was more concerned what was i sending and just kept on touching it and trying to look inside over the light {i always use thick stock paper for ******** like that] while another one simply took the letter and stamped it a few times in the back over the closure. They are all kuku and there isnt aany conssistency in each postoffice they all create their own laws. I always use UPS when sending in USA and would use them for stuff i send to europe but for some reasin they are very expensive for international letters etc. They wanted to charge me 90$ to send a letter to Croatia. Hahaha. DHL: its fifty'fifty with them. just last week they lied to me twice that they came to deliver package to my door {never cam as i was home all week] and i eneded up driving to their facility in brooklyn, NY 1st ave 51st st into some dump of a place. they had like one employee who was doing everything and as she was looking for my package she was lying to other customers on the phone how it was delivered and no one was home etc. I tell you. If youre sending something important get it insured.

  134. #134
    GERRY said on February 11, 2007 | Reply

    i know a ton of fdx drivers who are begging the teamsters union to repersent them what is the hold up the nlrb has given the drivers and the union the green light to organize . what the [heck] is the hold up?

  135. #135
    MadMusician said on February 16, 2007 | Reply

    I normally don't do business with companies that only offer Fedex, I've been burned before! I figure everyone has the right to screw up once in awhile, everybody has a bad day, but out of the (just counted up the totals for the year) 97 packages I have had shipped to me in the last 12 months, 19 were USPS, 6 were Fedex, the rest were UPS. 5 packages have had issues, guess where?

    Monday night (2/12/07) I order a software package direct from the manufacturer. Tuesday (2/13/07) they delivered it to Fedex's useless people in Londonderry, NH marked 2 day. Today (2/16/07) the tracking system still says, "Left orgin Londonderry, NH - 7:37pm - 2/13/07". I called the customer no-service line and hit 0 repeatedly (you have to or the menu will ignore you, and the menu will NEVER tell you to press 0, you just have to know! I was told that by one of their ramp manager's the last time my stuff mysteriously disappeared).

    The customer service person said that due to the storms they had problems, but when she noticed that the box left, and then just disappeared, she said, "Boy that's F'ed up!" and said she would start the trace right away. Four hours later, I got a call by a manager in Tennessee, and all he wanted to know was the same information about what was in the box and what it was worth that I had already given them.

    That was six hours ago. I called the Software guys, they said that I would have to wait until next wednesday to call them back if Fedex hadn't delivered it by then. I asked if there was another shipping service they could use and they said no. I'm thinking about asking for a refund and not doing business with them either. I'll live without their tools.

    As an aside, I used to work for a large electronic component distributor. Fedex's 4th largest customer internationally based out of New York. We even had an integration center in Memphis at their headquarters. We were one of the only shipping parnters allowed to pack directly into flight containers at our facility for delivery to Fedex. We dropped them and switched to UPS. The CEO estimated that out of our $10billion in sales we were losing between $4 and $5million in parts every month in the Fedex system.

    Take it for waht it is worth. I've had slight mistakes with other package handler's but I've never completely lost things like this with the others!

  136. #136
    Dan said on February 18, 2007 | Reply

    FedEx is going down hill with there horrible ground service and hardly-profitable Kinko’s. They should have stuck with what they do best such as being the best express carrier. They bought Kinko’s for over 2 B and only have made 24 mil the past couple years. What a deal???? By them using contractors for their ground service, they loose the flexibility to adapt to the ever changing shipping markets because they are not completely in control. I noticed that their revenues are high, but yet profit margins are really low. I don't know what is really going on with them right now, but seems to me that they make major quick-fix choices for the business without thoroughly thinking about the pros and cons. Quick fixes sometimes work, but can bite you in the *** in the long-run.

  137. #137
    FedEx Manager said on February 21, 2007 | Reply

    Wow. The anti-fedex atmosphere over here is strong due to exessive ignorance, limited education, and the selfish of the few, the proud, the so-called "Americans."

  138. #138
    Dan said on February 25, 2007 | Reply

    Wow. The Fedex Managers have time to check out these blogs.

  139. #139
    Craven said on March 8, 2007 | Reply

    Speaking of ignorant... One of my FedEx shipped packages went on a never ending round trip from Orlando to San Francisco for one month. Finally it arrives back a shipping location looking like a Tazmanian Devil whooped it. Everything inside was destroyed. Ended up shipping the claim, box, and damaged goods to the president of Fed Ex in Memphis via UPS so he could see Fed Ex's handy work. Hopefully the ignorant FedEx manager that seems to think Americans can't exercise their freedom of speech is fired. Better yet, send this so-called manager on a mission to deliver "packages" to Osama and watch him wet his pants when the lead starts flying. Pitiful !

  140. #140
    Randy said on March 26, 2007 | Reply

    Fedex SUCKS! For the fifth time this month, they claim to have attempted delivery to my home but NEVER I SAY NEVER showed up... but claim I was not available. I run my own business and my home office is RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY DOOR - its time to give my business to someone else... oh, called customer service, and of course they told me they dont do same day redelivery - ARAHUGUGH! Its not a redelivery - THEY WERE NEVER AT MY HOME TO START WITH!!!! Just needed to vent... hope this dissuades someone in the Sacramento area from using FEDEX...

  141. #141
    Brian said on March 28, 2007 | Reply

    Fedex does suck and i should know.I ve been an employee for 23 years!Its all about the the dollar.Fedex doesn t care about customers,employees or anything that doesn t turn them a buck.Take it from someone on the inside,you can find better.

  142. #142
    Fed up w/ fedex said on April 10, 2007 | Reply

    Okay, I work for a small company in upstate new york that was approached by Fedex to begin using them for our packaging deliveries. Mind you we do upwards of $15000 a year in small packaging deliveries. The rep came in talked a good game and the prices were really good. We didn't have the software installed, so using the web and printing shipping labels was alittle bit of a hassle but hey I get paid by the hour right.

    Well twice in less then 3 weeks have I had serious issues with fedex and their contracted drivers!!! The first time we had scheduled a pick up and the guy never showed and never showed. So I call the 800 number to find out if he's coming. Now it was 4pm closing time and the chick was arguing with me about it being only 3 pm. Okay I can see making a mistake, but don't ARGUE with me about it. I'm here. I know what time it is.

    So she tells me that he would be here the next day. So I leave late and as I am pulling out of the parking lot he pulls in. I have to go through the building turning on lights and stuff to get him his packages. He explains that a package leaked and it got all over his truck. Then THROWS our packages into the liquid. When I ask him to take them out of it, he gets mad. WHAT?!?!

    So we call our rep who tries to soothe things over. Gives us the number to the local terminal we are not suppose to have and says tempers got hot on each side that day. I was like huh. Because she didn't know what time it was?

    So today a package was suppose to be refused and wasn't. Our fault. I call our rep and he tells me how to get a call tag. I call the 800 number again and try to explain the situation to the operator. She cuts me off 3 times telling me that only the company sending the package can issue a call tag. Finally i'm like lIsten - our rep said this... and she was like well you don't have to get snippy. WHAT?!?! Me?? and she issued a call tag. WHAT?? I thought you couldn't do that???

    FEDEX - teach your phone reps that CUSTOMERS pay them. just as customers pay 'your' drivers and you!!! I am gonna do everything I can to make sure my company does NOT use fedex anymore. Your people are rude inconsiderate, and fedex sucks!!!

  143. #143
    Don't Fall for the Purple Lie said on April 13, 2007 | Reply

    The PURPLE PROMISE!! thats the Fed EX company motto. What a bunch of corporate garbage. You hear that stupid saying almost as soon as you start working for the company. In 3 years at FedEx Ground I've never been given anything but BROKEN PROMISES or as I like to call them PURPLE LIES!! from the management. I seriously can't believe ever thought about becoming a service manager at one point in time. I would have been selling my soul to the devil. (Unless your an idiot oblivious to all the corporate bs.)
    Fed Ex doesn't deserve me. Fortunately I done seen the light and my days with this company are numbered. I can only look forward to the day I leave this company behind.

  144. #144
    Don said on April 20, 2007 | Reply

    Fedex blows, they are always screwing up my deliverys, (those a******* might as well discontinue their tracking system) they always delay their packages! JERKS

    [Not the same Don as the author of this site.]

  145. #145
    Anna said on May 4, 2007 | Reply

    I took great pains today to make myself available to receive a package for which I had to sign and had paid extra for 2 Day shipping. When I ran a tracking mid-afternoon to see what was up, there was a notation made at 11:54 AM that said "customer not available." At 11:54 AM I was sitting quietly at my computer keeping my ears open for the buzz of my intercom. At all other times that morning, I had been doing either just that or reading quietly while keeping my ears open for the sound of my intercom. I live in a studio apartment where no place in the apartment is more than 10 feet from the intercom. It was NOT buzzed, plain and simple. When I called to ask "what up?" they jerked me around for 90 minutes trying to ascertain whether the driver could bring it by later. I was eventually told that no way, no how was it going to be delivered today. So I took a shower and ran some rather important errands. You know what I found when I got home? You know what I found. Another delivery attempt notice on the building door.

    I live 20 miles from their local office. I am not driving 40 miles to pick up a package they are being paid to bring me. The sender of the package is refunding the shipping fee, but I had to spend 20 minutes on hold to get them to do so.

    What on earth is so hard about picking out the button that's clearly labelled with the apartment number? And why tell someone "no, we won't deliver the package today" and then show up with the package not 90 minutes later? What kind of moron business does this?

  146. #146
    Park said on May 12, 2007 | Reply

    First time I used Fedex for my Dell laptop, they lost my new laptop and blamed Dell for something they were not responsible. While I was negotiating with Fedex and Dell for new laptop to come, a Fedex guy drop my lost laptop after two weeks without any explanation. From then, I promised myself I won't use Fedex again. Unfortunately I bid off a laptop from ebay and the seller decided use Fedex instead UPS unlike he advertised on Ebay. The estimated date for the delivery was May 10th and the package was arrived on 10th in a facility, just an hour away from my house and tracking information says that my package is on the Fedex vehicle for delivery. I was waiting home all day just to get the package and had a hope until 8:48 p.m that tracking information say that there was delivery exception and my package was scheduled to deliver next business day. Ok, I was bit frustrated, but decided to give Fedex a second chance. I had to be home all day long waiting the package to be arrive because it was Friday and it has to be delivered today. Again, there wasn't any updated info, keep saying that it is out for delivery. Again never made to my door and I contact its customer service via email and phone as well and they keep saying that they don't know what is going on. It seems like I will get my package on Monday (14th) if I am lucky (which was almost 5 days after the estimated date and who knows I am getting the package by Monday). I am so frustrated and upset because they keep saying to keep track my package over the web and nothing has been changed. If they were honest with me saying that the package will be delivered on Monday or so, I wouldn't wast my whole three days waiting the stupid package. Again, I will never trust Fedex. UPS or USPS never disappointed me like this. Fedex sucks and we have to boycott them all together.

  147. #147
    Kevin said on May 14, 2007 | Reply

    Recently I did some work in Africa and my visa was shipped next day service from New York. I called the previous day to the terminal and gave directions and a description of the house (six foot chain link fence-guy sitting on the porch waiting for the visa). The package never arrived (tracking error said "No one home". The next day instead of getting on my scheduled flight I had to drive 120 miles out of my way to pick the visa up at the FedEx terminal.
    The LAST time FedEx delivered I was gone and had ordered two hard drives-when i returned home I found they'd been placed behind the tire of my truck.
    It's time someone initiated a class action suit against the company and employees that pull shit like that be arrested under federal laws and jailed-bet that straightens their ass up.
    Recently I've begun telling EVERY company I deal with I will NOT accept packages delivered by FedEx and to find a different way to ship.

  148. #148
    Joe said on May 16, 2007 | Reply

    I am in the middle of a horrible experience with FedEx Ground. I got a tag on my door saying they had tried to drop off a package requiring a signature. So, I drive the one hour round trip to the FedEx place. Apparently FedEx Ground is not FedEx, and the person at the counter wasn't really sure where the FXG location was. But she points to a micro print number on the tag to call. So I call. After several levels of phone prompts, none of which apply to me, I finally get a representative, and ask them to hold the package for me. They give me the address of the FXG location. I thank them and hang up. I go on the FedEx site to get the hours of the location. I can't find the location on the site. Sooo . . . I call another rep. She tells me that they don't even know the hours (FXG won't tell them). So I ask for the phone number. She can't give it to me. (Why is the phone number treated like a national security secret?) But, she offers to call. She calls, and they don't answer the phone. She tells me to call back first thing in the morning, and they will call the FXG location again. I JUST WANT MY PACKAGE!

    I will never ever voluntarily use FedEx again! Oh yeah, and earlier that week, my brother was telling me how he lost a crack at a $500 thousand commision, because FedEx didn't get an RFP response to a state government before the deadline, after guaranteeing it would be there overnight. I used to respect FedEx as a company. I guess I was snowed.

  149. #149
    Pro UPS said on May 20, 2007 | Reply

    1)In 2003 FedEx brought in nearly $4 billion in revenue...doubling its volume capacity to 5.8 million parcels per day.

    UPS ground service generated $16.5 billion in revenue in 2003, (more than four times as much as FedEx Ground).

    2)FedEx drivers use trucks bearing FedEx colors and logos, wear FedEx-style uniforms and serve customers of FedEx Ground. However, they MUST PAY for and maintain their own trucks, uniforms, supplies, gas, maintenance, and other costs. They GET NO company benefits.Contract drivers go through an initial TWO-WEEK training program and then are on their OWN! The company DOES NOT supervise their daily routines, but does conduct customer satisfaction surveys. The business is STRICTLY results oriented...if the customers are happy that is all that counts.

    UPS drivers are employees. One hundred percent of their health insurance premiums are PAID, trucks, gas and supplies are all provided by the company. It can take from 4 to 12 YEARS to move up to a driver job after starting at a lower-pay job such as a part-time package handler, and the average job tenure for a UPS driver is more than 16 years. They are rarely hired from outside the company. At UPS drivers are subject to CLOSE scrutiny and management

    UPS is a very strong company that stands firmly behind its own business model and has no intention of adopting any of the FedEx contractor strategies. They believe their way of doing business will win out in the long run because of a more valuable package offered to their employees which results in more loyalty and motivation, and ultimately better service to the customer.

    If you are looking to ship with a great, reliable company DON'T ship FedEx!!!!

  150. #150
    driver said on May 20, 2007 | Reply

    In response, and with all do respect to the person who posted the letter regarding two attempts to your apt. Those two attempts equal anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes the driver didnt get paid for. We get paid for MAKING the attempt. And if a driver makes a second attempt to your residence keep in mind he problably just finished a 12 hour day and is doing you a favor by taking his or her own time (not getting paid) to make the delivery. Talk about management all you want, but I can speak for the majority of drivers up here when I say (we try!)

  151. #151
    Fedex Aint No Thing said on June 10, 2007 | Reply

    I was recently hired by FedEx Express. On my first day, as I was walking over the catwalk, I heard someone shout out quite clearly so every on the line could hear: "Dead man walking". Five minutes later a great big black guy bellowed across the conveyor belt "Are those tennis you're wearing, boi? You betta start runnin'!!!" I saw the managers snickering and knew I wouldn't have a problem working here. After all, I'm a really white guy that survived the L.A. riots.

  152. #152
    zxcvzvz said on June 11, 2007 | Reply

    fedex is so ******. if my package comes back damaged i will be sueing them ! i have 2000 dollar package or more waiting to be shipped to my house 1 week late *******. they dont know even know where it is. they are nothing but liers !

  153. #153
    Nothing wrong with FedEx said on June 20, 2007 | Reply

    I must say, I have never had any major problems with FedEx. Just minor annoyances--a door tag blew away, so I had no idea anyone had tried to deliver. Yearly, every FIRST robotics team ships their robot via FedEx, and I have never seen any problems with this company. Our robot, a fairly delicate machine, has never been damaged in shipping, and it has been through 3-4 events a year for something like 9 years.

  154. #154
    james taylor said on June 28, 2007 | Reply

    I work for fedex and know that recipients lie all the time about the fact that they were home all day and there was no way fedex came by.People complain that it took us 5 days to deliver when it turns out they were on holiday.It,s easy to dump on the lowly couriers which we workers at fedex get from customers and our managment team.If you want to vent look further into what an awesome array of management and number crunchers people fedex employees.To me its embarresing.The problem at fedex is they work the couriers like no tomorrow while the salierid ee,s bask in the sun.

  155. #155
    james taylor said on June 28, 2007 | Reply

    Dan you are right .All of us at fedex express do not like the ground service nor the kinkos deal.The kinkos people are not full time or even long time employees.the turn over rate is abismally high as the hourly rate is pathetic.The only people plugging the whole thing are the management.I guess they have to suck.

  156. #156
    Steve said on July 3, 2007 | Reply

    YES, they suck. I worked at that company for nearly 10 years. They forced us to work on wet floors while loading those trucks. This happened often. I ruptured 3 discs in my spine. One cervical and 2 lumbar because of unsafe working conditions. If you think thats bad, you should see their Workers Comp doctors. 100% paid doctors to have a 100% biased opinion about your injury (even if you have documented proof ).... I have documents that I kept that would blow you mind. I HOPE FRED SMITH ( and his "doctors") DIES SLOWLLLLLLY and PAINFULLY SOMEDAY SOOOOOON!!!! I give him BAD JUJU ;(@ YEAH...ITS LIKE THAT!!

  157. #157
    ExFedexEmployeeThankGod said on July 4, 2007 | Reply

    So I have been out of that hell hole for about a month now. I feel like I’m in heaven. I spoke to a few friends who still work there and they told me about no Purple Promise pay out. What a suprise. Yes, employees get fired left and right for the silliest things. You have to make sure you cross your T’s and dot your I’s. They fire employess like there’s no tomorrow and then say hey, Fedex never laid anyone off. lol They treat their employees like animals. Like scum of the earth. I should have gotten out their a long time ago.

  158. #158
    Will said on July 9, 2007 | Reply

    I wasn't home for a package that needed to be signed for from FedEx. Called and asked if they could reroute it - found out that only the shipper could do that and that there would be a surcharge. Hmm...UPS will allow the receiver to do this though and at no additional charge. I wasn't expecting that my package would need to be signed for and had really needed it that day. So I asked if I would be able to pick it up at the local hub. The customer service rep was slow to answer and then told me that I would need to call back in a few days and check and see. UPS sometimes will allow you to pick it up that night, though they can't always tell you when the package might be back at the hub.

    The day only got worse. I had ordered something online as a gift and had it sent. Well, the company I bought the gift from uses FedEx. I went online to track the item and it said that a delivery exception had occurred because the address was wrong. I double checked my original order and the address was right, so I called FedEx. I gavce the customer service rep some additional information - as far as the color of the house etc. but also explained that the address was in large numbers on both sides of the mailbox which is unobstructed along the roadway. The package arrived two days later, delivered by a very lethargic looking driver (to quote the recipient). Maybe he just didn't feel like stopping the day before.

    Ugh...I never have such problems with UPS.

  159. I ordered some electronic equiptment from California, And it was shipped on a Friday, And on the next Friday, I emailed the shipper to get a tracking number, he emailed the tracking numbers back right away and I tracked them at fedex ground, and discovered that they were on a truck and had been on a truck since Wednedday. This is not a single incidence, I have in the last eight months, recieved ten or more shipments by fedex ground and none of them were ever on time, not even the right day, I called the head office on one occasion and raised so much [heck]. I had a delivery at 9pm on saturday. This is my last dealing with fedex. If I can't get it UPS I will go somewhere else.

  160. #160
    Chase said on July 23, 2007 | Reply

    I had my band new computer shipped a week ago today and it's still not here. FedEx did a great job of delivering my monitor the day after I ordered it, but now the thing to make my HD screen do anything is very, very late. Tracking has it sitting in a van five minuets from my house.

  161. #161
    MAD IN PA said on July 31, 2007 | Reply


    I paid twenty dollars to have a fishing rod shipped to Wyoming...Ten dollars of that was to have their ****** drivers pick up my package at my house. I scheduled for a Monday, any time from 9 am to 5 pm. On WEDNESDAY i called fedex asking why the he// they havn't been here to get my package and the lady on the phone replies:

    "Sir I am sorry that our driver has not yet been to your house but the reason why is because he does not like to drive up your driveway."

    WHAT THE F???

    I'm sure there are 100 people who wouldn't mind to drive up my driveway and who would be MORE THAN WILLING to take his job!!!

    So anyways, I get this FEDEX overnighted as the driver comes THURSDAY at 7 PM, not only four days late BUT TWO HOURS AFTER MY ALLOTED TIME! I let the lady on the phone hear it! I gave your crappy driver from NINE AM to FIVE PM and you come at SEVEN PM?!?!?!

    Currently my package is still in ohio, and in a period of SEVEN DAYS my package made it 100 miles, I COULD HAVE JOGGED TO WHERE MY PACKAGE IS AT BY NOW


  162. #162
    FDXGRNDEmployee said on August 1, 2007 | Reply

    Unfortunately it's impossible to make sure each delivery is on time and each customer is pleased. Considering the variables- The necessity of using cartidge agents to transport freight ( this applies mostly to Ground) , Having Independent Contractors rather than employees as drivers ( which means we can't tell them they need to be somewhere at a certain time or reattempt delivery if they have exceeded 3 attempts )-- etc. etc. No excuses for customer service though- Most of them dont give a [darn] about anything more than transferring the call as quickly as possible. However, one thing that may help,- i'm putting my faith in other Terminal/Hub employees - Poorly thought out im sure, When you are forced to resort to 1800GoFedex and the lovely minimum wage CS agents that barely grasp the english language and much less your issues- Ask to speak directly to the terminal. This cuts out Bull****. I will and have gone much farther than my position requires to find *missing* packages and can get them delivered in the same day. Some of us do care- If its within my power I'll do what it takes. But sometimes its just not possible. If anyone has specific questions about procedure or loopholes post them i'll try to help.


  163. #163
    ExEmployee said on August 2, 2007 | Reply

    Thanks some sound advice. I hope the unsatisfied customers will take you up on that. They should take advantage of a Fedex employee who truly cares. Considering Fedex is a SOULLESS CORPORATION, any Fedex employee such as yourself get a big high five for still caring even though the company is a hell hole. Notice I said you get a high five, not a MEANINGLESS Bravo Zulu. Boy oh boy, I am in heaven ever since I left Fedex (Express). God help all others still employed by the Purple Monster.

  164. #164
    Ron said on August 17, 2007 | Reply

    Fedex is absolutely terrible.

    2 weeks now and nothing but bull**** from their customer service people.

    The package: 1 20 lb box from LA to Camarillo. About 38 miles.

    The box has traveled almost 4000 miles to date.

    The package requires a signature but I'm not home so I ask them to take it off the truck so I can sign for it at THEIR location but everyday, they try to deliver it again.

  165. This is just the second time that I've ordered something that was supposed to come via FedEx. The first time, I changed the address I wanted it delivered too shortly after placing the order and while the computer said that they had this information and it would be delivered by the end of the week to that location, the driver instead tried delivering it to the old address and then took two more days to figure out what the correct address was...the address I had given them a week before and which they had in their computers.

    This second time, I was impressed that they deliver on Saturday since UPS doesn't and was happily awaiting my package at home. About 2pm and still no package so I decide to track it online. It says it was delivered to my front door not 15 minutes before (signature service not requested)! Now, there are several people here and none of us saw FedEx even drive by. I check the front door, no package. I consider asking the neighbors if they got it but going out and taking a walk up and down the street I see no package at anyone else's front door. So, I call FedEx and tell the lady who says yeah the driver said he delivered it to your address. So My 200 dollar package is AWOL but like before they say they will tell my local FedEx facility (who I was told customers I not allowed to call themselves) and they will talk to the driver and eventually, days later I should get my package. FedEx sucks.

  166. #166
    ExEmployee said on August 19, 2007 | Reply

    Sorry to hear about that. Another reason I left that hell hole is that Fedex is a big Purple LIAR. They talk about "making every customer experience outstanding." Well, as an ex-courier, how can I do that if Fedex is screwing up on all ends. All the late freight that comes in, the incompetent workers, etc. Yeah, they make you go through customer service and not the station directly. You know why? Cause they get a MILLION complaints due to the companies poor service, so a station could not handle all the calls. That's why you go through customer service. You just get jerked around by someone on the other end who honestly doesn't care at all and makes a very low wage. That's just the way it is unfortunately.

  167. #167
    Colie said on August 21, 2007 | Reply

    WOW..... I work for fedex and love it. I take care of ALL my customers and Im very proud of it. Looks like I'm the only one. Bad experiences happen to everyone each in their own time. Its not life or death people. I agree the customer service people are for the most part rude and really need to retrain them on the words "customer Service" But I work very hard everyday. I take pride in it. Once the package leaves my hands though, I am no longer in control. I have to assume the next person will do their job and so on and so on. I'm sorry for all these bad experiences. It's frustrating for us too...the one's who really try to do the best job they can.

  168. #168
    Chris Flenn said on August 21, 2007 | Reply

    I have worked for FedEx for 9 years. I have went above the call of duty, worked my days off and etc. I along with others, kill ourselves for the company and customers. What do we get in return? Our hours cut, no overtime unless (it is on a route you don't know). Micro Managed, No purple payout. slow and low raises. No Christmas parties. The retirement package messed with. I guess this was the place to be in the late 1970's to the late 1980's. That ship has sailed.

  169. #169
    ExEmployee said on August 21, 2007 | Reply

    I hear ya Chris. To say it best one one sentence:


    When, as you put it, you go above and beyond practically everyday with more or less no reward, where's the purpose in it all? You got it nailed down though Chris. Micro-managed, No Purple Promise pay out (that's why I call it the Purple LIE), slow raises (that's an understatement...you'll never reach top pay). It's absolutely disgusting.

    Well, it's never to late to look elsewhere Chris. Things will only get worse as each year passes.

    I'm so glad I left. Words can't explain my happiness after leaving.

  170. #170
    noname said on August 27, 2007 | Reply

    lets be realistic many large companies have done away with all incentives.....xmas parties, hefty raises, med coverage, pensions etc....
    this is not the day of old....

    Ive had poor service from all the above mentioned shipping services....it happens

    Nice post COLIE.

  171. #171
    ExEmployeeThankGod said on August 28, 2007 | Reply

    Right, many have done away with these things. So, let's just accept it right? lol

    Come on now sheeple, you can't just say "oh well." You'll get stepped on even worse.

  172. #172
    Scott said on September 11, 2007 | Reply

    As a former FedEx contractor I can tell you first hand that there are many terrific drivers/contractors. However actual FedEx employees (managers etc.) are put in the unfortunate position of being a buffer between drivers and "profit no matter the cost" corporate suits. The corporate chain of command is filled with people who would sell there mother to the Taliban for the right price. FedEx has it's laughable contractor system. FedEx recruits gullable drivers (yes I was one) into contracting it's routes. The contractor is responsible for the vehicle insurance ,fuel ,maint., uniforms , even turn by turn software and scanners. For their trouble the drivers make approx. 20 % less than their UPS brethren BEFORE expenses. In simple terms an established UPS driver can make a salary in the low 70's. As a former contractor I was fortunate to clear $35,000. People in the shipping world know of FedEx's slimey approach to business. It's time the clients should know as well.

  173. #173
    Fedex National said on September 18, 2007 | Reply

    Fedex is a great company. It would not have ranked 7th most happiest place to work. As well as having high numbers and awards. It is consistently winning awards due to customer satisfaction.

    Fedex National is number one in delivering their larger freight by truckload and home delivery. We give you the purple promise and mean it....

    When you need something shipped...Please give us a call.

    Fedex National / SBR Terminal

  174. #174
    WhatAreYouTalkinAbout said on September 18, 2007 | Reply

    Fedex National, 7th happiest?? Are you KIDDING me?? Post up that report. Everyone is MISERABLE working for Fedex. Get real.
    We're talking FEDEX as in Fedex Couriers, not Fedex National btw.

  175. #176
    Dan said on September 27, 2007 | Reply

    Within the next 5-10 years, UPS will surpass Fedex in air deliveries and UPS will continue to dominate the ground deliveries. Here are the current numbers I obtained from each companie's 2006 annual report. Also in the news today. A Fedex freight truck crashed on the freeway today in Texas which damaged thousands of packages.

    Fedex Air deliveries per day: 3.3 million

    Fedex Ground deliveries per day: 2.8 million

    Fedex total deliveries per day: 6.1 million
    UPS Air deliveries per day: 2.3 million

    UPS Ground deliveries per day: 13.3 million

    UPS total deliveries per day: 15.6 million

  176. #177
    Canolli said on October 17, 2007 | Reply

    I feel bad for the supporter of Fedex National. I would assume you were previously employed by Watkins.

    Well, I can only say that perhaps your old standards will influence Fedex, because the reverse does not bode well for your future job satisfaction.

    I have frequent shipments coming from the US to Canada and I mostly complain about the customs brokerage fees for any of the companies.

    However, Fedex have repeatedly proven themselves to be at the bottom of the heap when it comes to performance (on time, problem free) and they are the only company that has trouble finding my address. In fact, they have this problem with both my home and office address. It would appear to be an excuse for some other issue (eg: driver got stoned and took the afternoon off?). The subsequent customer service is ... well ... they don't seem to care. For me, that's a bigger problem than screwing up a shipment.

  177. #178
    FedexExEmployeeThankGod said on October 18, 2007 | Reply

    Customer service doesn't care for some very good reasons.

    For one, they get paid crap. I'm talking bottom-of-the-barrel pay.

    For another, they are overwelmed with company screw-ups. From the couriers, to the agents, to the managers.

    Last, and certainly not least, they become somewhat emotionless after a certian time period of dealing with nasty customers.

    So, what do you honestly expect.

    It will only get worse with time, just as the company has as a whole.

    You can thank the few greedy millionaires at the top.

  178. #179
    Ex Fed-Ex employee said on October 30, 2007 | Reply

    Fedex drivers will also leave a Door Tag on your door without knocking. Drivers do this when you are expecting an Overnight/Priority package that FedEx knows they cannot deliver on time. Since FedEx doesn’t have your package to deliver on time, and FedEx does not want to give refunds, FedEx will intentionally stall you, telling you “the driver is busy on his/her route”, or “the driver is at lunch break”, and other such excuses. FedEx wants to force you to accept the delivery later that day, or to force you to go to a FedEx office location to pick-up your package later that day (you are usually told only after 6 p.m.) or even better, you are told this: “we are sorry for the delivery exception, wait for re-delivery the next day”. FedEx will tell people these things to avoid giving refunds!

  179. #180
    Another unhappy customer said on February 5, 2008 | Reply

    Just another unhappy Fedex customer.

    I will never see my $50 package and I will definitely never use Fedex ever again.

    Fedex sucks.

  180. #181
    Hrmmf said on February 22, 2008 | Reply

    Fed Ex blows - can't believe so many Taco Bell employees have made their way into the corporate ranks. If your IQ exceeds 75 you are unsuited to do anything but drive a truck, hit 100 and you must find other work - would be sad if not so darn frustating.

    Fed Ex you can [blank] my Purple Promise!!!

  181. #182
    Roger said on February 22, 2008 | Reply

    should have been delivered 2/21 then 2/22 local weather delay, not attempted, now 2/25 delivery date now! its all a smoke screen to cover there a__"s

  182. FedEx...Doesn't Deliver.

    Well, they would, if they bothered knocking on your door or ringing
    the doorbell. Apparently the whole concept of the great big button on
    the side of the door is just WAY too [darn] complicated for your average
    FedEx delivery retard. You would think that before hiring delivery
    drivers they would at the very least have some kind of test to see if
    the morons can figure out how to push a f***** button, but apparently
    that's just too much to expect from the drooling flunkies they hire.

    What's even more fun of course is when you phone up FedEx to find out
    how they could possibly be so incredibly stupid and they tell you that
    they'll try and have them attempt a redelivery and to call them back
    if they don't show up within an hour...of course this is just a funny
    trick on their part, cause even if you do call back the next
    representative you speak with will claim that they have no way of
    contacting the couriers directly (if they can't push a button I guess
    we shouldn't expect the delivery retards to have cell phones) and that
    you'll just have to sit there at the door and cross yer fingers in the
    hopes that they ~maybe~ decide to redeliver it that day.

    They ought to have a new slogan: "FedEx...We F***up"

  183. #184
    angry employee said on April 23, 2008 | Reply

    I have worked for fedex for three years. One the managers are complete idiots without a clue. Two they hire people who are also complete idiots without a clue. Favortisim exists. They punish the hard workers and reward the slackers. What a great company, do yourself a favor go brown!

  184. #185
    carl said on May 7, 2008 | Reply

    Once when I worked for an electromechanical R&D shop we developed a prototype handheld Palm style gizmo and shipped FedEx Overnight First from Vermont to California.

    The price tage for the project was $65,000.

    Our customer called on the supposed delivery day to say it hadn't showed. It took fedEx four more days to figure out they had inadvertently shipped and delivered the gizmo to Moscow, Russia (our business was in Moscow, Vermont USA - coincidence? I think not).

    FedEx was unable to recover the gizmo in Russia. Therefore we couldn't invoice our customer for $65,000 of which $45,000 was materials and software which we purchased to make the gizmo.

    FedEx reimbursed us for about $45.00 in shipping charges.

    When using fedEx best buy the insurance...

  185. #187
    bill said on August 5, 2008 | Reply

    I had shipped an expensive electronic digital amplifier with fedex 3 day air saver package. I shipped it on 6/30/08. I came back from a July 4th getaway,and found an email to call where it was shipped too.
    The unit was damaged plus had water damage as well. The unit was determined to be unrepairable.
    The fedex packaging inspector looked at the item and this is where it gets interesting. I payed a declared merchandise value or insurance on it for $12,000.00. I have the invoice of original purchase.
    I Received a call from a claims agent to inform me that the report on my merchandise was determined to be the fault of fedex. I was told also that she was calling to tell me they were paying the claim in full.

    I was emailed a Pdf attachement with instruction to follow which i did as well a right of ownership transfer form to fill out and fax back.
    I notified them when the item they wanted was picked up and called in the tracking #. The same day i faxed the form that transfers the rights of ownership to fedex in consideration of them paying the claim which has a dollar sign and you put in the amount it was insured for which was $12,000.00

    I heard nothing for 2 days after giving them all the documents they requested.
    When THEIR merchandise arrived, they informed me that they could adjust the claim amount !! I informed them that i was no longer the owner and the time to negotiate had passed since they have the merchandise as well as the right of title and ownership.

    I have only received $9500.00 of the insured amount.
    There is no doubt what they did was wrong. The person i dealt with still says she agreed to pay the claim in full But its her supervisor that is now making or changing the agreement they entered into with ME !!

    I have no reservations they are in breech of contract and feel i need to get a lawyer to file a lawsuit against them for this issue and any other he may find questionable under the law.

    Any comments on this one ?


  186. #188
    John said on September 9, 2008 | Reply

    I ordered vital computer parts for my company's production database server. I paid for expedited shipping. Unfortunately, the vendor shipped them out via FedEx. It was supposed to arrive on Monday or Tuesday. According to FedEx tracking, it arrived at a local hub (a few miles from my house) at 4:00 AM and was put on a truck for delivery by 5:15 AM. I waited all day for the package to arrive. As I mentioned, the package was very important so I didn't want to be away and miss the delivery. 4:30 PM rolled around - no package. I called FedEx and left my number to make sure that the driver could contact me. 8:00 PM rolled around - still no package and no update to the status on their tracking site. I called again. The FedEx operator informed me that the local hub employees had left for the day and that he'd leave a message for them to deliver it to me as early as possible the next day. Infuriated, I called back to let them know that that wasn't good enough. This time, it turns out, the local hub manager was still there. They transferred me to him. He told me that they could not locate the package but that they'd keep trying. I'm going to give them another call in the morning.

    I promise to never use FedEx again and to encourage as many other to do the same.

  187. #189
    Tim said on November 3, 2008 | Reply

    I received a piece of equipment that was severely damaged.
    Not only did Fedex damage it, I gave them specific instrustions to sned me the claim and the damage equipment back so I could scrap it out for parts. Fedex sent the package back to the manufacturer and I have no faith that I will see the claim as well. I WILL NEVER USE FEDEX! They SUCK!

  188. #190
    bruce replied to JeremyB on November 19, 2008 | Reply

    yeah i reckon you're right,they might have saved Tom Hank's sanity but I've heard when they wanted to split the atom they put it in a Fed Ex box and marked it FRAGILE!

  189. #191
    Fed Ex ST. Paul MN said on November 20, 2008 | Reply

    I worked for FedEx for three years and it is one of the most dishonest companys to work for. Talk about a company that lies to your face. They would make us work New Years Day when we were supposed to get vacation pay and then they would say we do not get paid vacation pay since we worked the holiday. They would lie and not pay tuition cost. I was only paid $1500 out of $3500 since they would say they lost my tuition receipts and now it is too late to resubmit. In my third year working there I had a work injury which I missed 5 days due to a surgery. They fired me the week I came back saying I am being insubordinate for not being able to do a job that two men did the day before. Then they did not pay me the vacation pay they owed me. They are a bunch of unprofessional losers!!! Advice to future FedEx workers, tape record these loser managers and HR's and save all the emails so you can catch them at their game.

  190. #192
    Susan Hawkins replied to Fedex National on November 27, 2008 | Reply


    I live and work in Columbia County, NY and there is a FedEx Ground contractor that does not deliver to his routes on time. He is constantly complaining about the terminal manager, and how he is unable to pay his employees competitive prices comparable to UPS. He is also unable to give his employee health benefits.

    As I have gotten to know this individual, I have come to the conclusion that he has mismanaged his own team of employees. He does not know how to run his own company, therefore makes FedEx look bad. His employees are not always properly dressed, and the tardiness of delivery is inexcusable.

    As a customer, I do not want to hear all the time how FedEx is treating him and his employees. This is not what I am paying for. I am very surprised that more local merchants are not complaining about this individual.

  191. #193
    pete said on December 21, 2008 | Reply

    You shipped that package @ 5PM from OK? Dude, thats past the FedEx cut-off, moron...

  192. #194
    Don replied to pete on December 24, 2008 | Reply

    Pete, after 4 years and 192 comments by FedEx customers, drivers, and management representatives...you, and you alone, have brilliantly discovered the flaw in this post and my and probably everyone's problem with FedEx. Or...you are the freaking idiot moron who shouldn't be allowed near a keyboard.

    This package and hundreds, if not thousands, like it previously, was placed in a FedEx drop-off box in our building. Whether we put it in the box at 9:00 am or 4:59 pm, it all gets picked up, once a day, after 5:00 pm, scanned and put in the FedEx system to be delivered the next day....or, whenever FedEx gets around to it. The three entries, starting at 5:08 pm on the 13th, clearly indicate the package properly entered the FedEx system. The problem arose after the package entered the FedEx system and was unrelated to "when" it entered their system.

    Your brilliant insight into the detailed intricacies of FedEx's operation is, to say the least, lacking...Dude.

    Worse, it is your type of comment that needlessly pollutes forums, bulletin boards, blogs, article comments and the like. You have no true incite into the topic on which you comment, you make unsubstantiated, baseless, inaccurate conclusions and, at best, waste the time of others. Thanks Pete, for your own little contribution to help make the internet a useless cesspool of worthless misinformation.

  193. #195
    Angry Fedup Driver said on March 29, 2009 | Reply

    If you're reading this and thinking about applying for a job, after you read what I have to say I guarantee you will look for employment else where.

    Been with the company over 10 years and with each passing year the mentality from management is lets do whatever it takes to stick it to the courier.

    In their eyes the courier is in the wrong no matter what, even if he or she is clearly in the right, they are wrong. The other day went to a house the customer was not home and the package required a signature so I could not leave it. Left the door tag and finished up my delivery route. I take my hour break because I had to fill in for a pickup route at the last minute. I come off break and get about five messages saying you have to go back and re atempt the package. The customer claimed that I did not ring the bell or knock. I get into with the manager who basically said whether the customer is lying or not we have to accomodate them. Now keep in mind my first pickup stop is 45 minutes away. I had to meet another driver at my first stop so this lying individual could get there package. He had to drive 30 min from the station then about an hour and fifteen minutes to this stop. The cust was there but told the driver they were out at the grocery store when I came in the morning. Now in the managers eyes its your'e fault the customer lied.

    Now the driver that helped me will be at fault for helping me out and getting extra hours out of this. I'll be at fault becasue the shipper wanted a signature and the person was not here to sign for it.

    Don't ever make a sensible suggestion to them either. If they don't think of the idea it's wrong and won't work. Ask them to fix a problem forget it, you should try jumping out of a plane without a parachute, you would have a better chance at living than getting the problem fixed. When there are no problems they change everything around and create problems.

    Another reason not to come and work here to is you will never see top rate pay. The starting pay is ok but once you start getting reviews they will do everthing in their power to give you the lowest score possible. When you use a sick day the company gives you(You get 5 total yearly) that counts against you in a review. You get sick its you're fault. Less money for you is more money for them. When you do get your 4 cent raise it won't come no where close to covering the jacked up insurance premiums you will face every year and lets not forget about inflation.

  194. #196
    FedUp said on April 8, 2009 | Reply

    Angry Fedup Driver is 100% correct. I used to work for FedEx and couldn't have said it better myself. It's their way or the highway. And don't let the door hit you on your way out.

  195. #197
    Pissed off Driver said on April 10, 2009 | Reply

    Angry Fedup driver is right on with the comments but I would like to add a few things of my own as well.

    Regarding sick days, personal days and floating holdiays rumor has it from our local ramp(there info is usually right on the mark) you will no longer get paid for these days. If you do call out sick it will still count against your attendance. Don't expect a raise either. Fred Smith has to buy new tires for whatever the heck he drives.

    Second when a manager sets your stops per hour goal if you bust your but and you have slackers around you who don't work your numbers will get raised and their's will get lowered just to make the stations goal. On paper it looks like the slacker is working just as hard as the courier that actually works.

    Third the managers will intimidate you to sign for every little thing that goes wrong. If you get a cash only customer who drops something off in a dropbox they try and get you to sign a piece of paper. Your expected to know this no matter what. Words of advice and I'm sure Angry will back me up on this don't sign the paper throw it out and move on.

    Fourth the managers are complete morons. They know the customers lie but yet will not stand up for you when you do your job. If you go out of your way and your numbers are down for the day you get confronted for it. We have a new service called 4th and 5th attempt service. The customer can have the package attempted a 4th and 5th time no matter what the circumstances are. The company complains that it pays alot of overtime and fuel costs. Well gee cut out the extra unessecary trips and maybe fred smith can afford those new tires.

  196. #198
    Mr Fedex said on April 11, 2009 | Reply

    I don't know why everyone is complaining about fedex. Its a great company to work for. I love the company so much I hate to go on vacation. When I go on vacation and see a fedex truck I get very happy and wave to the driver. Sometimes I will go out of my way to chase the driver down and talk to them. Alot of those drivers complain like some of the people on this forum but they are probably slackers who don't want to work. It's a shame that when you give your vacations back to the company they pay you for it! I feel like I'm stealing from the company, afterall the company wouldn't do that to us. They care about us as individuals and will look out for our best intrests.

    There are rumors out there that we won't get a raise. I'm a top rate courier who could care less. The guys that aren't making the top rate will have to suck it up, work a little harder and stop complaining!

  197. #199
    Fedex Suck!!! I will never use Fedex againg said on April 23, 2009 | Reply

    One day I was getting a package from FEDEX it never came. I check online delivered to some one that don’t even live in the area. They must have delivered it to some one walking by my door. I never see that item again. an other time I will was waiting for a package. When I came home from work and I check online and it said delivered. I still did not got my package. So I knock on every body door and nothing. One guy came out of his house almost getting ready to fight me because I knock on his door asking about a package. Then I call, they said there is some thing wrong with the FEDEX computer. Great!!! They said it had gone back to the sender and an other time I came home to find my neighbor kids play with my package. What the [HECK]!!!!! And my other package on the floor in the office were any body can take and it take two different FEDEX Driver to delivery two small package in one day. So I call them and they said if your don’t home they will give your package to your neighbor or office with out you knowing about it.

  198. #200
    Lisa Johnson said on April 27, 2009 | Reply

    I guess I just wanted to vent about Fedex also. I am now to the point where I just won't buy anything from anywhere that ships fedex. It takes three weeks to get anything through fedex where it takes a week or less to get it USPS. I've done it now many times and it's ALWAYS true. So out with Fedex i've had it.

  199. #201
    Fedex driver said on May 4, 2009 | Reply

    Fedex suck sorry to hear about your situation with your package's. What you went through should not have happened.

    Been with the Comapny 7 years and work in part of a city that is half decent. When I deliver a package and its a release I always knock on the door if the recpient is home I have them sign for the package if not I try and hide the package unless you leave a note on the door saying take it to the next door neighbor.

    I'm not making excuses for the driver that left your package but he or she is probably going through the numbers game at their respective station. What I mean by this is they have to do so many stops an hour. The number is probably set ungodly high and on top of that the company wants you to get the route done in a certain amount of time. If you bat ohhh for two for that day you will have a manger in your face the next day no matter what happened out there. Two things that fedex won't give their couriers is overtime and decent raises. With the fuel prices going back up they suspended contributions to the 401k program and raises until next year.

    The courier should have had used more discretion when leaving your package. But I won't blame the courier for doing what he or she could to get done and get the heck out of there!

  200. #202
    George said on May 6, 2009 | Reply

    I am a Fedex Ground Delivery driver, and yes, we suck.

    Like Scott said I was lured/suckered into this business right before peak busy christmas time ( I originally wanted to join UPS or even USPS)..and they gave me promises of being able to become a contractor after a year and there were routes available internally for purchase via some sort of board.

    Well low and behold as far as Ground is concerned, its all monopolized. One guy has 20+ routes, another guy has 10+ routes and the corporate ladder prefer to keep giving the same people more routes to keep the union out. (Im sure these contractors tip off the people giving them the routes for pennies on the dollar)

    While express or home delivery drivers I believe get health insurance/dental, a possible 401k, overtime possibilities, for ground you get none of that. Flat rate 120 bucks a day before taxes working for a contractor for 8-10 hours a day is the norm. 12-13 bucks an hour give or take. AND..my boss makes us pay for our own parking tickets. Plus I owe him $1,000 for truck repairs because when he hired me, I had 0 truck driving experience and accidently hit a rock sticking out of this cliff on a turn.

    And when you work for a Ground contractor, as I said its monopolized, the guy probably has multiple routes, odds of something going wrong increases and slave drivers like myself that work for said contractor wind up having to drive into 3-4 different zip codes for some chicken feed.

    For the customer? Sorry, I dont really care about your package. Because I dont want to be out there 12 hours a day on the road inside a truck, Ill throw the stuff around in my truck as im lining up the next few stops, drop the package on your door hit the bell and run as fast as I can to the next location, Ill be gone before you open your door. Ive lost 30 pounts in 5 months from having to run hard like this. Ill leave the truck running with the doors wide open while I do this too.

    If you live in the middle of nowhere, on some mountain where a car can barely fit through, on a deadend street, you're not worth the 20 minute delivery. I wont come to your house plain and simple and say you werent home. I WILL call you, so you can meet me down from that cliff you live, but if you dont pick up your phone, too bad. Got 120 places to go to, with 4 desks and a patio inside my truck, dont got the time sorry.

    Think we got it easy or something? Today I got in a fight with a customer, because I "interrupted" his conversation with a colleague to get a signature on my scanner. I have to because I could be waiting there 10 minutes for a signature and I have places to go. Its jerks like these that hang me up and make me blow off a delivery. As I "interrupted" his convo, he said I was rude and that he will teach me some manners and give me a lesson in being polite. All the while I was holding 200 pounds of his merchandise on both my hands. When I went to put his heavy stuff down he said "Look at me while I am talking to you!". He filed a complaint against me and said I kicked the door when I entered his store. I simply nudged the door open with my foot (trust me it was very soft and slow), because of his heavy merchandise I was holding. Trust me people the last thing I want to deal with is an angry customer, because I will be seeing them everyday anyway.

    You can be sure I will be blowing off this guy for the next 2 weeks and his business will suffer, because I aint gonna be going there for a bit.

    Another time a business customer complained because I left a note on his car "Please stop parking your personal vehicle right in front of the Hospital loading dock", and said I used curse words in the note to try and get me fired. That was a hospital stop and I had to carry 40-50 packages by hand because that jerk uses the loading dock as his personal parking spot. Which causes me to reverse out the street where there are 3 schools, blinded into oncoming traffic, and hope I dont hit someones child while I do it because my boss is too cheap to repair the required reverse backing camera. WTF?

    And at the end of my back breaking day, I get yelled at because in my service cross of a package, I didn't write down the TIME I was there. Gimme a fucking break.

    For 12 bucks an hour..as I said, I just dont care about your package anymore. This company is a scam. Some contractors are scammers too. They make 1 stop, into 3..because the packages have different shippers so they get paid more. Its all a scam. The way some of them recieved those routes was also via scam.

    From all the bad habits Ive picked up and was taught by other Fedex drivers who work for contractors, without a doubt Id get fired if I did that working for UPS. But if I were working for UPS, id be doing everything by the book, whistling as I delivered your package gingerly walking and asking you if you are enjoying the weather.

  201. #203
    Ben Dover said on June 28, 2009 | Reply

    Fedex is run by a bunch of crooks who only care about lining their pockets with money while the peon couriers get crapped on everyday.

    The managers are el stupido. They do everthing they can to make the simple difficult and the difficult impossible.

    Stay away from Fedex!!!!!

  202. #204
    Galen said on July 31, 2009 | Reply

    I shipped my hats and suit for my wedding from the USA to Canada. Fedex delivered the package to customs 12 hours drive from where I live. It took four days of phone calls before they told me it was being held in customs. Fedex would not ship it to a third location in the USA that was only three hours from me. I had to drive there to sign a customs form. Then, the Fedex office that is directly across the street from customs promised I could pick up the package there. So, I spent a night in a hotel. The next day, they changed their minds and wouldn't give me the package. I drove home and waited 4 days for it to be delivered. I paid $400 for the custom critical shipment, and when I complained that they had done everything they could to delay delivery and hadn't met their contractural obligation, they told me if I didn't like it to use someone else next time. No offer to refund the difference between ground and custom critical air even though ground would have had it delivered through customs closer to me and faster. There really needs to be a single civil lawsuit, not a class action, that makes them write a check for millions to one customer. Class action suits pay off for lawyers only.

  203. #205
    Mr STLOB said on August 14, 2009 | Reply

    Fedex is pathetic. All they ever do is complain and whine that were not doing this and were not doing that. The freight is never on time especially on saturdays now. They absorb routes and spread everyone thin. When you don't hit you numbers you have a manager in your face giving you a hard time.

    I also hate my sort function. I work across from one of those guys who thinks he knows it all and doesn't do his job. He constantly talks, talks and talks and never shuts up. The day drivers that work near me are always yelling at him and I know they complain to the managers but they don't care.

    I can't wait till I start my new job at Sears Roebuck selling tools!

  204. #206
    Mike Bubka said on September 15, 2009 | Reply

    I'm on vacation right now and I really miss fedex. I saw a fedex truck earlier and i started to smile and drool all over myself. Fedex is such a great company to work for. When I go on vacation I am sad to leave but the company looks out for me and insists that I go on vacation to rest.

    I basically do nothing when I am at fedex. When I actually do something it is wrong and I get yelled at by my fellow couriers. The managers stick up for me and don't punish me because they belive in me. The other week someone asked me to help out and I said no and when the courier called me a moron I smiled at the courier and the manager did not make me do the work.

    I can't wait to get back to fedex. I am miserable being away from the company I love so much. I think I'm going to sit near the fedex terminal near where I am and take pictures of the trucks and buildings and text them to all the people I know who hate fedex.

    [NOTE: On January 31, 2011, I was contacted by someone with the name Mike Bubka stating that someone used his name in this comment and asking me to remove it. Obviously, I have absolutely no idea who is or isn't Mike Bubka, whether there is more than one person with that name, or if the person posting just made up a name that coincidentally matched someone else's name. As a general rule, I don't remove comments. So, instead, although I am under no obligation to do so, I thought I'd make note of the email request I received.]

  205. #207
    JG replied to Mike Bubka on September 22, 2009 | Reply

    Mike bubka that really shows off ur work ethic that 's why u will probably work there the rest of ur life.

  206. #208
    Simmons replied to Mike Bubka on September 22, 2009 | Reply

    Mike Bubka sounds like you are 1. Part time and 2. Top rate. So in a nutshell your stealing a money out of other peoples pockets that do your job. Other people probably get yelled at for your mistakes too I'm assuming.

    Maybe if you worked full time and actually worked and get put through the daily grind your feeling about fedex would be completly different.

  207. #209
    Shelly Filmore-Brew said on October 25, 2009 | Reply

    I'm dating this very cute and handsome man who is my delivery during the week. He is such a nice and warm guy outside of fedex but when he is at fedex he is the exact opposite, mean and cold.

    He tells me that the managers are clueless morons who only reward the bad couriers and the good couriers get the shaft. Favortism is a big problem there and the manager who runs the station has a chip on their shoulder.

    He is looking for a job elsewhere. I hope he finds one that maybe will appreciate him for his hard work and commitment to getting the job done right!

  208. #210
    Costco Computer said on December 11, 2009 | Reply

    Got a Costco computer.

    Have been tracking the FedEx package and knew that it was going to be delivered and required a signature, so I stayed home to sign for it rather than doing what I needed to do.

    I called my local FedEx place in Palmdale, CA and they gave me the 800 number. I called the 800 number and was told "oh ya, they'll deliver it today by 5:00" Okay. 5:06 p.m. and I call the 800 number again, "Oh ya, they'll deliver it tonight by 8:30 p.m."

    Get an e-mail at 5:44 p.m. "your package has experienced an unexpected delay....driver attempted to deliver the package but nobody answered the door or your business was already closed (paraphrasing).

    I call the 800 number again, and talk to CSR then demand to talk to a supervisor. Of course, the local people have already gone home for the day and can't help me. The supervisor gets on the phone and says that they will ask the driver to 'redeliver'.

    Well, since I live in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road, I'm sure they are not coming all the way out here to redeliver. it today.

    They said they will redeliver it tomorrow.. Great, so now I need to waste TWO days to stay home waiting for a package that needs a signature in the rain.

    Why hasn't someone started a FedExSucks.com page?

  209. #211
    jibjibjub replied to Proud Driver on December 15, 2009 | Reply

    You are full of ****. I've seen FedEx lie countless times. My favorite is the time that my package arrived 4 days late because on the date it was supposed to arrive I waited at home all day long doing work on the PC where I could see the street. Then the tracking update said I was not home. The next time I am waiting on a package the tracking update says the package was undeliverable due to weather. It sprinkled some rain that day. It rains nearly every day here. Am I to assume FedEx is afraid of water? The package I'm waiting on today is already 4 days late and I'm wondering what kind of retarded crap FedEx is going to pull this time. UPS always delivers my packages. If I'm not home they leave them in the carport by the door. Fortunately most everyone I do business with ships via UPS and USPS or I would never get a package.

  210. #212
    Anonymous said on December 16, 2009 | Reply

    YES THEY DO. They couldn't find my dorm for 3 weeks! Finally they found it (I was supposed to get it overnight, and this is the only time any shipper has not been able to find my dorm...) but they didn't update it and they told Apple they were sending it to them but they weren't! Such awful communication... I think idiots work for this company.

  211. #213
    Mr Poet said on December 18, 2009 | Reply

    Blood is Red, Water is Blue, sooner or later fedex will be dead because the managers have no clue!

  212. #214
    Sad @ state of things said on December 18, 2009 | Reply

    Here's my 2 cents on Fedex.

    I've been tracking an expected delivery. It's scheduled for today. I take off from work and wait for it. I'm in the room facing the street all day watching the road like a dog waiting for its master to return home. I periodically track the shipment online to make sure that it's still "out for delivery". While i'm checking it, i see it's updated at 7:30PM to say there was a "Delivery Exception". It says the customer was not home. LIES! I call customer service. the first representative says they will schedule it for redelivery tonight, and she takes my number so the driver can call me. I wait an hour before I call Customer Service again. This time I speak with someone who tells me the truth. They have no way on contacting the driver. The office responsible for that driver closed several hours earlier. There would be no redelivery later tonigt. Thew besat they can do is have me call back tomorrow at 8AM. Meanwhile I'll be at work tomorrow (Saturday) making up for the work I missed today.

    What a piece of work. As someone mentioned above, the drivers do not have to actually deliver and they cannot get fired. Where is the culpability? where is the... what's it called? professionalism?

  213. #215
    Vegetable People said on January 4, 2010 | Reply

    The history with our package:

    Dec 21 - Dec 29: traveled from Montana to Pennsylvania [I have no issue with this]
    Dec 29 - FedEx's website had initially indicated this would be the delivery date. The package was at their warehouse in Pittston PA (20 miles from us) at 4:26am; and it apparently rode around all day in a truck and returned to the same warehouse in Pittston at 7:51pm that night.
    Dec 30 - Package was placed on vehicle for delivery; however, FedEx sent us an e-notification that they were "unable to locate street address - street number". We called FedEx, confirmed our address, gave them directions to our place (we're on a major highway), and gave them our phone number in case they had any problems. They said it would be delivered tomorrow.
    Dec 31 - Package was placed on vehicle for delivery; however, FedEx sent us an e-notification that "local delivery restriction; delivery attempted". This is not accurate. We were home all day. No FedEx person ever appeared at our door, nor was any delivery tag left. We called FedEx, they apologized, and said the package would be delivered on January 2 (since following day is holiday).
    Jan 2 - Package was placed on vehicle for delivery. At 5:00pm, we still had not received anything. We call FedEx, and they say "don't worry, we have until 8pm to deliver the package". At 5:53pm, FedEx sends us an e-notification "customer not available or business closed". Baloney - we've been home all day. We call at 6:15pm to inquire. FedEx escalates it to a supervisor who informs us "sorry, the truck has already returned to the warehouse; package will be delivered on January 4."
    Jan 4 - We do not receive a package. We call FedEx. They reply "FedEx Home Delivery does not operate on Monday; we have no idea why someone told you that you would receive the package today". (I'm speculating that the Supervisor attempted to have the package transferred from the FedEx Home Delivery terminal to the "regular" FedEx who actually delivers on Mondays...but unsuccessfully).

    I'm open-minded. I realize accidents happen. I'm willing to forgive one "oops". However, FedEx has made five fallacious claims about attempted deliveries, and we still do not have the package. If the package made it the 2000+ miles from Montana to Pennsylvania in 8 days, why is it taking an additional 8 days to go the final 20 miles from Pittston PA to Tunkhannock PA? Is it a lazy driver, sitting at Dunkin Donuts and checking off boxes claiming to have made an attempt - I have no idea? But something is seriously amiss! Since their first "we can't find your address" claim (which is odd in itself, because we're a prominent farm on a major highway), we provided them with our phone number (i.e. if you have a problem, call us). That was over 1 week ago. Each working day since then, they claim to have put the package out on a truck for delivery, but then report a "failed delivery" each night. Never have they called us. Never have they left us a delivery tag.

    FedEx's statements claiming that they attempted delivery to our house/business are completely bogus. We work from home and we're rather boring people (i.e. we don't go out). Plus, knowing that this package has been on its way, we consciously postponed making trips into town to run errands so that we wouldn't miss a delivery)

  214. #216
    Jeff said on January 27, 2010 | Reply

    Fed-Ex does Suck
    I've been home all day waiting for two packages. For some reason Fed- Ex decided to send them to me on different days even though they were shipped from the same company, on the same day. I finally went to their tracking website to see the notes written there that apparently I wasn't at home when their driver stopped by. Imagine my surprise! So I called the 800 number only to be told by a smart mouthed woman that the driver was at my house and left a door tag. I assured her that he had, in fact, not been here and I was standing at my front door searching for this elusive door tag. So now the weather is supposed to be really nasty for the next two or three days and I'll have to wait probably 4 or 5 more days for my packages that were supposed to be here in 2 days. Oh well. I reckon' I should be glad it's not life sustaining medicine I'm waiting on because I'd surely die waiting on Fed-Ex to do the job they've been paid to do.

  215. #217
    john replied to B@dEx on February 13, 2010 | Reply

    I totally agree with you! My package was shipped on the 9th of February. The tracking said it is on schedule and will be delivered by the 12th. I'm thinking thats pretty good! I waited home for the Fedex delivery person to come, and to my dismay, no one came. I wasted a whole day for nothing. Now as I'm typing this comment I'm looking at my tracking number and it says "on schedule" will be delivered on the 16th LOL.

  216. #218
    joe replied to Proud Driver on April 5, 2010 | Reply

    You can knock off with the dreamy we're the best BS. I had to completely stop shipping with FEDEX because you drivers have a habit of delivering things to random addresses when you can't figure out where the right place is.
    Just this week I was tracking a package and the driver could not locate our building in spite of having the correct address, my phone number and a physical descriptiion. Twice they failed and then delivered it to a random address that was not even in my city.
    I will never ship FED EX again, nor will I EVER allow anyone to ship anything to me with them either.

  217. #219
    Ikonoblast said on April 15, 2010 | Reply

    Has anyone noticed that almost all of these comments have to do with irresponsible drivers? This company has a big problem with labor that they are ignoring. No more FedEx for me.....

  218. #220
    Taylor said on June 14, 2010 | Reply

    FedEX just cost me my job, f****** thank you!

  219. #221
    nicolette said on June 17, 2010 | Reply

    wow, these are horrible stories. I am just [ticked off] that they can schedule a pickup but not a delivery. People work and we can't sit at home all day waiting for a package. Makes no sense that customer service is so low on the list of priorities. (Maybe because the shipper is the customer to them, not the deliveree)

  220. #222
    lisa biba said on August 10, 2010 | Reply

    Help I am looking for legal advice concerning the gross negligence of fed ex. My package never made it to its destination because the address they put on the package was illegible even though the information i gave them was perfectly legible. not only that they had put myaddress in correctly in the computer with the wrong address even though all my documents receipts etc has my correct address. then they wait 13 days to call me to let me know they could not deliver it. this was the only package I could not track because i was out of the country. and I double checked everything with the attendent before i left my package in their hands. My package had a deadline with over 20000 dollars and three years invested in this particular case I feel i should be compensated for their negligence but i dont know how to go about getting help any suggestions? Lisa Biba

  221. #223
    Garret R Witte said on September 11, 2010 | Reply

    I drove for Fedx Ground for 3 months out of Dayton New jersey. This was the worst job I have ever had. I was lied to right from the get go by the terminal manager,Laura Johnson. I asked about taking lunch and was told be her that lunch was not part of my work day and to forget about it. I was paid $90 a day for a 12 to 15 hour work day. I now drive for a comany that delievers clothes in NYC. I work from 5pm to 1 am Mon thru Thurs and bring home between $800 to$900,alot better then Fedx. It is the worst company I have ever worked for,no benefits at all,just a stupid purple shirt and a lousy pay check. I worked for a guy named Gary Coordi and was told before I started that I shouldnt work for him as he was a cheap bastard.If you dont believe me ask andy Fedx Ground driver who works for someone. They are slave drivers and do not care about you at all. they are only interested in you making sure that you come back with an empty truck. Ok thats all I have to say.So if youre looking for a job do not work for Fedx Ground as you will regret it,trust me I quit after 2 months. If you work in Dayton New Jersey watch out for Laura Johnson and Allicia Sanchez,2 dyke mangagers who do not like men. My name is GARRET R WITTE and you can reach me at 732-214-1410.

  222. #224
    BE said on March 7, 2011 | Reply

    I have to say that overall, I have not have any "major" issues with FedEx. Maybe my time is comming, but up to this point, the only FedEx issues I have experienced, is when I was sent something and the sender used Smartport, which is absolutely terrible. I will say that the posters who mention how FedEx dosent ring the bell are exactly right. Recently I had a delivery made by FedEx and I watched him literally tiptoe up to my door, not ring the bell, leave the box on the doorstep and then run back to his truck as fast as he could. I will also agree that UPS or even USPS are much better overall then FedEx could ever be.

  223. #225
    Howard said on May 5, 2011 | Reply

    Called about my shipment.
    Got some guy in India?
    So Sorry you package will be delivered some time today!
    Its now 5:30 PM and the package has been on the truck today at 8:16 AM
    The women I was turned over to said the same thing.
    I'm sorry!
    She did try and call the shipping center its CLOSED.
    The services stinks.
    From now on its UPS
    At least the drive can show up and is a hell of a lot more friendly.
    Coustomer Service?

  224. #226
    wildmetfan1 said on May 23, 2011 | Reply

    People order shipments knowing they arent going to be home when they arrive. They give the shipper incorrect information and think its Fedex's fault when they cant deliver. They expect their package is the only one on the truck and the driver should stop what he's doing, turn around, and reattempt a delivery because they were getting thier hair done and couldnt be home for the first attempt. Be real people... Fedex delivers over 3 million packages a day, and thats not including the holidays when that number can increase fourfold. Now I am not saying they run a perfect company, even some of the best run companys have a few service issues that fall through the cracks. But if less than 1 percent of these are of fault of Fedex, I would still consider that a pretty good track record. I am appaled by the attitudes and overeaction of people who expect that the world revolves around them. If they have a legitimate gripe, thier are avenues to pursue to seek compensation. However, to fault Fedex for the lack of your foresight in realizing you are not going to be home, or because the vendor you ordered from has no inclination on assuring your address is correct, then I blame only you for being to fat and lazy to go to the store and pick it up yourself.

  225. #227
    Mike replied to JeremyB on May 26, 2011 | Reply

    We will not allow FedEx deliveries at our office. Because they charge third parties without consent or notification. I can send you a parcel for your expense even if you are not their customer, you are also liable for duties. Even if you never ordered the items. Would never use them!!!

  226. #228
    Mr. Fritz said on June 15, 2011 | Reply

    I'm a current FedEx Ground employee and as you'll notice from the previous posts (years ago) by other "stellar" individuals on the roster, their grammar and spelling is abhorrent. I have a college degree and was in desperate need of a job due to a poor economic climate, so to speak, well...don't work here.

    I've worked in retail, call centers, communication services (for the deaf, etc), and many EXTREME manual labor jobs such as locating oil/natural gas 12-15 hours a day around the south. FedEx Ground takes the cake on the worst company ever. Please keep in mind, UPS also is a big corporation and isn't an angel by any means, but because their ground services were not acquired (FEG formerly RPS) they do handle higher volumes with a much more concise job.

    Heres the thing, imagine who takes the job as a package handler or a loader? "College" students, no, mostly high school kids (this is actually a rarity as the volume of work and terrible hours are too enduring) and uneducated morons who, no offense, are the neo-con FoX news watching chuckleheads. These people make a career out of a dead end job.

    Now why is it so bad? We KICK your packages, we THROW your packages (even after the manager tells us we'll be "fired for this)...but do you really know why? Said manager yells at us for not reaching a 40min unload of a truck with anywhere from 300-700 parcels at 10-100+ lbs. I set a record on an unload once with one other co-worker, a not so lazy employee like myself, and how were we rewarded?

    "Bye, go home."

    Do the job too slow?

    "Bye, go home."

    vice a versa, ad infinitum.

    The constraints that the uneducated management places on its employees is unbelievable, the constraints placed upon them working 10-15 hours a day to try and "top" UPS is unbelievable. The worst part about all of this though, is in truth, we can be efficient and careful but we refuse to do so out of ignorance and numbing, audacious requirements.

    More importantly, most FedEx employees actually get a kick out of destroying your packages. Its YOUR crap, not theirs...but I've seen many find their parcel in pieces in which they fume and start a tirade about how we'rent SUPPOSED to do this to packages! Seriously, its quite entertaining to watch.

    Oh, please don't forget this, FedEx G was RPS which means we're almost solely contractors (drivers, etc) they all pay for everything out of pocket, we work in inefficient awful facilities...and yes, unlike UPS, we have amazing ways of getting out of insurance.

    The level of theft that goes on in these HUBs is just startling. I've even seen managers pocket items.

    Good news, I quit.

    How you might ask?

    I didn't show up and turned my phone off.

    Don't support fedex.

  227. #229
    S Terrill said on June 20, 2011 | Reply

    I hope that you will provide some relief to the poor Fedex employees that facilitated you getting your father's day gift.

    This injustice must be righted.

    However the comment posted just days before you received your last Fedex shipment is a bit odd.

  228. #230
    s michaels said on July 8, 2011 | Reply

    7 years later and FedEx is still a worthless POS company. Same s***, different delivery. Nothing good to say about them and what I do have to say isn't meant for the eyes of children (nor for anyone else).

  229. #231
    Mark said on September 16, 2011 | Reply

    Fedex sucks! Needed my package delivered today
    or at least by tomorrow (Saturday). I can't wait
    at home 16 hours for the delivery person, had
    to step out 15 minutes at lunch and sure enough
    they tried to deliver then. I called and spoke to Fedex
    and they told me it would take them two business
    days to get it to the holding facility (1.5 miles from
    my home)! They have to send it back to their
    warehouse, get it re-addressed to the holding
    facility and send it out again. It is a waste of time
    to talk to "Customer Server" -- they read over and
    over from a script no matter what you say. I won't
    order anything by Fedex even if I have to go with
    another company.

  230. #232
    MikeA replied to Proud Driver on May 5, 2012 | Reply

    You're not the best, just the market leader and that's what's dangerous. FedEx used to be the best but since they've taken the market they've gotten lazy (just like you, you moron). They consistently deliver 40% of my packages to the wrong town and zip code at the same number address and on a similar street. This has happened for seven years with no correction, just apologies. The last time I tried to get my package from the mis-delivered address I almost got in to a fist fight with the guy because he was sick of me constantly dropping by to pick up my packages. So, why did I call you a moron, because you work for FedEx. If these geniuses can't deliver to the right street (my address is on Concord Ave and they deliver to Concord street) and mis-deliver to a different town and zip code then they are morons, and if you work for this shit company then you are obviously a moron also. Yes, FedEx is the market leader but they've become too big, to much of a bureaucracy, too slow, and too arrogant to change. I've seen this before with ATT, Microsoft, and others. Someday real soon some lean and mean hotshot little company with the right venture capitalists are going to offer what you cannot and you're shit company will be too big, fat, and lazy to respond. I don't see FedEx holding this market for more than ten years. My company, an international company with FedEx billings in the millions each year has just dropped FedEx as our primary shipper. If FedEx continues to loose million dollar accounts by not caring because they're so big then there is no way they can survive. I also just started a small business and refuse to use FedEx for anything. As the economy turns more people will look for alternatives and someone will fill that huge gap being left by you morons at FedEx.

  231. #233
    Tony said on June 12, 2012 | Reply

    FedEx is a pile of sh[**]. I had a computer shipped from HP on June 7th. Tracking shows package in Phoenix on June 9th. Estimated delivery shows June 12th, today. No updates in over 3 days online. I email customer service. Beyond them sending cut and pasted response email they stated that the adjusted delivery date was Saturday the 16th. OK FINE however if you are a one man business such as myself you may, as I do, work around a delivery. In my case that means planning to stay at my home office instead of running about doing real business. In any case my response to customer service was that if they could tell my delivery was FOUR DAYS what FedEx tracking currently was showing (and for the record after 5 additional hours their tracking site STILL SHOWS DELIVERY TODAY) then I should be able to keep up with these changes as well and plan around them.

    I sent a few four letter words back and basically told them they SUCK! I also stated I would be on a BLOG at any given chance so I am fulfilling my promise.

  232. #234
    Joe said on June 15, 2012 | Reply

    I ship out items for eBay all the time. I always use UPS, their the best. I will use USPS their second. Fed Ex are the most incompetent fools I have ever used. If someone is shipping something to me I will pay more to have it shipped UPS or USPS. I HAVE NOT EVER had a good experience with Fed EX. My employer uses them and they have nothing but problems. We try to get them tossed but the powers at be want them because their cheap, well you get what you pay for!

  233. #235
    Anonymous replied to Chris on September 4, 2012 | Reply

    You do realize FedEx ships for the USPS.

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