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Jul 1 2005

Light Posting

I haven't been posting much lately as I've been incredibly busy. There is so much I'd like to post about but probably won't ever get around to because I just don't have time to do a proper job. Some of the topics include:

* Kelo, the worst Supreme Court decision in many many years;

* the Discovery Channel's Greatest American program in which the audience selected Ronald Reagan to the obvious disappointment of its host Matt Lauer;

* the absurdity of a high school drop out giving medical, psychological, and pharmacological advice to a person he barley knows let alone ever examined;

* the slore named after the capital of France who has absolutely no redeeming qualities other than being a slore and the immoral media who hypes her;

* and speaking of bad court decisions and the immoral media, I absolutely don't understand a judge/system that allows a child raping pedophile to go anywhere near his/her victim after just a few years in jail regardless of whether the victim is in denial about being the victim of a habitual child molesting pedophile. There is nothing surprising about a young man suffering cognitive dissidence and suppressing the fact that he is a rape victim and living in the fantasy world that he's really in a healthy loving relationship. I refuse to mention the name but the pedophile's initials are MKL and there are no words to describe my feelings toward the media who promoted their marriage and described it in terms of inter-generational love. Bull-f***ing-s**t! It's a child rapist and a victim and should not in any manner be promoted no matter what kind of ratings it brings. Sicker yet, if that's possible, one of the shows hyping the marriage was ET, as in Entertainment Tonight, who by definition must find something entertaining in pedophilia. (I've got duct tape wrapped around my head right now to keep it from exploding.) I guess the moral of this story that the court system and the media are sending to all would be child rapists is that you have a green light to do as you please...just be sure to get your victims head so twisted around that he/she thinks they love you and then you can marry them after your slap-on-the-wrist prison term;

* the San Antonio Spurs won the NBA championship but, for the first time ever, I didn't watch a single game of the playoffs. I just don't enjoy watching the NBA anymore. My interest peaked during the years of Bird and Magic and with Jordan and the Bulls. But, the last year the Bulls won the playoffs (1997-98) was the same year Latrell Sprewell was allowed to choke and punch his coach with near impunity. Now days the league has allowed the game to devolve into a hit-n-run forum for spoiled wanna-be hip-hop gangstas. Why bother with a properly executed pick-and-roll when you can just travel and hack your way to the basket. Actually, I have no problem with the league's choice to allow the NBA to become what it is...it's a business decision plain and simple. If showcasing athletes without class playing a game where finesse takes a backseat to brawn brings in the most bucks, so be it...it just won't be my bucks.

There are other items I want to purge from my consciousness, but at least you get a flavor of what's bouncing around my head. Posting should continue to be light for the next week or so, until things settle down. Have a great 4th!

Posted by Don |


  1. #1
    shiva said on July 9, 2005 | Reply

    Oh! Football is such a balletic activity such fine moves and deft touches.

    "Football is not a contact sport, dancing is. Football is a hitting sport." Vince Lombardi

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