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May 11 2007

How to Sign Out of Amazon

667b-amazon-logo.pngSpeaking of huge companies with annoying websites. Have you ever tried to log out of Amazon? Seriously, It's impossible...at least without denying your own existence. Don't believe me...go ahead, surf over to Amazon and, if you're not already logged in, sign in and then try to sign out. I'll still be here when you return.

In order to learn how to sign out you could do what I did and do a Google site search of Amazon or you could navigate Amazon's site by going to "Your Account" then to "Learn how to use Your Account" and then to "Signing Out" where you will finally be rewarded with the following:

Signing Out

If you are using a public terminal, you will want to log off, or sign out, before you leave the computer. Here's how:

1. Click the link near the top of the home page that says "If you're not (your name), click here."
2. On the next page, leave the e-mail and password spaces blank and click the Amazon.com tab at the top of the page.
3. Close the browser to prevent your name or 1-Click settings from appearing on the public terminal.

Once you have done this, your name will be removed from the home page, and your 1-Click ordering settings will be inaccessible to anyone using the same computer after you.

First off, there are no instructions for non-public or home computers. They just assume you'll never sign out and that it's just fine for anyone using your computer, a friend or visiting family member, to hop on to your Amazon account and do whatever they want.


Second, even on a public terminal, there is no way to log out without clicking on "If you're not (your name), click here." Why would I ever click on that? How stupid is it that you have to pretend you are not you just to sign out? So why is Amazon being so ridiculous? The next two sentences reveal Amazon's motives:

We recommend that you sign out only when you feel that you must. If we can't identify you, it will be difficult for us to identify items that might be of interest to you.

The reason Amazon makes it so difficult for people to log out is that they want to track everything you do on your site. I don't have a problem with this, but only if you allow me an easy way to log out. It just seems common sense that, if you have a system where you log in to you should have an easy, readily apparent, method for logging out. I don't know another major website that makes it as difficult as Amazon.

Finally, Amazon's statement that, "We recommend that you sign out only when you feel that you must" really bugs me. It's under the "public terminal" section. Accordingly, if you are using a public terminal and think you should sign out but don't think you "must" sign out, then you shouldn't. How incredibly irresponsible is this? Come on Amazon, get your act together, don't be evil.

Posted by Don |


  1. #1
    M.M. said on February 28, 2008 | Reply

    I just LOVE this article about the evil of Amazon. Speak of totalitarianism at its worst, they're neck & neck with Iran, China, USSR, you name it. It's just a different guise, and they think we're all so gullible.

    If collective wishes of the world would ever come true, then all high-tech tyrants would die of a zillion tortures, including admins. at Microsoft, Dell, Ebay, PayPal, & Google. (I found it impossible to remove my websites from the Google index despite following their contortionist rules to the T), and finally, the endless companies that manufacture toxic products and import them from the Far East.

    Other formerly honest sites which have turned into tyrannical traitors are Freewebs and Tripod web hosters. Prior to deciding upon Freewebs years ago, they had assured me that they wouldn't impose intrusive banners. They went back on their word.

  2. #2
    Augustus Potherington-Smythe said on August 25, 2009 | Reply

    It`s now August 2009 and it`s still the same, I tried to sign out for ages then found this page through google.


  3. #3
    rose said on December 18, 2009 | Reply

    This is so funny, cause i just today 12/18/09 am trying to log out of amazon and was puzzled as to how to do it. i always just close my browser i guess, but today, for some reason, i said log out rose. and i could not find the stupid log out button. i read this site and was baffled as to how to log out. Thanks for sharing and i got a great laugh with you site!!!!
    happy holidays to you and your family

  4. #4
    Brandon said on April 2, 2010 | Reply

    Maybe it is because the original post is two years old, but you don't need to click "Not SoandSo?" in order to sign out. Although that does appear to be the fastest way, so thanks for the heads up. I always use "Your Account" in the top right and then (again on the right side, middle) "Log Out". Agreed that they purposefully make this difficult (hence my finding this post even though I know how to log out).

  5. #5
    joe alvarez said on May 21, 2010 | Reply

    I'm with you 100%. I found it annoying as hell that you can't log out of amazon easily. It's like visiting someone's home and getting trapped inside.
    I am going to start a facebook group about this!

  6. #6
    John said on September 15, 2010 | Reply

    Evil "amazon" stole the name of the great river! Their website and all their other services were always more or less a joke and a frustration and i was just tolerating them until now, but no, no sign out....!!?? WTF?? And after I lied that that's not me and signed out and tried to browse their stupid website they would annoy mew with the login screen and won't allow me to browse! No more purchases at Amazon.com! Now i will show at CDUNiverse etc. F--- YOU JEFF BEZOS, F--- YOUR STOLEN AMAZON NAME for NO FREEDOM to the SELF RESPECTING PEOPLE like us. F--- AMAZON.COM!

  7. #7
    Boyd said on February 16, 2011 | Reply

    Incidentally, it's Feb 16, 2011 and there is STILL no way to sign out of Amazon. FWIW, I installed Firesheep and closing Amazon via the browser doesn't help. The session still remains active even after someone has closed their browser. This could prove exceedingly harmful to someone's account. Frankly, it's scary that the session continues to remain active.

  8. #8
    Don replied to Boyd on February 16, 2011 | Reply

    That is because Amazon's desire to track you for their marketing purposes outweighs their interest in your security. And, I think that pretty much defines a company being evil in the internet age.

  9. #9
    Cathy said on February 16, 2011 | Reply

    I, too, just stumbled upon this website after trying to figure out why on God's green earth there wasn't a Logout button on Amazon??! I didn't shop on the site for years for that simple reason; it makes them seem disorganized. Now, however, I can see the REAL motive behind it!

  10. #10
    Mark said on August 23, 2011 | Reply

    I've been clicking on "Your Account" and clicking on "Sign out" from there for awhile. Now no "sign out" there. If you click on the "help" link at the top right, then that page has a "Sign out".

    Yes this is criminal on the part of Amazon. Who wants to leave "one click purchasing" enabled? I don't want "one click purchasing" AT ALL. While you can turn off one-click for the regular Amazon store, you can't even turn it off for media purchases!

    So you go to the hotel computer (which you should never use), check on your amazon account, then the next thing you know, the next guy has bought tons of music/movies on your account. Thank you NO Amazon.

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