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Nov 2 2007

The Many Faces of Hillary Clinton

The other day I was watching a "news" program on television with three liberal talking heads -- they didn't even bother to have a token conservative or independent. The three pundits were all mocking Hillary for taking both sides of every issue she confronts. They were joking and laughing and pointing out instance after instance where she said one thing and a few months or even just a few minutes later, said the exact opposite. The thing that amazes me, all three will likely vote for her in the primary and certainly vote for her in the general election. I just don't understand.

Click to enlarge - Michael Ramirez.

Throughout history candidates have always been weasely and avoided taking stands on issues. But, never in history has there been a candidate who has come down so solidly on one side, only to come down on the other side later on. To the people that support Hillary Clinton: do you know, I mean really truly know, what she stands for? I think deep down inside, without any external influences, she is a Marxist. But, I wouldn't bet the house on it. Again, to the people that support her, name something that you believe Hillary Clinton absolutely truly stands for, something that is at the core of her beliefs. Health care? Abortion? Whatever the issue, now imagine that somehow Hillary Clinton could be president if she switched sides on that issue. Do you think for a second that she would stand by her alleged convictions and watch the presidency slip away. Of course not. The only thing that is "core" to Hillary Clinton is power and that is why she flip-flops on so many issues. She doesn't have any beliefs of her own, other than what she thinks she needs to put forth at the moment to further her march towards the White House.

If you think Hillary Clinton supports an issue that is important to you, you better hope she continues to think that issue will help her in her quest for power. Because, if the tides change and your issue is no longer politically expedient for Ms. Clinton to support...you're out of luck!

In honor of Hillary Clinton's many faces, I have put together the following montage:


And, should anyone want to use the Hillary Clinton faces montage elsewhere but would like a horizontal version, here it is -- click to pop:


Hat tip zombietime.

Posted by Don |


  1. #1
    Jean said on November 20, 2007 | Reply

    Thank you for a very good read on this candidate. Amen! I love the pictures and I will pass this on to my family and friends. I think that everyone should read the following books before they make a decision to vote for Hillary:

    Rewriting History
    The Many Faces of Hillary Clinton
    Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton
    Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine

    There are many more books out there that tell a scary story of the Clintons. With so many different people writing these books, can they all be wrong?

  2. #2
    mccain08 said on February 20, 2008 | Reply

    thank you finally someone has the balls to publicly show her flaws!

  3. #3
    Nicole Maron said on March 7, 2008 | Reply

    "But, never in history has there been a candidate who has come down so solidly on one side, only to come down on the other side later on."

    This statement shows an alarming lack of historical knowledge. Perhaps if you'd read a newspaper at any two points during the GWB's administration, you would consider recanting it. While I am not Clinton supporter, I surely can't stand behind such a baldly erroneous statement.

    In fact, you needn't look at Bush's history of saying one thing and doing another. Look at McCain's record. He voted against all four veteran's bills that have been introduced since the invasion of Iraq. He voted against revamping Walter Reed hospital to take better care of wounded veterans. He voted against extending tax assistance for veterans who have been ordered to serve longer and more frequent tours than they are legally obligated to.

    You have every right to dislike Hillary Clinton. But try coming to a conclusion from a review of facts, not this baseless, knee-jerk prejudice and juvenile attacks on her looks.

  4. #4
    Don said on March 8, 2008 | Reply

    Readers meet Nicole Maron...a 35 year old, self-described "very liberal," atheist from San Francisco whose profile tells us she is a Gemini with "some college" whose personality is INFP (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving). In linking to this post on StumbleUpon Nicole states: "My comment, which of course will not be published by the site owner...." She hasn't even gotten to her comment and she's already objectively wrong. That might be a new record.

    Both Bush and McCain certainly have their faults, not being particularly conservative high on the list for both. However, even their most ardent critics on the left would put advocating both sides of an issue far down the list. As to Hillary, however, as I pointed out in the post, even liberals and those who would likely vote for her openly mock the fact that she has frequently taken both sides of issues. I wasn't just posting my opinion on the subject but, rather, the opinions of liberal pundits.

    The one example you point out with regard to McCain voting against various veterans bills evidences your naiveté. While I may not agree with every vote McCain has made, I can certainly understand that not every bill with the word "veteran" in it is a good bill. In trying to understand McCain's positions with which I disagree, I have actually pulled some of the actual bills off of Westlaw that McCain is criticized for vetoing and waded through good portions of their hundreds of pages. The unfortunate reality in congress is that the entire system is so corrupt that nothing gets passed that isn't objectionable for a hundred different reasons. I've often argued that I'd love to see a president veto every bill that congress passed if it had the slightest bit of pork. Pass a bill guarantying free air for everyone with just one cent of pork...Veto!

    Our national debt is over $9 trillion. You owe nearly $31,000 of it. My family owes $124,000! And that doesn't even include the unfunded mandates of all the entitlement programs which total $53 trillion...that's $175,000 for every man, woman and child, $455,000 per household, or $410,000 per worker!!! And, these ridiculous expenditures are increasing! We don't have any money for veterans, for children, for corporations, for individuals, for the elderly, for wars, for peace, for anything! So, if someone wants to vote against something I'm all for it...I'll take my precious time to analyze what they are voting for.

    As poorly constructed as the bills are that make it out of congress, it will most always be a balancing act as to whether the good in a bill out weighs the bad. You cannot be intellectually honest and proclaim that the various bills you reference were without flaws...accordingly whether McCain should have voted for them is a subjective matter...which brings us back to Hillary and her public statements which don't have anything to do with voting for or against flawed bills. Hillary has objectively stood on both sides of more issues than any candidate in history.

    I'll let the reader decide whether the opinions I express in my blog "lack historical knowledge" or are otherwise "baseless" or "knee-jerk." I've proven time and again that such criticisms are meritless.

    As for my "juvenile attacks on her looks"...it's just a montage of photos taken by her friend the mainstream press. Hardly an "attack." If you have a problem with Ms. Clinton looking less-than-presidential, take it up with her.

    [Note: I will give Nicole credit. She's not a drive by anonymous troll that has been popular of late. She posted under her own name and while she did not leave a website, she was easily traceable through StumbleUpon which links to her personal blog.]

  5. #5
    cindy said on March 25, 2008 | Reply

    Hi, I'm thirteen years old, 8th grade, and this is what i have to say about our political world today. I am in a very involved argument with a student in my class. He believes ( he is republican) that Hilary Clinton should and will be a very bad choice for our country. He is basing his opinions on the following, she has no political experience, lack of respect for our president (because she's a woman), other countries will think we're weaker and attack and because she’s a woman. FIRST OF ALL, she is THE SENATOR OF NEW YORK AND SHE IS A LAWYER. If anyone knows about politics, it's her. Aside from her personal issues concerning her and Bill while in the White House, she is the wife of our former president, Bill Clinton. Now, I ask him what have the Republicans done? WHAT HAS GULIANI DONE? Yes, he did a wonderful job cleaning the streets in New York BUT he is a small fish in a big pond. He does not have the same political experience as Hilary. I mean she's groomed (politically speaking) she's bean there done that. Also you ARE WRONG KRISTJAN!! DEMOCRATS DO HELP AND GIVE MONEY TO THE POOR BUT BECAUSE, OKAY heres why. Old, VETERANS FROM WORLD WAR 1 or 2 WHICH IS YOUR PREFERABLE TOPIC who fought for our FREEDOM can't even afford to pay taxes because republicans have implemented in gas PRICES GOING UP!!!!!!!!!!! AND HELLLLLLOOO! THE MAJORITY OF THE HOUSE OF RePRESENTATIVES... WHAT ARE THEY ...??????! DEMOCRATS THAT IT RIGHT. So yes those are my FACTS and opinions.

    Thank You very much.

  6. Hillary admits she mispoke about her Bosnia visit but there's is much more to tell about her part in wars. See http://www.bizarrepolitics.com/clinton-wars-hillary-was-there and see time line of her part in Free Trade history. NAFTA was not the beginning. See http://www.bizarreplolitics.com/hillary-nafta-dillydally/

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