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Nov 5 2008

2008 Presidential Election Results

First and foremost, let me take a moment to differentiate myself from the lunacy the far left has demonstrated the last eight years and state clearly and unequivocally that I wish President-Elect Barack Obama all the best. I hope and pray he has a four year term that is successful far beyond anyone's wildest dreams. I wish him and his family good fortune, good health and good luck. Come January 20, 2009, he will be my president and he will have my fullest support. I won't threaten to leave the country or, worse, threaten and then not follow through. I won't call for impeachment when there exist no constitutional grounds. I won't call him a liar for simply being wrong. Let nothing I write in the next four years contradict this statement. May God bless and watch over Barack Obama, his family and his administration.

With that said, Drew voted in pre-school on Tuesday.


Looks like my four year-old has more sense than 64 million Americans.


This is the "state" election results that every media outlet shows...and rightly so, since it determines electoral votes.


The is the "county" election results that no media outlet will show. Sure you can make the argument that it is distorted in favor of land mass at the expense of population centers. But, it is still is very interesting and certainly informative, enough so one might think to make the news. But, I've never seen it on television, only on the internet. Over the years I've spoken to some television only people who don't use the internet and they've never seen it shown on television either. I wonder if it showed an image favoring the Democrats if this would be different?


I heard some BO supporter say that BO won in a landslide. A little wishful thinking combined with a heaping of ignorance of history (which might help explain the support for BO). The above is President Ronald Reagan's 1984 election map (525 electoral votes to 13, nearly 60% of the popular vote to 40%. THAT is a landslide!


Here is Oklahoma's 2008 presidential voting by county. Oklahoma is the only state where every county went for McCain. Alaska has no counties, but all of its boroughs went for McCain/Palin too. But, even Alaska couldn't match Oklahoma's, highest state win for McCain, 64% to 34%. There's a reason I live in Oklahoma. God bless the Sooner State!

More Intemperate Thoughts:

This election really exemplifies the Oprahfication of America. The placing of emotions above logical thought. Never before have so many supporters of a candidate been so unable to articulate any rational reason for their choice. Interview after interview, BO supporters admitted to voting for him based on how he made them feel. That's never a wise thing on which to base a decision, any decision, let alone one as important, far reaching and complicated as choosing the leader of the free world.

Brian Williams led off his new cast tonight saying that BO was elected "despite being black." I really wish we could get away from the whole race thing. But, if it's going to be brought up, don't commit one of the worst sins there is, rewriting history. BO was not elected despite his race, he was elected because of it. Whether that's a good thing or not, this is a fact. Unless you believe a white, radically liberal, first term senator, with absolutely no accomplishments to point to, who attended a radical white racist church for twenty years and had loose ties to radical terrorists, would have beaten Hillary and then McCain...if you honestly believe that, then sure BO was elected "despite" his race.

I saw floating around the internet a photo of a bunch of babies of all different ethnic persuasions with a caption of something to the effect that now, finally, with the election of BO any of them can grow up to be president. This perfectly exemplifies the superficial thinking of the left. BO is 47, he was born in 1961 during the middle of the American civil rights movement the same year the Freedom Rides began. Accordingly, to be accurate, a group of babies from 1961 could have been used in the photo, because as BO has shown, any baby from 1961 could have grown up to be president. But, when does accuracy override feelings for liberals, after all it "feels" like only now can any baby grow up to be president.

I sure hope somebody tracks down Peggy Joseph in four years. She's the one who declared at a BO rally: "I won't have to worry about putting gas in my car, I won't have to worry about paying my mortgage. If I help him, he's going to help me." Either BO is going to bankrupt our country or there are going to be a whole lot of disappointed Peggy Josephs. I predict the following phrase will be popular in four years, "He ain't done nothing for us."

Speaking of disappointing supporters, did you hear BO start to explain away his future failures with this line from his victory speech: "We may not get there in one year or even one term." That's got to be some kind of record, going back on your promises in your victory speech. Why didn't he say this the night before the elections that he won't be able to do everything he promised?

Watch for the media's continued attempt to Dan Quayle Sarah Palin. The only reason the right got excited about voting for the Republican ticket was Palin. She is awesome! And, she terrifies the left. Smart, beautiful, a record of fighting corruption in both parties, a staunch conservative, knows how to handle a firearm and isn't afraid to use it and, horrors of horrors, she didn't murder her baby even though she knew it was a special needs child. The left is terrified of Sarah Palin and they will do anything and say anything to knock her down. Look for the continued full onslaught by the left and its lackey the mainstream media.

To anyone who may for the first time in their adult life be proud of our country, I say to you, you are not a patriot. You are nothing but a fair weather fan who doesn't deserve to enjoy the amazing freedoms and opportunities our nation has to offer. The Founding Fathers created a nation far greater and stronger than any one leader. If your pride and patriotism ebbs and flows with the political winds, you are simply ignorant and well deserving of the emotional morass that will come with future elections.

I hope I live to see the day when it is just as vile and disgusting to vote for a black man because of the color of his skin as it is to vote for a white man because of the color of his skin.

Hopefully, this will be the end of race discussions for me...what a stupid topic. But, I reserve the right to respond when others dredge up the subject.

Posted by Don |


  1. #1
    Drew said on November 8, 2008 | Reply

    That is funny how your son's name is Drew, mine is too! Except the fact that I am a girl. I totally agree with all of your views, especially the fact that those who call McCain voters racist and distinguish the racial difference are the actual racists. I personally do not care about the color of skin, I chose John McCain because I agree with his standpoints on abortion, gay marriage, taxes, and I also support Sarah Palin (I can't vote yet because I am only 14). He is much more experienced and has been in politics and government for such a long time. However, Obama is our president starting from January 2009 and I feel that the United States should pray for him and our country, for we truly are an amazing country. God bless you, Barack Obama.

  2. #2
    Jane said on November 8, 2008 | Reply

    I have 3 words for you. Bravo, bravo, and bravo. I may cut and paste you a few times very soon. Neither do I want the left to label us hand wringers and whiners. They have that corner on the market. I do hope to adjust my satellite In Case You Missed It to an ongoing tracking of Comrade Bho's presidency as emotionless as possible. I'm thinking of calling it BHO Boos and BHO Doo. Even that could change when I calm down. We'll see.

    Love your style, detail, and depth. BTW, my Honey's ancestry is connected to Oklahoma via the Oklahoma Runs and the Cherokee forced immigration. There's a huge possibility that most of any Brocks in and around Enid are his cousins.

  3. Alas here I am. Stuck in Minnesota. The state that elected Jesse Ventura as Governor. The state this allowing Al Franken to steal this election as well. Insanity reigns supreme up here apparently.

  4. #4
    Danny said on December 20, 2008 | Reply

    I respectfully disagree with your opinion.

    First of, I am not sure what motivated the white population (majority) to vote for Obama, but if it was color, than we will be much better of for it.

    Obama is a better candidate no matter which way you look at it. He has better ideas for the economy, for the education system, for health care. You name it. He is better educated. He is not a soldier that will keep us in the wrong war.

    One of my favorite republicans, McCain, just does not get the economy. He has no clue about it. In times like these, how can you have McCain lead the country.

    The war is another huge issue for the country. And we need someone with a different view point. NOT another Bush, to continue on the wrong path he has been since he entered office.

    America voted because it was presented with the SAME PATH, or a Different path. America choce the different path for better or worst. I tend to agree with Ameica. If the current PATH sticks, I will try the different one even if I'm worst of at the end.


  5. #5
    Don said on December 20, 2008 | Reply

    "First of, I am not sure what motivated the white population (majority) to vote for Obama, but if it was color, than we will be much better of for it."

    What a ridiculous notion to assert that if people made their choice based on race that it's a great thing. Oh, I suppose because it turned out the way you wanted that that somehow makes it OK. What if everyone was racist against BO and voted against him because of his race, would you still proclaim, "we will be be much better off for it"? Of course not. Like it or not, by definition you are a racist. I have no idea the color of your skin...don't care, because it doesn't matter...but you are putting forth the racist notions that it's alright for some people, sometimes, to take race into consideration...when you proclaim it to be appropriate... and that is sick, immoral and racist.

    "Obama is a better candidate no matter which way you look at it."

    Hey, we are in agreement. BO was a much better candidate/politician. But, BO was far from the most qualified for the office. Like the various reality shows on TV now, the person who wins doesn't often have the best skill set, they just played the "game" better. Clearly, BO played the game better. Of course it helps having the entire mainstream media totally in the bag helping you all along the way.

    "He has better ideas for the economy"

    Clearly you either don't understand BO's ideas or you don't know what has made America's economy the largest, strongest, economy in the world.

    "He has better ideas...for the education system."

    Again, although it probably isn't your fault as much as the media's failure to inform you, you are beyond clueless. BO served on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Do you have any freaking clue the types of programs he voted for and voted against during his tenure there? Do you know what a miserable failure the CAC was? We don't have to speculate on this topic, we have empirical evidence of the effectiveness of BO's "ideas" for the education system. BO is more interested in protecting his constituency of the teachers' unions than in actually helping children. Ask yourself, and be honest, if BO could help school children but doing so would destroy teachers' unions and possibly deal a death blow to other unions, would he do it? Never.

    "He has better ideas...for the health care."

    You mean like taking the greatest health care system in the world and screwing it up the same way that has caused immeasurable harm in other nations? Or do you mean ignoring the Constitution and finding some imaginary non-existent "right" which would force me to pay for someone else's health care. You have the right to free speech, religion, to own guns, etc., but I don't have to buy you newspapers, pay for your church or buy you guns...but you think somehow I have to pay for your health care? Do you know anything about our nation, how and why it was founded and why it has rose to such great prominence? Health care is far down the list of things one need. Air, food, clothing, shelter, job, are all higher on the list. If someone has a right to health care (which BO said people do in the debates), then logic dictates they have a right to all these higher needs...but maybe that's the point Karl.

    "He is better educated."

    Oh no you don't, until BO releases his college records you don't get to proclaim this one. What's BO hiding? That is grades suck more than Barney Frank? That he registered as a foreign student to get financial aid? Or, that he belonged to radical terrorist, socialist and/or Muslim student groups. I don't necessarily think it's any of these, but then we don't know because Mr. Won't-Let-You-See-His-College-Records-Or-Birth-Certificate won't show us. Until BO comes clean, you do not get to argue anything positive about his education.

    "He is not a soldier."

    Here's another thing we can totally agree on. BO is no soldier!

    "He [won't] keep us in the wrong war."

    You wrong-war types crack me up. You're hindsight is awesome. You're foresight miserable. I've argued it to success many times elsewhere...based on knowledge available at the time, you lose the argument every time. Only with knowledge mysteriously brought back in time from the future, are you able to make your outrageous and unsustainable claims. What we do know for certain, is that BO voted against the incredibly successful surge which has allowed us to win the war in Iraq. If BO was in office he would have ordered our troops to raise the white flag, give up, admit defeat, and come home with their tails between their legs, leaving Iraq in shambles, to become the terrorist center of the world and another killing fields for extremists. Then, despite it being all of BO's fault, he and you would just blame Bush. No thank you. We don't need BO's type of military "leadership."

    "One of my favorite republicans, McCain..."

    I'm sorry, I just can't help but giggle when I see the words "republican" and "McCain" next to each other. Of course he's one of your favorite republicans because he's a republican in name only. He is the head RINO! You can have him.

    "McCain just does not get the economy. He has no clue about it. In times like these, how can you have McCain lead the country."

    Just as the best research shows that all of FDR's efforts did nothing but drag out the depression and stifle economic regrowth, we will learn in the future that all the government interventions, stimulus and takeovers that are going on now, did more long-term harm than good. While McCain is/was the lessor of two evils, he wouldn't be as likely to send us down the socialist path. He'd likely have done fewer and smaller government interventions...which is always a good thing.

    "The war is another huge issue for the country."

    By what measure is it "huge"? Money? Not that much. Lives? Every hero lost is tragic, but the gross numbers aren't that high. The only way the war become huge, is if it is lost and Iraq, as described as above, becomes a radical Muslim cesspool. Compare that to a foothold for democracy in the middle east and you can see why the radical Muslims are so upset by our success. I just can't figure out why people like you so fear success in Iraq? Is your hatred for Bush that great?

    "And we need someone with a different view point."

    Yeah, this whole win the war and bring out troops home victors is getting old. Let's get our troops out of Germany and Japan...look what failures total victory and dozes of bases in these countries for 60+ years has caused!

    "NOT another Bush, to continue on the wrong path he has been since he entered office."

    You're beginning you repeat yourself...and your Koolaid stains are showing.

    "America voted because it was presented with the SAME PATH, or a Different path. America choce the different path for better or worst."

    Not even close. A huge, margin winning, percentage of American voted the way they did out of ignorance. Check out How Obama Got Elected. By a much greater margin, Obama supports were simply ignorant about the most basic issues. They got wrapped up in a cult of personality and were ill informed by the mainstream media. Few people have the time or desire to truly inform themselves, so they get a snipped of information here and a tid-bit from there. When those few sources are whoring for one candidate, the outcome is not surprising.

    "If the current PATH sticks, I will try the different one even if I'm worst of at the end."

    That does sum it up nicely. Faulty premise that McCain was the same path aside, you'd jump paths...out of ignorance...even if you're worse [off] at the end. I have to agree with you, I certainly believe, after reading your comment, that you would do just that.

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