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Jun 5 2010

Father's Day Gift Idea - Baseball Cuff Links

This past week I was contacted by a representative of RedEnvelope and asked if I would write a review of a product from their Father's Day gift collection. In exchange I would get to keep the gift along with other compensation. After reviewing a list of potential products, I chose the baseball cuff links from their Sports Collection Cuff Links.


The day after making my selection, I received a FedEx envelope containing the trademark RedEnvelope box with the cuff links nicely packaged inside.


The cuff links are made from an actual baseball used in a major league game and are officially licensed by MLB (Major League Baseball). The hologram on the back of each cuff link can be authenticated through the MLB Authentication website which will tell you the exact game the ball was used in.

Both of mine came from one baseball used in the September 4, 2007, Los Angeles Dodgers at Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Further proof of their authenticity...the Cubbies lost 6 to 2.


I've got say, I'm very impressed with the quality of the cuff links. The piece of the baseball used is flawlessly cut and nicely mounted with a convex curve greater than an actual baseball but perfectly proportioned for the size of the cuff link.


The backing is sterling silver and everything feels and functions just like you would expect a high-end piece of jewelry would. Ignore the brass/gold looking color of the cuff link in this picture, the metal is all polished sterling silver.


The cuff links look good on white, light blue and especially on dark or french blue which highlights the contrast of the red and white baseball.


A co-worker who is more GQ than me, graciously allowed me to borrow a fancy weave french cuff dress shirt of his. We both agreed, the cuff links looked terrible against the patterned material.

Conclusion: I would highly recommend these cuff links. They could not be any higher in quality and would add a bit of style and whimsy on an appropriate occasion. They are a bit pricey, but quality always is. No doubt, the official MLB licensing adds significantly to the price, but I think it is well worth it to know the baseball the cuff links are made from is genuine and to be able to trace it back to an specific game. The only caveat to my recommendation would be to think about the weave of any shirt you might be planning to wear the cuff links with; a plain weave is strongly preferred and a darker blue color really highlights the cuff links best.

Discount Code: If you are interested in the cuff links or any other items, RedEnvelope has provided the following discount code to receive 10% off of your order: 10offred

Finally, I just wanted to mention that If I didn't truly like the cuff links, I would not hesitate to criticize them which I've done before with compensated reviews I was asked to write. In this instance I really love the cuff links! I, also, think it would be worth your time to check out some of the other Father's Day gifts that are available at RedEnvelope (I spent a bit of time there myself clicking around).

Posted by Don |

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