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Tonight was Scout Night at the Tulsa 66ers professional basketball team. The 66ers play in the NBA's D-League and are the Oklahoma City Thunder's developmental team. The Boy Scouts Color Guard carried in the American flag for the National Anthem.


All the scouts got to high-five the players when they were announced at the beginning of the game. Drew and Will are in the center getting ready to greet the starting lineup.


The Tulsa 66ers' Rodney Bartholomew in home team white jumping against the visiting Austin Toros' Tyler Wilkerson in black in the opening tip-off.


Tulsa 66ers Andy Rautins lays one in.


Tulsa 66ers Chris Quinn with a jumper from outside.


Tulsa 66ers Dominique Sutton at the free throw line.


An enlargement of the above photo shows Dominique Sutton wearing an In Jesus Name I Play bracelet...very cool. Several of the players appeared to be wearing them and most of the players were wearing bracelets of one kind or another.


Chris Quinn with a terrific no look pass.


Chris Quinn with another jumper.


Tulsa 66ers Travis Hyman laying one in close to the rim.


Andy Rautins gets off a three-pointer.


Tulsa 66ers Hollis Thompson getting hacked as he takes it strong to the hoop.


Tulsa 66ers Tony Taylor makes a sweet move to the basket.


Austin Toros Jamarr Sanders slams one home. The 66ers had a great slam dunk too...but I missed getting a shot of it.


Tulsa 66ers Travis Hyman, up in the air, going under the basket for a shot.


Dominique Sutton lays one in.


Drew, Will and Landon after enjoying the Tulsa 66ers 96-87 victory over the Austin Toros.

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This evening Mary and I attended the 2013 OADC winter meeting. OADC stands for the Oklahoma Association of Defense Counsel. The meeting was held at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel in Oklahoma City.


My firm was kind enough to rent a limousine for the evening. We had a Cadilac Escalade stretch limo. It has seating for 15 but even the owners admit that it's more like seating for 15 high schoolers or 11 adults. Due to two couples cancelling at the last minute, we filled it with just 7.


The inside of the limousine.


Me and my beautiful better half ready for a night out on the town...or, a night out on the other town city.


I didn't manage to snap a picture of the hotel. Imagine that, something I didn't take a photo of! But, this is the Skirvin Hilton Hotel. The Skirvin fist opened in 1911 with just 10 stories and two wings. Stories and another wing were added until it achieved its final size of 14 floors and 3 wings in 1930 giving it 525 rooms. It was closed down in 1988 and sat abandoned for 19 years including all the time I lived and worked in Oklahoma City, although there were always grand plans to reopen it. Finally, in 2007, it was fully renovated and reopened as a Hilton hotel.


The place setting that greeted us.


The first course of our meal was a wonderful crab cake. I didn't eat it, of course, since I'm allergic to shellfish. Keep reading and click on "continue reading" below to see my appetizer to which Mary was "mortified."


The salad was elegant and delicious.


The main course was fish and beef. I opted for a fishless plate which the servers had no problem providing. I must say, the beef was absolutely wonderful!


The dessert was very tart sherbert which would have been unpleasant by itself but which was served with a very sweet thick cream. The two together were quite yummy. There was also a cookie and a little mint ice cream which were a nice accompaniment.

We all wound up having a great time and got home tired and exhausted but grateful for the ride and fine evening with friends and co-workers.


We stopped halfway along our little journey in Stroud to use the restrooms and, for me at least, to pick up a snack since I had worked through lunch today in order to finish everything I needed to get done. I picked up some McDonald's Chicken McNuggets which were also a hit in the limo. As it turned out, I had one box of nuggets left over. I brought them along just in case I needed them...and I did. While everyone else ate crab cake, I used the fine silverware and proudly ate my McNuggets with barbecue sauce as elegantly as anyone has ever eaten McNuggets. Everyone at the table got a kick out it, while Mary was properly embarrassed by her uncouth husband.

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Jan 13 2013

Barbecue Rib Bones


Today, after church, we ate lunch at Ruby Tuesday. Besides having the best salad bar and most amazing croutons, they also have great barbecue ribs. I can never decide between their classic barbecue or their Memphis dry rub, so I get half a rack of each. They are absolutely delicious and literally fall off the bone allowing you to pretty much eat them with just a fork.

Anyway, since I was a small boy, I've loved ribs and have always neatly lined up my cleaned off bones. After all, what else would you do with them, just throw them haphazardly on a plate? Mary has always complained about me doing this, saying that it was gross and that she could hardly look at my dead carcass reenactment. I always laughed off her concern chalking it up to over sensitivity especially since everyone or, at least, most people also line up their ribs. Or, so I thought, though I must admit I never really pondered the subject much.

Today, however, made me question whether my little habit is really all that common. The waitress saw my used rib bones and commented that she had never seen that before in her many years of being a waitress. "Really?" I asked. "Yes," she confirmed, never seen it before. OK, so maybe Mary's right and I am a little weird. At least I don't have a pile of randomly strewn bones in front of me.

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Nigel Reading is a member of the BOAC Junior Jet Club or, at least, he was when he was a little younger. But, growing up and discontinuation of the club by British Airways didn't stop Mr. Reading from continuing to log his 1.3 million miles in his original BOAC log book.

093-boac-junior-jet-club-log-book.jpg Photograph by Janet Eastman.

The 59 year-old Mr. Reading's BOAC Junior Jet Club book has signatures from 637 flight captains documenting his lifetime of travel. When talented writer and photographer Janet Eastman found out about Mr. Reading, she knew she had a great story to tell. Her background research on the Junior Jet Club led her to DanzFamily.com and my 2005 post about my own BOAC Junior Jet Club log book. An email and a phone call later and Ms. Eastman had some quotes for her article which appears in two Southern Oregon newspapers:

Ashland Daily Tidings: A really, really, really frequent flyer

Medford Mail Tribune: Oh, the places he has gone

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Jan 2 2013

Three Brothers


Back at work the first work day of the year and this greats me on the wall of my office. I put it up in December but could not blog about it because Aunt Donelda got one for Christmas. It will be an awesome year with these guys watching over me. The photos were taken when we got our recent church directory photo. My iPhone does not do it justice.

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