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Floral Haven had over 3400 flags set out all over their grounds; one for ever veteran buried there. Local boy scouts help take down the flags each year. This year Drew and I helped out.


The process starts with retiring the Garrison Flag.


Afterward, we were off to a far corner to start taking taking down flags and poles.


Each flag has a metal tag identifying the person the flag represents.


After the flags are all taken down, they are cleaned and inspected for any that are too worn and need replacement. Many hands make light work and with the hundreds of scouts present, it took less than two hours before all the flags were down. We had a great time and look forward to returning next year.

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Drew had his Arrow of Light ceremony this afternoon. The ceremony marks the transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.


Each boy's name was called, an arrow lit and shot at the target.


The archer was very accurate.


Drew with his Arrow of Light on the bridge which symbolizes the transition from Cub Scout to Boy Scout along with the outstanding Boy Scouts who put on the ceremony.


All of the new Boy Scouts. Drew has really worked hard to achieve all of his scouting goals and Momma and Daddy are very proud!

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Feb 22 2015

Blue and Gold Dinner


Our Boy Scout Drew, Cub Scout Will and all around supporter of his brothers Landon at their troop's Blue and Gold Banquet.


Drew and Will made a four layer chocolate cake all by themselves. While Daddy watched over them, they did everything from deciding what to make, to the shopping for all the ingredients, to the mixing and cooking, all by themselves. The only assistance they got was at the end with a little smoothing of the icing.


The boys' cake was one of the most popular desserts. It was unbelievably delicious!

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Drew and Will's pack disbanded and they joined a new one that's a bit larger as can be seen by the increased number of cars (34) in this year's Pinewood Derby race.


First up, Will in lane number 3.


Will won 4 of 6 heats with the green car coming in first or second with him each time.


Will had the fastest average time over all 6 heats for the Bears. He beat the green car, number 27, by just 2/100ths of a second.


Next up was Drew in lane number 3. This is Drew's last year participating in the Pinewood Derby so he's hoping to end on a high note.


Drew won every one of his heats against the other Webelos. The gold and silver cars were always behind him, in that order.


Drew had the fastest average time for the evening by a pretty comfortable margin. The gold car, number 26, took second overall. But, the real story was third place. Look back at Will's time: 3.7984. Now, look at the time for the third place car above, number 2: 3.7994. Will beat him out by just 1/1000th (one/one-thousandth) of a second! (There were a lot of other heats, but all the fastest cars were in Drew and Will's groups.)


Drew and Will with their 1st and 3rd place trophies. The boys really dialed in their designs this year. They decided what shape to make their cars, where to put the wheels, where to put the weights and, of course, the paint and decorations, as well as doing all the sanding and most of the painting. Most importantly, they moved the weights forward more evenly over the rear axle than behind it to avoid the problems they had last year.


Drew's red car and Will's silver and blue number 8 car (he chose it since he's 8 years old). Drew didn't want to put any decals, decorations, numbers, or anything on his car...just plain red. I guess it worked!

Pinewood Derby 2014
Pinewood Derby 2013
Pinewood Derby 2012

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Drew and Will's Scout Pack had their Pinewood Derby race tonight.


As returning 1st and 2nd place champions from last year and 1st place from the year before, there was a lot on the line.


The boys have been tweaking their designs, moving the weight back, improving aerodynamics, all in an effort to squeeze out a little more speed. The design tweaks worked well, at least initially, as can be seen here, Drew (lane 2) and Will (lane 5), were the fastest down the ramp.


But, in the straightaways, the new tweaks revealed a slight design flaw.


Drew and Will's cars simply couldn't stay in their lanes.


The problem was made worse by the Hot Wheels like plastic track with easy-hopping side rails unlike the old-school wood track with the center hump we had the last two years.


The problem was so bad that, by the end of the track, the boys' cars were literally flying off the track.


When their cars were able to stay in their lanes, they were FAST! Drew's car had the fastest single run of the night. And, while there wasn't an award given out, we're pretty certain Will's car had the second fastest run.


Will's car won 2nd Place among the Wolves and also Most Stylish.


Drew's car won Fastest Time, 2nd Place among the Webelos and, amazingly because it also happened last year, he was awarded Fastest Looking car before the race took place.


Two proud Scouts with their Pinewood Derby cars. The boys didn't have the race they hoped for this year, but they learned a lot and we were really proud of how well they handled defeat and congratulated the winners.

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As part of Drew and Will's scouting activities, we all visited the Broken Arrow Historical Society Museum.


For some time, the scouts have been working on a variety of hand-crafted Christmas ornaments. They all worked together to decorate a Christmas tree with the ornaments. Drew, Landon and Will are standing by their pack's tree.


Two more scouts in the pack join in to proudly stand by the Christmas tree they worked hard to decorate.


The pack's beautiful Christmas tree.


The museum collected trees decorated and donated by various groups which will then be donated to needy families who otherwise wouldn't know the joy of a Christmas tree for Christmas.


After checking out their tree, the boys toured the museum the highlight of which is the Childers family log cabin which was their home from 1861 to 1948.


An older dental office...makes you appreciate modern dentistry.


Equipment and materials previously used by the First National Bank of Broken Arrow.


Everyone enjoyed their afternoon at the Broken Arrow Historical Society Museum and may have even accidentally learned something along the way.

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Feb 27 2013

Pinewood Derby 2013


This year's entrants in the Cub Scout Pack 983 Pinewood Derby. While we already have a small pack, the field was further narrowed by three of the older boys not being present (one Drew's age and two a year older). To see the making of Drew and Will's Pinewood Derby cars for this year, click here.


First up was Will, on the left, with his dragon car on the right.


Drew and his car both on the left.


Will, tongue in cheek, very carefully lining up his car.


Drew lining up his car with great precision.


Will pushing the button to start the race.


Drew taking his turn starting the race.


Will at the finish to see his car cross the line first.


Drew watching over his car as it takes an easy victory.


Drew and Will really enjoyed it when they got to race against each other


In this race, Will with an electronically measured time of 3.359 seconds beat out Drew with a time of 3.376 seconds by just 17 thousandths of a second.


Drew crossing the finish line just ahead of Will.


Will won Most Animaltastic for his car design as well as 1st place in his den and 2nd place over all for the whole pack.


Drew won Most Modern for his car design as well as 1st place in his den and he repeated his performance last year with another 1st place for the whole pack.

Mary saw the final race results printout and said that Drew's winning time beat out Will's by only 4 thousandths of a second. The difference between the two was just 1/4 of that shown three pictures above when they crossed the finish line 17 thousandths of a second apart! That's pretty much a tie in my book.


Our two awesome Pinewood Derby champions!

Posted by Don | Comments (0) | TrackBacks (0) |


It's that time of year again. Drew, Will and I have been working on their Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby cars. After discussing aerodynamics, weight distribution, handling, race rules and coolness, the boys designed their respective cars. First up for no-nonsense Drew is taking some unnecessary drag off the top.


Next, Drew wanted a more pointy front end compared to last year.


The ever creative Will came up with the idea for a dragon car. In addition to an aerodynamic slope, Will had me carve out a dragon head front-end.


It's a pretty cool design Will came up with if I do say so myself.


The dragon's head, both sleek and unique.


Drew's car wasn't tall enough to drill out a cavity to put in weights like last year, so we simply cut off a section the size of the weights, clued them in and puttied around them.


Will's car was perfect for drilling out a hole to put in the necessary weights in order to bring it up to the maximum allowed 5 ounces.


The final results, Will's dragon car and Drew's form-follows-function aerodynamic car with what we've come to call Volvo accents on the rear end. We call them that because they kind of make it look like the back end of our Volvo S80. It's also look we carried over from last year.


The front ends of two terrific Pinewood Derby cars.


The rear ends of the boys' Pinewood Derby cars with Will's awesome dragon tail and Drew's taillights.


The finished Pinewood Derby cars with their polished axles and wheels fully assembled. The cars are covered in lubricating graphite dust that gets everywhere after well-coating the axles and where the wheels rub against the cars. Tomorrow night, the big event!

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Tonight was Scout Night at the Tulsa 66ers professional basketball team. The 66ers play in the NBA's D-League and are the Oklahoma City Thunder's developmental team. The Boy Scouts Color Guard carried in the American flag for the National Anthem.


All the scouts got to high-five the players when they were announced at the beginning of the game. Drew and Will are in the center getting ready to greet the starting lineup.


The Tulsa 66ers' Rodney Bartholomew in home team white jumping against the visiting Austin Toros' Tyler Wilkerson in black in the opening tip-off.


Tulsa 66ers Andy Rautins lays one in.


Tulsa 66ers Chris Quinn with a jumper from outside.


Tulsa 66ers Dominique Sutton at the free throw line.


An enlargement of the above photo shows Dominique Sutton wearing an In Jesus Name I Play bracelet...very cool. Several of the players appeared to be wearing them and most of the players were wearing bracelets of one kind or another.


Chris Quinn with a terrific no look pass.


Chris Quinn with another jumper.


Tulsa 66ers Travis Hyman laying one in close to the rim.


Andy Rautins gets off a three-pointer.


Tulsa 66ers Hollis Thompson getting hacked as he takes it strong to the hoop.


Tulsa 66ers Tony Taylor makes a sweet move to the basket.


Austin Toros Jamarr Sanders slams one home. The 66ers had a great slam dunk too...but I missed getting a shot of it.


Tulsa 66ers Travis Hyman, up in the air, going under the basket for a shot.


Dominique Sutton lays one in.


Drew, Will and Landon after enjoying the Tulsa 66ers 96-87 victory over the Austin Toros.

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Will and Drew's school had their Veterans Day celebration today and their Cub Scout pack provided the Color Guard.


Drew had the honor of carrying the American Flag during the ceremony.


Drew and Will giving their scout salute to the flag during the practice for their Veterans Day assembly. Below a movie of the color guard in action during the assembly.

Interestingly, the Veterans Day observance is mandated by state law:

Title 70 Okla. Stat. § 24-152. Veterans Day and Celebrate Freedom Week in public schools--Instruction on Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution

A. In order to educate students about the sacrifices made for freedom on behalf of this country and the values on which this country was founded, the date of November 11 is hereby designated "Veterans Day", and the week in which November 11 falls is hereby designated "Celebrate Freedom Week" in and for the public schools of this state. In any year in which the date of November 11 is a Saturday or Sunday or classes are not in regular session, the public schools of this state shall observe the previous school day as "Veterans Day" as provided for in this section. For purposes of this subsection, Sunday shall be considered the first day of the week.

B. The board of education of each public school district shall ensure that each school in its district will on Veterans Day conduct and observe an appropriate program of at least one class period remembering and honoring American veterans. In addition, schools may choose, if scheduling allows, to have a one-minute moment of silence beginning at 11:00 a.m. on November 11 of each year. The benefit of such activity, in addition to honoring American veterans, is to serve to educate students about the termination of World War I at 11:00 a.m. on November 11, 1918, which was first recognized by United States President Woodrow Wilson on the first anniversary of the truce in a proclamation eulogizing fallen Allied soldiers and referring to November 11 as Armistice Day.


It a great law, just too bad you have to legislate common sense.

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Oct 10 2012

Three Cub Scouts


Our three Cub Scouts or, more accurately, our two Cub Scouts and one future Scout before their meeting tonight. Drew is a Bear, Will is a Tiger Cub and Mama is a Den Leader. (Add that to Mama's endless list of job titles!)

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Last night all of us enjoyed a Tulsa Drillers baseball game. Even in the cheap seats, we had a great time feasting on ballpark food and America's pastime. Because they have now played organized baseball (at least the older two), they paid a lot closer attention, followed the game better and got a lot more out of it than they ever have before.


After the game, we were treated to a fireworks show.


Amazingly, I narrowed my pictures down to just four...pretty good for me.


I like the color of this one and the one before with the people silhouetted against the purple.


The Drillers really put on a nice fireworks display!


After the game, Mama and Landon whet home while Drew, Will and I set up camp in center field just under the huge video board for a showing of Kung Fu Panda 2. Unfortunately, there were no tents allowed on the manicured grass (not even stakeless self-supporting ones like ours), so we went without and just set up our air-mattress.


This is the boys at 6:13 a.m., shortly after we awoke this morning. Will was able to get some sleep but Drew set a new personal record for staying up late. To say there was little sleeping going on would be an understatement. Every time I managed to doze off, I was awakened shortly thereafter by the roving bands of scouts whose parental supervisors didn't enforce the official 3:00 a.m. quite hours. The 5:12 a.m. awakening by screaming banshees a foot from my head was the rudest. I grabbed my iphone to see the time and probably would have grabbed one of them if they hadn't run off.


Despite the lack of sleep, it was a fun adventure with the boys and none of us would have missed it for the world...we're just not sure if we need to repeat it next year, especially if it's 105° that day. Thanks to the Tulsa Drillers for letting us on your field and special thanks to the their groundskeeper who cannot possibly be a fan of such events.

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Mar 7 2012

Pinewood Derby Race


Drew had his Pinewood Derby race tonight. This was his competition, an amazing variety of creative hand-crafted pinewood race cars.


Drew and another scout at the start lined up behind their respective cars.


The start of the first set of three races. Each car takes a turn in each lane and the times are recorded electronically and averaged together.


Drew's car is on the right and in the lead in his second heat.


By the end of the evening, Drew had won first place in his den and first place in the whole pack. He received the two medals on his chest and, ironically, before the race results were even known, he received the blue ribbon for the Fastest Looking Car.

Drew's school had an assembly today where students got to trade in "gotchas" received for good behavior in exchange for participation in turning the principal into a chocolate sunday. Drew traded in the most gotchas of any student and was able to pour syrup, whip cream and sprinkles on his principal. Then, tonight, Drew won two first place medals in the Pinewood Derby. Drew said this was the greatest day of his life!

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Mar 6 2012

Pinewood Derby Car

This is Drew's first year of Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby.


The evolution of Drew's Pinewood Derby car. His design drawn on the side of the raw block, a rough saw down to size, a Dremel shaping and sanding, a primer coat, one of three coats of Regal Red enamel gloss, and finally with decals...No. 28.


The car weighed in at about 2 ounces so we drilled out the back end and put in 3 ounces of lead fishing weights to bring it up to the maximum allowed 5 ounces. The first picture shows the car after we wood puttied the rear and sanded it in preparation for some touch-up painting. After the first weigh in, a week before the race, the car was still .2 ounces shy, so we drilled out some of the bottom rear and added .25 ounces more of lead and puttied it up again. Race day, we were again a little short by the "official" scale so we glued some tungsten putty to the bottom rear to finally weigh in at 5.0 ounces.


We spent several hours filing the ridges off the official supplied axles and sanding them down with sandpaper progressing through grits of 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000 and then finally with some diamond polishing compound. The end result was a flawless mirror-like finish which will hopefully eliminate a lot of friction resulting in a faster car.


The finished product, Drew's Pinewood Derby car.


Race day, with a good dusting of dry graphite lubrication on the axles which gets all over everything. Next post...race results!

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Drew's cub scout pack visited the Tulsa Historical Society for a scavenger hunt today.


The Tulsa Historical Society is housed in the Samuel Travis Mansion originally build in 1919 and finally purchased by the Historical Society in 1997 from a developer who had planned to demolish the structure. The right-third of the building was added on to the original symmetrical structure, as well as the triple arches which extend out from the original simply front door.


The tour guide was excellent with a great command of history as well as an ability to deal with the tour participants when they threw her an unexpected curve.


We all learned that the term "uppercase" letters originated with typewriters in which there were no dual-function keys operated by a shift key but, rather, all of the capital letters were originally laid out above the "lowercase" letters.


Drew taking a turn reading the next clue in the scavenger hunt.


This is a "mobile" phone from the 1970s. I'll bet it held a lot of apps in that big case.


Our proud new cub scout.

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