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Oct 31 2013

Halloween 2013


The boys are all ready to go trick-or-treating. Drew is Captain Rex, Will is Anakin Skywalker and Landon is Obi-wan Kenobi.


As always, Daddy Darth Vader joined the boys for the house to house quest for candy.

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Jun 1 2013

Lego Creations


Drew and Will created their own Lego creations from a bucket of random Lego. Drew built a podracer with Anakin Skywalker driving. Will built a droid automatic spaceship with forward and reverse guns.

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Oct 31 2012

Halloween 2012


The boys in their Halloween costumes ready to go trick-or-treating. Landon is Obi-wan Kenobi, Will is Anakin Skywalker and Drew is Captain Rex.


Finally, Darth Vader joins the boys. There's been some talk among the ranks and rumor has it that Star Wars may be on the way out for Halloween. We'll have to wait and see if something else appears next year...

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In addition to the Star Wars Lego Luke Cake, Mama also made chocolate Lego bricks and chocolate Star Wars minifigures for Will's friends birthday party. She put an assortment of bricks and minifigures in each of the children's party favor bags.


Chocolate and different colored candy melts, a silicon candy mold, a little love and presto...your own clone chocolate army.


Mama's awesome chocolate Lego bricks and Star Wars minifigures!

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For Will's friends birthday party, Mary made a Star Wars Lego Luke Cake. Start with a cake made in a silicone Lego minifigure cake pan.


Begin icing the head and hands with a skin-tone icing.


Next the body, which is black since Will specifically requested Luke from Episode VI.


Add some yellow hair and eyebrows and then some eyes and a mouth.


Last, add a some grey details to Luke's cloak/robe and belt.


The final product at the party including a green, Episode VI, lightsaber. Great job Mama!

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May 12 2012

Star Wars Battle


The boys set up an epic Star Wars battle today with all of their Star Wars Galactic Heroes figures.


Good guys, bad guys and everything in between. Not sure if team effort was involved or if it was just an all out every-man-for-himself battle.


In the end there can be only one. This time it was the duel-wielding Commander Fox.

Posted by Don | Comments (0) | TrackBacks (0) |


Our local library had a Stars Wars Celebration tonight. The boys wore their Halloween costumes and we partook of all the activities including getting their pictures taken with some serious costumed characters including this mandalorian.


The boys with two more mandalorians.


The boys with Obi-wan Kenobi holding baby Yoda, Princess Leia and a member of the 501st Legion.


There were lots of Star Wars related crafts and activities including this one where the boys made paper R2-D2s.


After we toured all the activities, I suggested we take off...kind of hoping the boys had forgotten about the costume contest. All the boys insisted we stay for the costume contest. I told them we'd have to wait for the contest to begin, wait for everyone to be judged, wait for the judges to make their decisions, lots of waiting. Still, the boys insisted we wait...so, outvoted 3 to1, we hung around.

Landon, I mean Obi-wan Kenobi, got lots of "aws" and was incredibly brave going up on stage all by himself, especially since I was taking pictures and not comforting/coaching him. Unfortunately, he didn't do his awesome force move, so he didn't score as high as he could have. Still, he's a pretty brave two year-old.


Will, that is Anakin Skywalker, went up like a pro and did a terrific force move for the crowd.


Finally, Drew went up on stage and, despite not having a helmet or a blaster, he struck a great pose. This picture doesn't do his pose justice as I only caught him just getting into it.


In the end, Drew took second place in the Star Wars costume contest out of about 35-40 kids. We all had a terrific time!

Posted by Don | Comments (0) | TrackBacks (0) |
Oct 31 2011

Happy Halloween 2011


This was our first all Star Wars Halloween: Will was Obi-Wan Kenobi, Landon was Luke Skywalker and Drew was Commander Fox while Daddy was Darth Vader.

On a down note, this Halloween had the fewest participating homes ever. We were able to cover all the major streets in our neighborhood in just one pass with little street crossing required. Drew and Will's haul at the end of the night didn't begin to compare to last year's haul covering the exact same route. On the other hand, Mary said we had a record number of kids come to our door, nearly 200. I blame Obama.


The boys checking out our pumpkin carvings.


Landon trick-or-treated up and down our street with his brothers and then spent the rest of the night helping Mama hand out candy.


This and the prior photo are an example of the problem I come across whenever I select pictures for the blog or for out best of collection. The previous one is a much better photo with no flash, natural light and the glowing lighsaber but Landon isn't smiling. This photo is a typically washed-out flash photo but Landon has a great smile. I can't decide which I like better...so both get posted.

Posted by Don | Comments (1) | TrackBacks (0) |


The first step in making a Star Wars R2D2 cake is to make butter-cream icing in four colors: white, light blue, medium blue and dark blue. This is done by simply stirring and adding blue food coloring until the colors look about right.


Next, make your R2D2 cake. If you don't have an R2D2 cake pan, this will be a difficult step. You might also note, this is one ugly looking cake...but, it is an awesome cookie which our little padawan prefers.


Start with the white icing smoothly covering the body, legs and feet as shown.


Next, use the dark blue to outline the various features as shown.


The cook (Mary) skipped a step in her photography. I don't know why she can't take care of three active boys, decorate a cake and photograph every step of the process at the same time, sheesh! So, here are the dark blue and the medium blue icing filled in. I think you can tell which are which.


Finally, with the light blue icing filled in last. The almost finished Start Wars R2D2 cake or, in this instance, cookie.


Mary was worried about the juice from the cherries running so she waited until the birthday party to put the final touches on the R2D2 cake, cherries for the lights/cameras/sensors/whatever.

Posted by Don | Comments (0) | TrackBacks (0) |
Oct 31 2009

Happy Halloween 2009


For Halloween this year, Drew dressed as Commander Fox, Will dressed as Obi Wan Kenobi and Landon dressed as a pumpkin.


Commander Fox and Obi Wan Kenobi. More after the jump...


Landon the Pumpkin stayed home and helped Mama hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters.


The first house to trick-or-treat was Ma and Pa's.


Darth Vader, Commander Fox and Obi Wan Kenobi just before they went trick-or-treating.


Our neighbors, Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Boba Fett joined us at the end of the evening for a group photos.

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Oct 31 2008

Halloween 2008


Drew and Will at our annual Pumpkin Town visit earlier this week.


Will (Buzz Lightyear) and Drew (Obi-Wan Kenobi) before they went trick or treating at Ma and Pa's.


Drew (Obi-Wan Kenobi), Will (Buzz Lightyear) and Daddy (Darth Vader) before we all went out trick or treating for the evening.

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I can't say how I came about this video clip for obvious reasons, all I can say is that it is previously unreleased footage of a youngling dying after the attack by Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. No doubt it was left on the digital cutting room floor due to its graphic nature.

***WARNING *** The video contains spoilers and graphic violence.

(For the first time ever, I prefer the YouTube version over Vimeo. Each service appears to make a tradeoff between still image quality and motion quality. Vimeo generally provides better image quality at the sacrifice of motion quality, while YouTube is the other way around. In this one instance, the YouTube video quality is better, less jerky, than the Vimeo version so I recommend you watch the YouTube version below.)

Vimeo version after the jump.

Posted by Don | Comments (3) | TrackBacks (0) |

star-wars-celebration-iv.gifThanks to Uncle David, the Star Wars Celebration IV post is finally complete with 73 photos from the May '07 festivities (up from a mere 24).

It took a while, but it was a lot of work photoshopping the pics (my job) and researching all the characters and where they appeared (David's job). Thanks David!

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Oct 31 2007

Halloween 2007


Winnie the Pooh Will and Obi Wan Kenobi Drew visited our house this Halloween.


Later there was high drama when Darth Vader Daddy took Winnie the Pooh hostage but Obi Wan Kenobi saved the day when he vanquished the evil Lord Vader. More Darth Vader after the jump.


May the force be with you and Happy Halloween!

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Mary, being some combination of crazy and a saint, all by herself, came up with the plan: (1) the four of us drive to Kansas City on Saturday to visit her sister, brother-in-law and their new baby, (2) I fly back on Sunday to work during the week, (3) she drives alone with the boys to St. Louis on Tuesday to see a friend and attend her daughter's birthday party, (4) she continues on alone with the boys to Chicago on Wednesday to see my mom and sister, (5) I fly to Chicago Thursday to spend Labor Day weekend together and, finally, (6) we all drive back to Tulsa on Monday.


Will enjoyed the trip with his new neck pads which really helped support his head while napping in his car seat. Between naps, Will watched DVDs, wrote on the Magna Doodle and played with a long procession of toys handed back to him from the front. Drew, seen here kicking back watching a DVD, was an incredible trooper.


In Drew's lap is his Star Wars Transformers Boba Fett & Slave I. Drew was such a good boy on the trip to Chicago and all the time there that we bought him the transformer to play with on the trip back. The package says it is for children 5+ years and Drew is only 3 1/2 so we didn't know if it would be too hard or frustrating for him...how wrong we were. We waited until we were outside Chicago before giving it to him in the hopes of maximizing it's entertainment value during drive through the flat cornfields of Illinois. After an hour we figured we had gotten more than our money's worth. After two hours of transforming back and forth and playing with the resulting ship and guy we were amazed. All told, the trip took 13 hours of which about 10 were driving and we figure Drew played with the transformer for total of about 5-6 hours! The Star Wars Transformer was easily the best purchase ever...and there may be some more in the boys' future...*wink* *wink*.

Posted by Don | Comments (0) | TrackBacks (0) |

star-wars-celebration-iv.gifUncle David and over 35,000 other people attended Star Wars Celebration IV, also known as C4 or CIV, in Los Angeles, California, from May 24 to May 28, 2007. The Celebration coincided with the 30th anniversary of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the original Star Wars film which debuted on May 25, 1977.

Much like for Celebration III, David took hundreds of photos, which we've gone through and picked out the best. I then photoshopped them and David, using his unmatched knowledge of all things Star Wars, labeled them (with an addition or two of my own).

After updating, there are now 73 photos, click "Continue reading" to see them in the order they were taken (also known as no particular order):

Biker Scout Trooper (VI)

Imperial Guard (II, III and VI), Tusken Raider/Sand People (I, II, and IV)

Clone Trooper (III)

Imperial Fleet Officer (IV-VI), Grand Admiral-? (Expanded Universe)

Fem Solo (Your Dreams), Slave Leia (VI)

Darth Talon (Legacy Comics)

Commander Cody (III), Commander Appo (III)

Storm Trooper (IV-VI), Sith (Expanded Universe), Padme Amidala (II)

Darth Maul (I)

Mara Jade (Expanded Universe), Snow Trooper (V)

Sith (Expanded Universe)

Han Solo (VI)

Clone Trooper (III)

Quinlan Vos (Republic Comics)

Mara Jade (Expanded Universe)


Grand Admiral (Expanded Universe)

Rebel Fighters/X-Wing Pilots (IV-VI)

Rebel Fighters/X-Wing Pilots (IV-VI)

Commander Gree (III)

Boba Fett/Rocketman (C4)

Slave Leia (VI)

Storm Trooper (IV-VI)

501st Clone Troopers

Lyn Me, Princess Leia, Oola (Episode VI)


Darth Vader (III - VI), Jango Fett (II), Boba Fett (IV - VI)

Gamorrean Guard (VI), Emperor Palpatine (III, V, VI)

Senator Padme Amidala (II) Sundress and Packing Dress

Stormtrooper (IV - VI), 501st Clone Trooper (III), Kir Kanos (Crimson Empire Comics)

Darth Talon (Legacy Comics)

Slave Leia (VI) (Amira Sa'id), Darth Vader (III - VI), Jedi, Padme Amidala (II), Royal Guard (II, III, VI)

Slave Leia (VI) (Amira Sa'id), Darth Vader (III - VI), Jedi, Royal Guard (II, III, VI)

Slave Leias (VI)

Count Dooku (II & III)

Asajj Ventress (Clone Wars Cartoons & Republic Comics), Count Dooku (II & III)

Slave Leia (VI), Han Solo (IV - VI), Jedi

Darth Nihilus (Knights of the Old Republic II)

Scout Trooper (VI)

Commander Bacara of the 21st Nova Corps (III), Imperial Fleet Officer

Queen Amidala (I)

Durge (Clone Wars Cartoon & Republic Comics)

Commander Cody of the 212th (III)

Slave Leia (VI), Jedi

Leia as Boushh (VI), C3-PO (II - VI)

Sand Trooper (IV)

Koyi Mateil (III)

Queen Amidala Celebration Dress (I)

Tie Fighter Pilots (IV -VI)

Commander Gree of the 41st Elite Legion (III)

Queen Amidala's (I)

Commander Cody-212th Clone Trooper (III), Jango Fett (II), Boba Fett (IV-VI)

Commander Cody-212th Clone Trooper (III), Jango Fett (II), Boba Fett (IV-VI), 21st Nova Corp Clone Trooper

Senate Guard (I & II)

Boba Fett-Rocketman (IV-VI)

Aurra Sing (I) and Imperials Marching

Aurra Sing (I) and Imperials Marching

Imperials Marching

Imperials Marching

Aurra Sing (I) and Imperials Marching

Queen Jamillia (II), Senator Amidala (III)

Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors (Dark Forces)

Shadow Trooper (Expanded Universe)

Republic Commandoes (Expanded Universe)

Republic Commando Omega Squad (Expanded Universe)

Slave Leia (VI) & Han Solo (IV-VI)

Padme Amidala (Clone Wars Cartoon)

Anakin Skywalker (III)

Lobot (V), R2-D2 (I-VI), Padme Amidala (Clone Wars Cartoon)

Slave Leia (VI)

Ewok & Gamorrean Guard (VI)

Rebel X-Wing Pilot in X-Wing

ARC Trooper Captain (Clone Wars Cartoon), Rebel Snow Pilot (V), Boushh (VI), Imperial Fleet Officer

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We do things a little differently at the Danz household. Take for instance how we watch TV. Most people just plop themselves on the couch and do their best impersonation of a potato. For us, however, television is a full participatory experience. Take for instance Star Wars which, in one version or another, has been running near continuously on at least one of the HBO channels.

Recently, Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones, came on and Drew immediately sought out is trusty lightsaber, the blue one because he's a good guy, so that he could help out the Jedi. I grabbed the camera and was able to catch Drew helping Yoda fight Count Dooku.

The amazing thing is that, although he's a big Star Wars fan, Drew hasn't seen the movies that many times. And, some parts he's never seen. For instance, did you know Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith, ends during the lava scene? I think the fight between Anakin and Obi Wan ends in a tie and they all go home to practice their lightsabers more.

The other, perhaps more amazing thing, is that despite Drew's wild lightsaber moves, I don't think I've ever seen him hit a piece of furniture...or his little brother, even once. The force is strong in this young Padawan!

[In case you're interested in a comparison of Vimeo with YouTube...*cough* "cough*...there really isn't much to compare since one is so clearly superior, the YouTube version of the exact same video is after the jump.]

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196celebrationiii.pngMy brother-in-law, David, attended the gigantic Star Wars Celebration III held in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 21-24. David is very possibly the most knowledgeable Star Wars fan in existence who still retains his normalcy. Out of the seven rolls of film he took, I've picked the thirty best photographs of fans who attended the convention dressed in costume, all of which can be found by clicking on "Continue reading" below.

David determined the characters names in all the photographs and in which episodes or other media they appeared in, even if sometimes it was at a distance for just a second or two. So, before you try and correct a reference, you better know your Star Wars episodes, books, comics and cartoons. Here is a montage of the photos:


The photos are of the following characters:

1. Aayla Secura and possibly Qui-Gon Jinn
2. Boba Fett
3. Chewbacca, Sandpeople or Tusken Raiders and unknown Jedi
4. Han Solo and Princess Leia
5. Clone Troopers
6. Lyn Me
7. Imperial Guard, Stormtrooper, Princess Leia, Jango Fett and Boba Fett
8. Imperial Guard, Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader
9. General Grievous
10. Padme Amidala in Picnic Costume
11. Jango Fett and Zam Wesell
12. Queen Amidala
13. Aurra Sing
14. Princess Leia
15. Boushh, Chewbacca and Stormtrooper
16. Padme Amidala and Princess Leia
17. Sooner Trooper, Bail Organa's assistant, Imperial Fleet Trooper
18. Zuckuss
19. Darth Vader
20. Tusken Raiders and Jawa
21. Stormtroopers
22. Aayla Secura
23. Quinlan Vos and Khaleen
24. Princess Leia and unknown Mandalorian
25. Mara Jade (Expanded Universe)
26. Stormtrooper
27. Darth Maul
28. Snowtrooper, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Tauntaun
29. Femtrooper (Storm Hottie) (officially Sith Vixen)
30. Aayla Secura

Aayla Secura (II, III) and possibly Qui-Gon Jinn (I)

Boba Fett (IV-VI)

Chewbacca (III-VI), Sandpeople or Tusken Raiders (I, II and IV) and unknown Jedi

Han Solo (IV and VI) and Princess Leia (VI)

Clone Troopers (Clone Wars Cartoon)

Lyn Me (VI Special Edition)

Imperial Guard (II, III and VI), Stormtrooper (IV-VI), Princess Leia (VI), Jango Fett (II), and Boba Fett (IV-VI)

Imperial Guard (II, III and VI), Emperor Palpatine (V, VI), and Darth Vader (III-VI)

General Grievous (III)

Padme Amidala in Picnic Costume (II)

Jango Fett and Zam Wesell (II)

Queen Amidala (I)

Aurra Sing (I)

Princess Leia (VI)

Boushh (VI), Chewbacca (III-VI), and Stormtrooper (IV-VI)

Padme Amidala (II) and Princess Leia (VI)

Sooner Trooper, Bail Organa's assistant (III), Imperial Fleet Trooper (IV and VI)

Zuckuss (V)

Darth Vader (Star Wars Infinities Comic Book)

Tusken Raiders and Jawa (I, II and IV)

Stormtroopers (IV-VI)

Aayla Secura (II, III)

Quinlan Vos and Khaleen (Expanded Universe)

Princess Leia (VI) and unknown Mandalorian

Mara Jade (Expanded Universe)

Stormtrooper (IV-VI)

Darth Maul (I)

Snowtrooper, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Tauntaun (V)

Femtrooper (Storm Hottie) (officially Sith Vixen)

Aayla Secura (II, III)

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