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Christopher: Don, Wow!!! Now this is a step back in time.. THANK YOU! I stumbled upon your page as I bet many hav... [view]

Susan: I love these photos!... [view]

Kathy: Adorable. Thanks for showing us how you made him. ... [view]

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Entries from Danz Family tagged with 'Grandpa Youngman'

Drew's 11th Birthday Party

We all celebrated Drew's eleventh birthday today. Aunt Donelda was in town and Ma and Pa came over to share the special day. Mary made another traditional number cake and, like always, did an awesome job. Drew chose a...

Ma and Pa's 45th Wedding Anniversary

Ma and Pa celebrated their 45th Wedding Anniversary today. In a rare occurrence, all of their children and grandchildren were present to help celebrate the day. As Pa said during some remarks he made, nothing is more important than...

Day Out with Thomas 2012

Today we all, along with Ma and Pa, attended our third and what is likely our last Day Out with Thomas at the Oklahoma Railway Museum. Our three handsome train engineers. First stop, the tattoo station. But, Drew was...

Drew's First Communion

Drew had his first communion today. This is father Joe and the first communicants along with their religious education teachers. Drew in front of the Saint Benedict's alter. Drew proudly showing off his banner that he and Mama made...

Happy Easter 2012

Along with their baskets, the Easter Bunny brought each of the boys a stuffed bunny. The Easter Bunny also brought the boys water squirters: a shark for Will, an alligator for Landon and a dragon for Drew. After church,...

St. Louis Cardinals Trophy Tour

While I was at work today, Ma and Pa corrupted my boys by taking them to see the touring St. Louis Cardinals 2011 World Series champions trophy. The 2011 World Series champions trophy. We should have sent the boys...

Landon's 2nd Birthday

Today we celebrated Landon's 2nd birthday (which was actually Wednesday). Aunt Donelda drove in from Illinois just for the occasion and Ma, Pa and Uncle David joined us too. Mary made the Danz family traditional number birthday cake in...

Drew's 7th Birthday

Drew celebrated his birthday twice this weekend. Once on Saturday with Aunt Donelda who came in from Chicago just for his birthday along with Uncle David, Ma, Pa, Will, Landon, Mommy and Daddy, and again today, his real birthday,...

Happy Halloween 2010

For Halloween this year, Drew dressed as Commander Fox, Landon dressed as Winnie the Pooh and Will dressed as Obi Wan Kenobi, while I dressed as Darth Vader. Ma and Pa stopped by while Drew, Will and I were...

Drew's 6th Birthday

We celebrated Drew's 6th birthday today along with the help of family; Ma, Pa, Aunt Catherine, Uncle David and Aunt Donelda who came in from Chicago. Mary, again, made another wonderful number cake carrying on the family tradition. Drew chose...

Day Out With Thomas 2009

Today, we all went with Ma and Pa to the Oklahoma City Railway Museum for a Day Out With Thomas. The boys started by playing with lots of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends trains. Up next was a...

Family Get Together

All the cousins were in town today for an impromptu family get together. Cousin Gabe was not pleased with me taking his picture. In fact, he was quite upset with the whole process. Very upset! "Just come a little closer...

Everybody Loves Landon

Did you say you wanted to see more pictures of Landon? Well, here you go... Baby Landon in his St. John newborn bassinet along with his first teddy bear. Landon in his Sweet Pea outfit ready to be photographed for...

All the Grandchildren

All the Youngman grandchildren were in town today for a unique photo opportunity. Left to right with Pa and Ma: Josh, Emma, Drew, Will and Gillian. Pa with Daisy (back), Ellie (front) and grandchildren Emma, Josh, Will and Drew....

Celebrating Pa's Birthday

Tonight we belatedly celebrated Pa's 62nd birthday. Drew and Will helped their Pa blow out his candles. Interestingly, the cake had a series of fingerprints in the icing almost as if some small fingered person kept tasting the sugary topping....

Final Dance Recital

After graduation yesterday and staying up all night at her senior retreat, Aunt Catherine continued her busy weekend with her last dance recital for Miss Shelly's School of Dance. She was in three recitals at 1:30, 5:00 and 8:00...

Mothers Day 2007

Happy Mothers' Day to... Ma Danz... Ma Youngman... and Mama!...