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Entries from Danz Family tagged with 'work'

TGIF - Southern Hills Country Club

We welcomed a new partner to the firm at work this week and celebrated in the member's lounge at Tulsa's Southern Hills Country Club. Needless to say, it was a great way to kick off the weekend. TGIF!...

Tulsa Snow Storm 2013

While most of the Midwest was blanketed in snow as deep as 17 inches in some locations, with Northern Oklahoma getting as much as 10 to 13 inches, Tulsa only received about 3.2 inches of snow. This was the...

2013 OADC Winter Meeting

This evening Mary and I attended the 2013 OADC winter meeting. OADC stands for the Oklahoma Association of Defense Counsel. The meeting was held at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel in Oklahoma City. My firm was kind enough to rent a...

Three Brothers

Back at work the first work day of the year and this greats me on the wall of my office. I put it up in December but could not blog about it because Aunt Donelda got one for Christmas....

Judge Brian Goree Swearing In

A former coworker, shooting buddy and good friend was sworn in as a judge today at the Oklahoma Supreme Court. In August, Gov. Mary Fallin appointed Brian Goree to the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals. Everyone who knows Brian...

Osage County Courthouse

Today work took me to the Osage County Courthouse in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. I'm not aware of another courthouse in Oklahoma that is so literally at the top of a hill like this one. Courthouses from my experience are either...

Four Seasons Dallas at Las Colinas

Thanks to my awesome employer (and a little hard work on my part), we all got to enjoy five all expense paid days at the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas. (That's the long official name.)...

Window Washer

The windows at work were being washed today. I was able to whip out my iPhone and snap this pic of one of the window washers in action against the Tulsa skyline....

Beaver, Oklahoma

Today, work took me to Beaver, Oklahoma: No Man's Land - Everyone's Town. The Beaver County Courthouse recently received a significant expansion. In the process of expansion, the old "Beaver County Courthouse" name was covered up leaving just the...

Custer County, Oklahoma

Work today took me to Custer County and its county seat of Arapaho, Oklahoma. The county is named after George Armstrong Custer who was killed at the Battle of Little Bighorn fighting Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapaho Indians. So, the...

Boise City, Oklahoma

I had to travel to Boise City, Oklahoma, for work today. Unfortunately, I didn't get to leave town yesterday until the sun started setting. Driving into the sunset on my way to spend the night in Guymon. Boise City...

Sunrise at the Office

Today/this week started with sunrise at the office. It is my opinion that no day should ever start with sunrise at the office. It's just wrong....

The Chisholm Trail

Today's travels took me to Kingfisher, Oklahoma, and the Chisholm Trail. The plaque below the statue reads: THE CHISHOLM TRAIL This trade route from southern Texas to Kansas was used to drive an estimated five million head of cattle...


Earlier this month we had our dictaphones* replaced at work. We upgraded from old bulky tape based dictaphones to modern svelte fully electronic handhelds which automatically connect up to our secretarial stations. More specifically, we went from the Sony...

Friday Work Lunch

The final entry in my trio of work lunches is the every other Friday special of teriyaki chicken and fried rice. Unless, I'm out of town or a group of attorneys are going out to lunch together, I never...

Monday Lunch

One of my most common Monday lunches at work is a half club sandwich with fresh fruit and potato salad from next door. I've got to admit, it doesn't leave me really full but it does satisfy me and...

Lunch at Work

I grab lunch from a really nice woman who runs a small food shop in the building next door about twice a week. This is one of my favorite specials of hers which she has about every other Thursday:...

New Office - Incredible View

I recently changed offices at work. I think its my fourth or fifth office I've had on two different floors in the last 9 1/2 years with the firm. This one is a keeper...with a beautiful view to the...

Tulsa Blizzard 2011 Continues

All Tulsa area schools were closed again for the fourth day in a row today. After three days off, my work, however, decided to make a go of it. With a few people having to get picked up by...

Borg Cube

The Borg Cube which assimilated me almost nine years ago. Who'd have thought assimilating alien species and worlds throughout the universe would leave behind such a wake of litigation to defend?...