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Please email me a picture of the American flag
flying at your home and I will include it here.

Send your pictures to:

(Of course, I reserve the right to alter, edit, use, not
use, blah, blah, blah, your photo in any way I want.)

If you would like to place the below American
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If you do place the American Flag Project button on
you site and you want to be added to the American
Flag Project blogroll, just send an email to the above
 address with: (1) "Blogroll" in the subject line, (2) the
name of your site, and (3) your site's web address.

You only need to display the American Flag Project
button to be included in the blogroll.


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American Flag Links:
Betsy Ross Homepage
Flag Etiquette, Rules and regulations
Guide to American Flags
Keep the Pledge of Allegiance
National Flag Day Foundation
Wikipedia: Flag of the United States


What People are Saying
About the American Flag Project:

Michelle Malkin: "HONORING OLD GLORY...
Danz Family has launched the Flag Project."


The American Flag Project was started on June 14, 2005,
to celebrate Flag Day. My home page can be found here.

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