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Operation Clambake

I'm pretty tolerant of most religions. But Scientology is not a religion. Its a scam, a fraud, a con, and this site is one of the best at explaining why.


Do you remember those Mattel LED handheld electronic games from the 70's? This site has downloads so you can play almost perfect recreations on your computer of a variety of classic LED games. Also, check out the Handheld Museum for further blasts from the past.


Lego Games

These Shockwave games are amazing. It is definitely worth registering--something I almost never do--so that your scores and levels can be saved. My favorite is Junkbot. My score is 355 (lower is better), which equates to 220th out of 358,730 registered players.


Star Wars Asciimation

This is the original Star Wars animated solely using ASCII symbols such as | / \ ( ) ` ~ - _. I can't even imagine the amount of time it must take to hand code the scenes.


     Jet Powered      Beer Cooler

The name says it all...very cool (pun intended). [Note, this is on the same website as the Star Wars Asciimation above--I guess you need a cold beer after coding ascii scenes all day.]


Single Pixel Webcam

A single pixel webcam, actually its not as useless as you might think. Check out the graph over a one day period and the archive of prior days. You can see how room brightness changes as the sun comes up and in the evening when he turns the room light on and off.


1/5 Scale
Sherman Tank

Photographs, plans and instructions on how to build a motorized 1/5 scale Sherman tank for your child...every little boy's dream!


Paper Airplane
Flight Simulator

Adjust the angle, thrust and elevator and find out the effects on an animated paper airplane.


Surviving Partial Ejection from
an A-6 Aircraft

This is the absolutely most amazing story, with multiple detailed accounts, pictures, audio and video clips, of Lt. Keith Gallagher, the bombardier/navigator of an A-6 aircraft, who survived a partial ejection and was successfully flown and landed by pilot Lt. Mark Baden back onto the USS Abraham Lincoln Aircraft Carrier (CVN-72) in the Indian Ocean, July 9, 1991.



A great time waster where you construct 3-D wire frame models and watch how they react as you manipulate them and alter various physical forces or just play around with other people's creations.



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