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It's a shame we have no idea whatsoever what a potential hijacker might look like. No clue, no hint, nothing to go by to help us pick one out of a crowd. Could be that little boy in a ball cap, could be that hunched over old lady. We simply have nothing to aid us in the hunt for terrorists who want to attack and destroy the United States and its people.  
USS Cole (DDG 67), Arleigh Burke class destroyer, named after Sergeant Darrell S. Cole, "The Fighting Field Musician," evac photos, taken after the October 12, 2000, attack in Aden, Yemen, where seventeen of America's finest lost their lives.  
I just wish this could happen more often--the broken glass brings a smile to my face. (Nothing against BMW drivers. I just don't like people who illegally park.)  
Looks like not everyone enjoys bungee jumping--in fact, it scares the crap out of some people.  
Two thoughts--the owner is unfamiliar with the concept of a fulcrum and the donkey is thinking, "Oh, the humiliation."  
The evolutionary culmination of efficient office design.  
Mandarin Airlines pilot speaking to passengers: "Ladies and gentlemen I'd like to kindly direct you to look out the left side of the aircraft...please, please, look out the LEFT side of the aircraft."  
One man's very personal commentary on photo radar ticketing.  
The U.S. Air Force is now providing a little assistance for inept Chinese fighter pilots.  
I think we've finally got this "stealth" thing perfected.  


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